Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 27th to Nov 2nd Week

26 Oct


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Weekly Community Reading: Turbo Reading All Signs’ Cards Together

Turbo Reading sequence for “in general this week” reading using all the cards for the week:

~ King of Pentacles ~ Queen of Wands ~ Ace of Cups ~ 6 of Wands ~ XVII The Star ~ VIII Justice ~ King of Cups ~ 4 of Pentacles ~ Knight of Wands ~ XIX The Sun ~ 9 of Swords ~ X The Wheel ~

In general this week ~ You are the Master Builder ~ with your actively energetic clarity ~ as a welling new fount ~ of epic energies mutually exchanged. ~ Your celestial groove where you kick your rut not your butt ~ will serve to balance you out more clearly ~ so that the higher octave of your clear emotions ~ can set the stage for your ground ~ to awaken. ~ Your Shadow exchanges with your bright and shining identity ~ to play with dynamic thoughts ~ as you come to complete a grand cycle you have been experiencing. 

… How do you read those weekly cards above in a continuous, short-phrase-for-each sequence by Turbo Reading them into a single, short paragraph for your week? … Try it to get a sense all your own of what resonates in your week.  Heck, pull 12 cards of your own and start from scratch.  Suggestion: Don’t let writing your short phrases take more than 10 minutes, and spend another 5 composing them into one, cohesive sentence.  Then, plug them into your schedule and see how they can perform as touchstones and allies of clarity through your week.

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Here are Your TarotScope Allies for the Oct 27th to Nov 2nd 2013 Week

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ King of Pentacles

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Scorpio, Build your concrete and psychic structures together this week.  Infuse those tangible things you do with Kingly presence in solid ways.  Confidence shouldn’t be an issue this week, so I don’t advise to banter out, “I’m strong” or “I’m confident.”  That’s the surest way to burst that balloon.  I bet your strength and confidence will be clearly evident in your actions if you relax any grousing or Tarzan-talk you’ve been affecting or putting out there somehow.  This week do your gigs with wit and foresight.  Like a King who rarely explains himself.  Also, don’t fall prey to the residual talk that often occurs when you stop saying how strong and confident you are.  Hmmm, what could that be?  Well, asking rhetorical questions to people for one.  Rhetorical questions have a tendency to be a tease at times. They can sure get people thinking, though mind the presumptuous and self-righteous dictate embedded in them.  Engage people with your questions this week and strengthen your positions by being inclusive in evident ways… like building a Kingdom.  A Kingdom is not simply a bunch of people on a hill. That’s more like a beautifully unruly crowd waiting for the band to come on stage… whether there’s a stage present or not.  Stand and deliver this week by solidly taking action, and only take action on those things you have a big YES for.  The other things can be delegated or outright dismissed this week. Oh, and how do you build a Kingdom?  Step 1: pick 4 dreams and integrate deadlines into them like putting shoelaces in shoes.  Step 2: Incorporate those deadlines into your schedule book.  Step 3: Start.  Start to finish.  Have a great week.  You may not wear a watch.  I know I don’t.  Though, buy your dreams each a watch this week so to speak.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ Queen of Wands

fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed to attract wants

fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed to attract wants

Sagittarius, Mind that your vision is both blessed and sacred this week WITH a sense of humor.  With your Queen of Wands presence odds are people are going to be enthused to hear the guidance of what you have to say and contribute. Queens are natural leaders.  They have the rockin’ position of being able to witness everything from the side.  They can see the reactions, feel the responses, and sense the things going unsaid from this position while others take the podium.  Play that actively Powerful Witness this week.  You may begin to notice things that are very evident though that you have been missing.  This will be a week of opening your eyes to those missing pieces that are being offered to you.  Don’t turn your eyes to the loudest barking dog in the group.  Look around this week.  Play the swivel-head perception game.  Simply feel into your surroundings.  Feel near and feel your senses cascading out far.  The Queen of Wands would be one to instantly deflate a blustering idiot trying to take over a meeting just to be in power.  For example: if someone riles up and directly says to someone, “There is no I IN TEAM!”  Calmly lean forward and, “You’re right. Glad you can spell.  There is no U in team. Now, sit down or there will be no U in this team,” and proceed to right the keel of the meeting back on topic in effective ways.  You may not have to play referee this week, though be prepared to speak from your vantage point of Powerful Witness.  People are going to be enthused to hear the guidance of what you have to say and contribute this week.  Don’t reason with idiocy this week.  A simple nod of the head side to side with a, “No no no no on that…not a chance.”  This week reasons can be unreasonable.  Use the natural authority of how you engage with body language, how you use your face and mouth and eyebrows, how you highlight your non-verbals so their presence in silence is extended.  This week use the natural conversation of how you engage and communicate with body language.  Your presence will go far beyond your spoken words this week.  Use it to your advantage with fewer words to brings others more fully to the table to contribute.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ Ace of Cups

