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We are in this together! — cosmic holly

We were all small children once. Can you see the child in your eyes?

via We are in this together! — cosmic holly

We are in this together! — cosmic holly

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  1. Jordan Hoggard

    April 10, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    Tingles of ablution cascade throughout.

    Trauma has a strange way of always being fresh when triggered.
    No shame, when triggered, provides a gift to listen to the message of the trauma.
    Not only acknowledging the trauma, though as well patiently listening to it until it trusts you again. And, some time after that, may even have a message for you.

    I find that when one compassionately listens to their own traumas, they sometimes gift you the message of their world since then, since the time before they peeled off or ejected to separate from you AT the trauma — possibly to preserve you.

    Brainspotting calls traumas our basement children. Traumas are most often held by our Parts.
    Parts may hold more than one trauma.
    And, traumas cause acting out that behaviorism doesn’t resolve.

    She helped 235 people all at once by bringing their trauma into focus silently within each of them, together. That’s courage, on her part and theirs. That’s bravery on theirs, and on hers for going in like a Navy Seal for the Soul.

    They listened. I imagine they respected themselves more in that experience..
    I imagine the traumas that they allowed themselves to be formally introduced to in each of those moments, between, at, and in the interstice of each of their steps, literally brought them closer to their own center, brought them to feel like more of themself..

    I experienced a feeling that they welcomed their trauma selves (“Parts” in Brainspotting) back to themself that then began to dose them with more of themself as the traumas began to introduce and integrate all on their own, naturally, without need of words.
    I imagine there were 235 inner soulstreams of Self self-connecting within..

    One man, the favorite day of his life.
    One woman who looked trouble in the face and held out a hand instead, doing evocatively wonderful and important work.

    This is important. To be presumptuous, though most likely safely so, important for everyone, every single one of us here and beyond. I have not met anyone in my lifetime that has had zero trauma/influence/nudge/slam/etc,

    Thank you to Cosmic Holly for posting this experience.


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