Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 29th to Oct 5th Week

29 Sep


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In general this week it may be a trying time for many.  So, keep some spare chocolate handy, and stay hydrated.  Be generous in sharing the chocolate.  It may be one of the simplest methods to diffuse distracted chatter in a meeting by interrupting the meeting in a way to shift the gears.  Sharing the chocolate may serve to help you see the track again and get the group focused and back on topic.  And, jump in with those who refuse the chocolate and bull-headedly keep pushing forward trying to sound on topic with their chatter noise, “Excuse me. Signal is important.  You’re interrupting chocolate time.”  And, quickly pose a question to steer everyone back so you can all move forward.  Don’t get fired, though by all means nip things in the bud rein in meetings before they get out of hand this week.  it will go a long way for long-term team effectiveness.

The concepts of exhaust and messily spilling over are set to be in play this week.  Mind the difference between healthy venting and chatter noise.  Don’t get exhausted by exhaust, and know that venting can help aspirate the signal.  Big exhales clear your inner air.  Watch that frustration just hung out there, though, can become passive-aggressive delegation… which will rightly get ignored.  Get familiar with handing people their own accountability. “Ok, what do you propose?”, and put what they just communicated back to them until it comes out with workability.  Everyone might just assume to throw it all in your lap this week.  Paddle-ball their over-steps back to them so they don’t interfere with your progress, and may bounce back to you with allied statements that are mutually beneficial.

TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 29th to Oct 5th, 2013 Week

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ 7 of Swords

sneaky, stealthy, hiding in plain sight, Shadow Hand

sneaky, stealthy, hiding in plain sight, Shadow Hand

Libra, Something is hiding in plain sight this week.  Are your colleagues holding back from putting everything on the table?  Is there an idea looming that almost haunts your creative process?  Team up with Leo friends this week as their no BS way of sensing and approaching things may enhance your own clarity by adding perspective so you can see things differently.  Look into your assumptions this week.  Look past the blind spots and mirages created by your expectations.  Odds are what is not coming to the table is not doing so as you have simply not brought it up.  You may experience rather chaotic thoughts this week.  Note the stealthy Shadow Hand in the card.  People may pick up on this and smartly defer to you to lead into discussions so they don;t get an accidental bolt of lightning from you.  I suggest to adjust your pace so any mental chaos you experience doesn’t trip you up.  Let the static-y winds in your mind wash through.  Hold on and just let them go as weather to wash through.  Adjusting your pace will give you time to breathe and lean back into action between your inner gusts.  Mind your energy this week as you are probably operating with more force than you are aware.  Other people may pick up on what you are experiencing.  If they do, simply query them about what seems to be missing from the equation from their perspective.  Things that are hiding in plain sight may then begin to come out of the woodwork for you.  Don’t get the nickname “Sparky” this week by slipping out words like lightning strikes.  Allow the static and winds to wash through.  Forceful exhales and wide open hands when you get riled up may help you exhaust chaos this week more than normal.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 5 of Wands

What do you see that everyone else is missing?,  stiff competition, challenges, new perspective in the mix

What do you see that everyone else is missing?, stiff competition, challenges, new perspective in the mix

Scorpio, There may be what feels like unfair competition for you this week.  Be aware of it, though be more aware of what you have that none of the competition does.  Like the child in the card with arms outstretched seeing the rainbow no-one else sees.  The two characters in the foreground are occupied with their duel.  The two others have put down their wands by the campfire… which is on a golden Pentacle.  This week you may need to rise above everyone else’s focus so you can express the elephant in the room that the others are missing.  Be creative about it.  Maybe tink your pen to your water glass in a meeting and keep doing it until you have everyone’s attention, kind of like the fingers in the ears la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la though not as annoying.  Your disruption may be just what the situation at hand needs to get back on topic and on track.  Others may fall into their noisy distraction because they feel that something is missing but for the life of them they don’t know what it is.  I’m betting this week that you do.  Don’t be surprised when others have visceral aHa moments as you contribute what you bring to the table that no-one else has.  You may be the youngest or newest part of a team.  No matter.  This week has the potential to show your leadership qualities and ability to discern and to construct things cleanly to direct what appear to be chaotic energies or disjointed components. New or young?  No matter.  You are on the team.  Time to throw a touchdown pass.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ King of Pentacles