trust intuition, nurture love, fresh ideas, fluid new passionate starts

trust intuition, nurture love, fresh ideas, fluid new passionate starts

Capricorn, Open up to new life this week.  Trust your intuition as new ways to feel things are coming into play for you.  Keep things light and fresh throughout the week, and make sure to hydrate hydrate hydrate.  Enjoy yourself as you flow around and make sure that everything is kept fresh and ready.  Nip clutter in the bud so new ways of feeling things have the opportunity to come in without being diluted to fit things already in place.  Enjoying yourself this week will especially brighten your work and the attitude of those around you.  They may even find it smilingly contagious and infect someone else. The brightness of this overall environmental attitude may begin to shed light on things that will enhance the overall by bringing hidden details into play directly.  Treat each person you encounter this week as if they have something new to say.  Remember, too, that seeing the good in everyone is great, and it can also mean that you smile realizing that some people are really good at being jerks.  Let ’em be.  Not your prob.  Though let them nowhere near your cup or the bright and flowing cup of those around you.  This week may be a big ole tall glass of water for you.  Hydrate.  Drink up and spread the wealth across your week.  It looks like you are in a great position to notice something everyone else is missing.  Act on it this week.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 6 of Wands

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles so new energies cascade in

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles so new energies cascade in

Aquarius, Raise your head and hands high in a big and smiling stretch of receiving as you start this week.  There feels to be an epic exchange of energies cascading in, and this week don’t be too modest about receiving.  Reach up.  Reach out.  Receive and simply smile and say thank you.  It’s a great gift to others when you don’t go all talky talky talky when receiving things.  It can actually trample all over their smile with a 4-wheel drive of gushing words.  Receive. Take it in and feel what you have been given. Look up and smile.  Say thank you… and that’s it… well, hugs are cool, too.  This week is about getting more comfortable with receiving energies and glory.  Don’t cop a false sense of Betty Boop Infinity Foot and “Ahhhhh” kind of thing.  Jump up and down.  Dance around. Do any number of things, though across this week play with the exercise of only saying “Thank You” without then gushing any number of confession afterwards.  Just say “thank you.”  Too many words slaps the gifter in the face by telling them they were wrong to think you were deserving because you are trying to justify receiving…which comes across as that you don’t want it because you think you don’t deserve it.  Don’t play it safe this week, and certainly don’t play the bird with the broken wing..  Receiving is a huge gift to those who give to you.  Positively embrace that this week.  Positively embrace the gifts you receive with full-hearted thanks.  Remember, it’s o.k. to toot your own horn, or have someone toot your as a gift… somebody has to start the band.  This week practice the volume of a smile and those two little words, “Thank You.”  Oh, and it’s of course ok to still share.  Don’t get me wrong.  Then of course flip those two words to “You’re welcome.”…again, please without the over-sharing TMI gushing…  Make this week a great week of exchange.

Thank You, Aquarius.  You’re welcome… to feel what you feel.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ XVII The Star

cosmic grooves, eternal hope, inspiration, a lit candle is a star from beyond seen up some candle gazing

cosmic grooves, eternal hope, inspiration, a lit candle is a star from beyond seen up close…do some candle gazing