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Sagittarius, This week that little voice in your head needs for you to lay everything out on the table.  Take stock of all them multiple things you are working on.  Some planning is long overdue, and you will realize that when you see how many more things you are working on than you thought after you get them all down on the table. It’s solid decision time.  It’s time for you to re-invigorate that solid productivity that from your hand becomes prolific relatively quickly.  For every investment in yourself, make sure there is a matching component where the rubber meets the money road.  Play the investment – income tag team game this week and you will see your own support system build in ways it never has before.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ 2 of Wands

directed focus, seeing past tricksters

directed focus, seeing past tricksters

Capricorn, New worlds may open up to you this week where your creative imagination may be bumped up a notch or two by actual awake-dreams.  Mind that you don’t perceive many little things as one big thing so you can stay focused.  Allow that savant quality of dreams to resonate as if your unconscious is simply voting them up as direct messages.  Some may be for entertainment, so take the message and don’t get lost in the “What does that meannnnnnnnnn?” game. This is a week where right foot left foot right foot left foot is the best way to go.  If you need to be pensive, do so walking around the track at a park.  This week there may not be much smoke, though I’m gathering there will be plenty of mirrors.  Mind the multiple perspectives they give without them fooling your inner ear.  You know where you are.  Step up this week and choose one of those moons.  It’s not a grail.  There’s no one correct choice.  Though, choose wisely nonetheless.  Your week will depend on your choice for its fuel.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ Ø The Fool ∞

journey, natural expressions, new directions

journey, natural expressions, new directions

Aquarius, Steer clear of static and chatter this week.  You have the opportunity to be as engaged as you want to this week.  Do you like hiking?   Do you like meandering through a crowd without any real destination as you do more people-experiencing than people watching?  Do you forget the crowd like they are simply a people-forest?  It’s all up to you this week.  Go somewhere.  Take yourself places.  You may experience a wonderful sense of goal-lessness that enlivens serendipity and stumbling onto just what you need in the coming weeks.  It’s a perfect week to take several days off smack in the middle of the week, or arrange a doubly-long lunch.  Whatever you do, don’t over-think it.  Your actions should refresh you this week, so take care that you don’t have a care in the world so they do while you stay active… a little dreamy, though active.  Do look both ways with your eyes and ears before crossing the street.  You might want to look both ways twice to protect your peaceful state AND to make sure your feet are on the ground before stepping forward off the curb.  Open plazas and hiking paths may be your better bet as streets don’t cross them.  Have to work all week?  Take some intrepid travels inside.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ 10 of Cups

sharing reflection, fulfilling home

sharing reflection, fulfilling home

Pisces, The happiness in your home is in the forefront this week.  Look at how far you’ve come.  Rather than then seeing how far you have to go, create a pause of commencement for you and your home.  Graduate into your home this week so you really feel at home there.  Clean out things that are temporary placeholders so you can really get a feeling for the wonderful inner life of your home, how it moves and rests, how it opens and closes and breathes.  If you can, put together a family group activity at home, something creative, though something that feels good more than produces things.  This will contribute you breathing more love and life into your home.  Call it Psychic Febreze.  Very definitely pet-friendly…. and as Halloween comes up, very pet-fiendly.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ XVIII The Moon

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

Aries, Use this week to step out of your comfort zone.  Be bold enough to brightly reflect light from an unseen or hidden source.  You can do this by visualizing the sun at night, and it can also be done by raising your hands and surrendering to the moon.  Use this week to align with the moon so you are prepared for action at the coming New Moon in Libra at 8:34p EST on Friday the 4th.  Get in sync with your own, inner LunaTic this week.  You’ll want to be in fresh spirits for the New Moon, and laughing at your own intensities and quirks and crazy-monkey-business stuff can sync up your madness and personal genius with the living poetry of your passions.  Be prepared to ride the waves of things you put in motion this week.  As they cycle through their orbits, they may intensify, so get very comfortable with light from unseen sources.  What’s that mean?  Light from unseen sources?  Like the moon reflects the sun at night.  Like support coming from a surprise source.  Be open to reflect the light that comes your way regardless this week.  Doing so may gift you a whole new type of ally this week.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ 7 of Wands

decisive action, strategies, taking charge, going in regardless of the odds

decisive action, strategies, taking charge, going in regardless of the odds

Taurus, It’s a week to really get in there.  Be extremely mindful of false fronts in business, though, and if you are pursuing or entering into a new relationship with someone, take care of yourself.  They may have more irons in the fire than they let on.  Dismiss people who are Players, like Playas, as they are often as emotionally shielded as the desert playa is dry.  Take a last double-checking second look before you blast in there full-on.  Your last double-checking second look will help you discern to power down a bit or markedly adjust the aim of your approach.  You may feel alone this week, though I’m gathering that is a function of your focus being so intense.  Make sure you align yourself with your close supporters.  This week make efforts to rely on their perspective of the energies in play.  That way they can be prepared to brace you and assist you to keep your aim true this week.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 9 of Cups