Pisces, Keep your imagination near and dear this week.  Visualize your imagination as a candle, and visualize that candle as a star seen close up.  Allow the dance of these visualizations of your imagination to be as mesmerizing as candle gazing, and at the same time as far-seeing as looking at a star.  Shooting stars may be especially of interest to you like your idea-apples ripe and falling off the tree right into your lap.  Keep your imagination in its natural so big and so there way this week so that “way far away” may feel like you can just reach out and touch it.  Reach out and touch your eternal hopes and dreams this week.  Check in with them and take steps to embrace them further.  This week is a great time to  feel your bright hop shine in the wonderfully dark depths of the inner night of your imagination.  If your cosmic groove comes upon you by surprise, go with it!  The inner stars of the ideas orbiting in your Imagination Solar System this week have the potential to guide you as clearly as an experienced ship’s Captain navigates by the stars at night.  This week feel the gift in that.  Feel the gift of a renewed sense of direction that guides you through thick and thin, day and night, full-on confidence and being comfortable with the not-knowing.  This week navigate by the stars.  Navigate your week by the stars in the sky as they inspire the stars within you.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ VIII Justice

balance, befitting, honest is-what-it-isness, Justice knows no loyalty

balance, befitting, honest is-what-it-isness, Justice knows no loyalty

Aries, This week explore the concept of “Justice knows no loyalty” (c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard.  Seriously. Think about when someone crosses a friend or family member and you back them up, period, regardless.  Well, this week I am not telling you to stop supporting your friends and family, though step back a sec and get perspective first.  Do this as well with the things you are most passionate about.  Take Simon Cowell type comments constructively and with a smile and see the bigger picture.  Just because someone has always been able to be counted on, this week keep a keen Magistrate’s eye on the proceedings throughout your week.  No need to be punitive to any party. Simply settle in and powerfully witness what is going on.  You may begin to see how something you have supported is actually the cause of continued problems popping up.  It may be in a blind spot caused by your expectations and assumptions.  Again, no need to be punitive.  Though, this week when you step forward to speak, do so in an inclusive manner that addresses the whole situation rather than any party individually.  It is like Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, expressed: “Focusing too much on either the good or the bad in a situation or in a person makes an opening for maliciousness.”  Focus too much on the good, and you run the risk of favoritism which can potentially weaken the resolve of the one you compliment if they look up to you.  They might relax their drive at the wrong time.  Focus too much on the bad, and you run the risk of stirring hornet’s nests you needn’t even be near.  This week realize that focusing too much on the good can breed maliciousness out of a kind of omission, and focusing too much on the bad can create a direct maliciousness that is openly adversarial.  Play with “Justice knows no loyalty” this week so you discern and act upon what is happening rather than your pre-ordained sense of teams.  You yourself may run the risk of enhancing the effectiveness of how you discern things this week.  And, that’s a risk I’d be willing to take.  Enhancing the effectiveness of how you discern things is a good problem to have.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ King of Cups

supportive, inner prosperity, meaningful conversations, clarity with higher octave emotions

supportive, inner prosperity, meaningful conversations, clarity with higher octave emotions

Taurus, This week explore how you are a protective figure of abundance to someone and / or a group of people or a cause that you support.  Rather than being a guide that shows the path, this week simply be supportive and protective of those things you value.  Don’t expect too much assistance from Aries up there as you’re on the ground this week and they have an altogether different suggested mode of being this week.  Be a friend and companion this week.  You may find your abilities to inspire others through simple conversation to be the best expression of your abundant energy.  This week is a grand time to have or plan a big get-together and flow wonderfully through conversation with those around you.  Be they small or large in regards to your environment, strongly flow with those you care about this week.  Support and protect rather than guide.  Shine in the joyousness of groups you cherish… or, that are just plain fun!  Have or plan that get-together or office party this week to set the Kingly stage where peoples’ abilities are given a place to brightly shine in conversation.  Utilize your full love and attention to magnetically draw wonderful things together this week.  There’s a bit of rockin’ Wand-y energy there, though I hear the King of Cups and the King of Wands are fishing buddies.  Use that.  This week Your Royal Court, hosted by Your King of Cups, has a grand opportunity to bring people together in higher octave ways from the most mundane of methods… a get-together.  Have fun with the invitation this week even if it is simply an invitation from you to yourself to get more together with you as your own figure of protection and abundance..