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

Gemini, A lot of potentially fulfilling choices may be presented to you this week.  Be aware of what enhances you dynamism versus what will ultimately be a flash in the pan.  And, a flash in the pan means you probably saw the sun hit a flake of mica as it floated across the top of the water in your gold panning pan.  Weigh your options with care this week as it feel like some of the flashes in the pan may be good choices soon, though only after you choose the one that is really fitting for you.  Odds are that some of the flashes will gather their own weight and fall right into line with your other heavies this week after you yourself have settled in to make the initial choice.  There is a potential dynamism in play this week.  I suggest to simply find the proper entry point or option that fits and fills your top priority most.  That kind of focused decision will resonate to activate other things in your mix this week and make a big splash towards strengthening the dynamic gigs you are entertaining.  Do not focus on the other things.  They are flashes.  Look for the bright aspect that carries the most weight this week and act on it.  Things are coming to fruition, so once you have this decision in hand, you will have a more clear feel for how things should be balanced in your situation.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 8 of Swords

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

Cancer, Be mindful this week of the support your thoughts and communications have in the background.  Like the stealthy Shadow Hand behind the swords in the card, look for that person or person who is reaching out in a way to give you a platform for you to speak from.  Your thoughts this week may be naturally cascading out like a big sound across a plateau.  Let them fly.  Let ‘er rip.  This week will be about seeing as much as you can and seeing as far as you can to give your ideas more reach.  Be patient this week as plateaus are broad places and known for their trickery in presenting false summits.  Explore your reach across the wide open areas where your influence is openly received this week.  It is a great time to work with and through things and finish things on a high note.  Prep new projects this week, though you may want to plan to launch them later them rather than launching them now.  The path is more broad and without specific direction, so I suggest to let it be that.  Explore and tinker this week with avenues you already have open to give you more of a sharp sense of how to proceed.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ Queen of Swords

NO BS straight-upness, shrewdness, exact statements, clear opinions

NO BS straight-upness, shrewdness, exact statements, clear opinions

Leo, It’s a full-on no BS kind of week for you where even in your silences you will feel a speedy quality.  This week you are attuned to your own ways in such a way that you will be able to discern things almost instantly.  It’s a great week for you to lose any lingering senses of self-doubt or having to explain things at length.  What you say goes, and what you will say will be crystal clear.  Don’t belabor making decisions or taking action this week.  Simply make sure you are warmed up and ready for each situation you encounter.  You will as easily take no action AS a decision as you will take decisive action this week.  Play your cards in your favor as the cards you particularly have are real winners.  You won’t have to try to be a card this week.  The natural ways you clearly and sharply lead things will speak for yourself.  Do not be surprised if you start finding your clarity and presence going way beyond your spoken words this week.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ III The Empress

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Virgo, This week you’ve received The Empress though for some odd reason it feels more like the Queen of Pentacles in disguise where it will be mundane things that get carried to full term as her throne unfurls becoming Judgment.  This hasn’t really happened on these TarotScopes before.  All in all it seems you will again be accessing your big picture through the portals of the actions you take at very detailed levels.  It’s kind of like that tiny detail of a gas / petrol nozzle that you put into the car so it will go.  Visualize your week like that this week and keep doing what you’re doing.  Just make sure you keep tabs on your fuel levels every once in a while and fill up long before it is anywhere near being urgent.  That way your engine and the things that drive you and that you drive will clip along almost effortlessly with everything they need to keep going.  If you zoom around, keep tabs more often as your fuel levels will go down more quickly. It’s really a go go go week for you.

How does your TarotScope enhance your week!  If you know your Ascendant / Rising Sign and Moon, you may want to read those, too.  I find it most helpful.  Comment how your Scope is an ally for your week, and touch base mid-week to see how it’s providing you more effective workability in your schedule and in your life.  Till next time.

Even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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    Good tip re: reading ascendants too, if known. Your Virgo tarotscope made sense to me, Taurus, with Virgo rising. My own cards have lately been flagging up The Empress and The Queen of Pentacles – there was resonance there.

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      Thanks so much for your comment, Katie-Ellen. Glad there was resonance. Your comment makes doing these each week worthwhile. Have a great one!


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