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 4 of Pentacles

Allow the ground you walk on to be as inspirational as the stars in your sky

Allow the ground you walk on to be as inspirational as the stars in your sky

Gemini,  This week allow the ground you walk on to be as inspirational as the stars in your sky.  Sound cool though like hocus pocus?  Nah, is there something important to you that you planted a ways back that somehow made it to the back burner and then slipped out of view?  Take a scenic overlook pause in your life across this week to see what you started that really meant something to you and that somehow got away from the manifesting focus of your actions.  Tap tap tap those little ground-grabbers of your toes.  Did it really go so far?  Or, did somehow your forgetting allow it to run in the back and grow underground where your forgetting has become a “for getting”?  What’s that?!  That forgetting thing?  Well, forgetting can be for getting. It has a tendency to make more room for the good stuff.  This week look to how you have somehow, almost unconsciously, come back around to fertile ground where you can pick that important thing back up to be re-embraced and furthered.  It may require just a little digging on your part, though I bet that this week will open up something near and dear to you for you to solidly work on again.  Your link is a short short video this week.  So, tune in and see where it takes you.  This week, the wager that you are right where you need to be is a good one. Nevermind the odds.  Look down while you are walking this week… while being mindful of where you are walking of course.  Is there treasure to be found along your path?  Don’t miss connecting with what your feet touch this week.  Each step can sew a powerful connection.  Let your feet sew your week together this week and you might just become quite impressed with how the apparel of your surroundings begins to fit even to the point of bringing your environment to feel like sacred adornment.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ Knight of Wands

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

Cancer, This week be mindful if you pause with too great an emphasis on spiritual matters and un-reflected actions, actions that were performed to no avail.  This pause may simply be a natural response to you being in unfamiliar places or having unfamiliar feelings.  You may feel a bit unsettled this week feeling that you don;t really know what to do in things you do often, though get a handle on that.  Are you in fact simply in a new place where things are evolving and refreshing themselves?  Are you in fact simply having unfamiliar feelings?  Keep up with this natural upgrade.  You may be experiencing an awakening in which case those feelings are full-on par for the course.  Look around.  Feel within.  Have you opened to a whole new and larger mode of yourself?  Have you opened up like an adult birth where more of yourself was just simply revealed to you?  If so, take it in and explore it with the bright-eyed-no-words of a child rapt with curiosity.  No feelings of awakening this week?  Cool.  Either way, notice the house cracking open in the card.  It is not hard to mend damage.  It expresses the beauty of cracks and fissures opening up to UN-pave the way for new things to come through.  This week notice potential opportunities in your scene.  Every crack a door.  Every opening a window.  And, dance with the action-reaction of doors opening and closing magnetically causing new ones to do the same.  Halloween and haunted houses are coming up soon, so please do be mindful of doors doing things by themselves, so that wicked cool pranks don’t mess with your focus this week.  This is a week to give fresh eyes to just about everything.  No need to do the baby-out-with-the-bath-water thing to clean and clear house. Simply clean and clear.  Allow your fresh eyes to refresh the way things function and nurture you in your scene.  This week allow your fresh eyes to direct and gift big breaths of fresh air to the things you are working on.  Heck, if it’s warm, get a nice breeze moving through your house to hatch out any muckity-muck to the outside.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ XIX The Sun

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

Leo, This week the light of your natural truth and purpose are pulsing more brightly.  Be mindful not to get too strict on what you allow to affect you this week.  In fact you might want to relax a bit.  You might shine more not holding on so hard.  As Oscar Wilde aptly put, “truth is the most impure thing.”  I take his meaning to be that truth is born of the wonderfully messy experience of life.  Truth as experience?  Now, that I can buy because it blows out my own personal old joke of “Do not entrust truth or love to philosophers.”  At 4 am in the morning after talking for hours and still in the middle of their first sentence you might come to the realization that, “No, they are not going to solve the world’s problems, and really are just avoiding asking that person out that they are attracted to. lol”  “Truth is the most impure thing” ~ Oscar Wilde ~ is a great mantra for this week.  Step up to really experience your experience.  Work the mix.  Live this week your way as much as possible as if it is bought and paid for and earning equity and interests you… as, this week, I imagine it will be.  Look for the diamond in the rough.  Look for the blessing in disguise.  Look past the mirages of the blind spots of your expectations this week.  Your bright light should illuminate what is behind them.  Go ahead and invite those shadow dancers seen through the screen onto the main stage for your viewing pleasure.  Mix with them.  With this Oscar Wilde gig about truth I am really digging that truth is dirty and messy and probably loads of fun.  Think about it.  Telling the truth sometimes opens up situations more fully rather than stepping them down to make them more bland.  Oh, and let your light shine on this statement for a few moments… “Trust is rarely brought up unless distrust is present.”  See through the code of that to get to the heart of the matter of things this week… as this week the light of your natural truth and purpose are pulsing more brightly… brightly in ways you can use to open up more experiential truth in situations.  Oh, and this week to go along with Wilde’s “Truth is the most impure thing,” keep in mind Mark Twain’s, “Of course truth is stranger than fiction, Man.  Fiction has to make sense.”  Open up more to experience itself AS truth in situations this week.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ 9 of Swords

nearing completions, dynamism moving out of  communication plateau(s)

nearing completions, dynamism moving out of communication plateau(s)

Virgo, This week your thoughts and ideas will be as dynamic as ever, though be on the lookout for another plateau coming up where you can expand this dynamism and really give it the room to breath that it deserves.  There may be some false summits that catch your eye this week.  Look at them, notice them in the distance, though realize these false summits as pie in the sky horizons.  You can dynamically expand with this 9 right whee you are.  Your immediate horizons, the ones you can touch are trail-markers and trail heads calling to you to send your ideas off into them.  Allow your ideas to play as if all on their own as you work on the big-picture ground for them to thrive.  You are coming towards a big completion in your thinking, though be more mindful of where you are than of that.  Distraction feels to be coming at you this week from all directions.  I’d just say that this indicates that what you are doing interests people, and they all come running to be first in line.  Orchestrate and schedule.  Orchestrate and schedule on your terms so the onset of all these things interested in your work is utilized by you as tangible interest rather than chaos to distract your dynamism.  Visualize your experience AS the situation this week so you stay on track with what you are doing.  It may not be a big week of completions, though just as much so it is not a big week to second-guess the dynamism of things going on in your work, either.  Notice a word over-used here?  Dynamism?  Dynamic?  Well, Dyn-O-MITE to THAT!  Keep the air fresh this week so things moving in a frenzy can keep moving that way and not crash into each other bring one another down.  Air traffic control is the suggested mantra for you this week, though mind that your desk and controls in the tower easily accessible so that you don’t get in your own way.  Work on the big-picture this week.  Make sure you get the ground prepared so your ideas to have a place to thrive as they each come back and ask for instructions as to where to land.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ X The Wheel

epochal-cycle, Om--Libra-ohm punning,  complete cycles, full orbits, luck

epochal-cycle, Om–Libra-ohm punning, complete cycles, full orbits, luck

Libra, Enjoy your luck and your big ideas in a big way this week.  It is similar to your work and ideas having an anniversary or birthday party.  Open up to see your scene anew as you complete things.  Play the big and pregnant pause of commencement AS a component to complete.  Do not just jump right into new things this week.  Respect the things you have done by directing them to the proper seats to graduate and move on.  New things are coming in strongly, and you may feel like you need to welcome them, too.  Don’t get distracted by that this week, though.  That’s simply your next class of ideas and work enrolling so to speak.  Don;t open a new epoch of work until you celebrate with the work you have just spent so much time completing… and, take your time doing so.  The next steps into the next phase will be new, and you will serve yourself best by making sure you are like new, too, by being refreshed and ready.  Place yourself where you want to be and flow naturally and take a few moments each day to experience how far you’ve come.  Enjoy things that are present in a wonderful variety of ways.  Right now and this week, simply enjoy things and be amazed how many cool things have come together.  The Wheel’s perspective itself may be, “My BIGGEST love is when you complete something and it refreshes your perspective!  Return here to refresh when you feel different in a familiar place.”  If you know of any Cancer signs, you might want to lend a hand in regards to getting perspective as they are in a similar boat, simply at a different scale.  “Review” is the mantra for this week. Review and… ok, a little planning won’t hurt.  Celebrate your completions this week to prepare and make room for new things coming your way.

Thanks for visiting Jordan’s Weekly TarotScopes!

How does your TarotScope enhance your week!  If you know your Ascendant (ASC) / Rising Sign and Moon, I suggest that you may want to read those, too.  I find them most helpful.  They often provide a message that enhances the sun sign in ways that flesh out things more resonantly.  

Comment here on how your Scope is an ally for your week.  Touch base mid-week to see how your Scope is providing you more effective workability in your schedule and in your life, and tune and tailor based on your week’s successes.  Honor your failures.  Odds are there is wisdom in every one of them.  Till next time.

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