Mystereum TarotScope Weekly Allies for Sept 1st to Sept 7th

01 Sep

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It’s a Holiday weekend!  So, for some fun enjoy one of the first videos produced for The Mystereum Tarot back in 2008 before the Imagination Primer in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum came along to be published in 2010. 

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Mystereum TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 1st to Sept 7th, 2013 Week

In general this week look for new things popping up as the seasons change guard.  Odds are these new things will be both small and subtle. Keep your senses perked so you can recognize potential new opportunities when they first show up.  Get a keen sense of the potential present in a fledgling idea or action.  Note the character of new things so that you are able to see past their present general appearance to what they can become.  Be mindful of things that can be wonderfully developed into future allies this week.  This week will be like shopping for the seeds of your future.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ Ace of Pentacles

assets, seeds, your natal chart as personal pentacle

assets, seeds, your natal chart as personal pentacle

Virgo, How many times have you seen something new, smiled, and then simply moved along as it disappears in the wind?  This week you may want to linger in those moments of discovery just a tad longer.  Sit with them even. There are assets and seeds that will be like free ideas from the Universe even more than normal for you this week.  Put a little more space between your meetings this week.  Even if it is only 2 extra minutes, that’s an extra 120 seconds of inspiration and discovery boost to fully leave the last meeting, discover something new, and arrive fresh to the next.  Make sure you use those moments in between things this week, and be mindful not to lose yourself in them at the expense of being late.  Being late just screws up things and scatters the energies at the start.  This week wasting time re-convening focus at the beginning of meetings by not being punctual will be highlighted and certainly not to your advantage.  Odds are people will look right to you to conduct the proceedings when you arrive.  If you’re late, they’ll be ancy.  If you are on time, you can wonderfully raise that conductor’s baton and get the gigs on their way. Be punctual this week, and while doing so, be the master of your schedule to give yourself that extra in-between time to brighten your punctuality.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ IV The Emperor

his horse nestles in becoming his tree. Look at the horse-legroots . . . overseer, place-maker, methodically moving step by step

his horse nestles in becoming his tree. Look at the horse-legroots . . . overseer, place-maker, methodically moving step by step

Libra, This is a week to intensely survey your surroundings without affecting them too much.  Like the Emperor in his horse-tree tippy toeing so as not to disturb the goings on, get a sense of your environment in its natural habitat this week.  It’s you who ultimately rule your surroundings, and this week is a fine time to refresh your scholarship of what is actually going on there naturally.  You may want to make some changes later in the week.  Whether you tune and tailor or play Frankenstein and replace whole parts, give your environment some breathing room this week by not being controlling.  In the first several days of this week let your environment run naturally while you survey like a hawk from high above.  In the first several days of this week keep your focus and wits and discernment strong, but keep your mouth shut down just as strongly.  There may be some things that cross your grain that are really there as intersections where new things overlap your priorities. Learn about these intersections this week before you dismiss them.  Think about The Emperor.  He doesn’t let his expectation and assumptions become blind spots.  Take the time early in the week to see past your blind spots of expectation and assumption.  Later in the week you may flow right in to incorporate things differently in ways that keep your kingdom fresh and alive.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ King of Swords

Blends in seamless communicative synchromesh, healthy and discerning, logical and fair

Blends in seamless communicative synchromesh, healthy and discerning, logical and fair

Scorpio, This week you will be looked to as the Ultimate Communicator. Both your silences and what you express will seen just as powerfully.  Take care with your pace and direction like a King. This week will not be a time when you have to explain yourself much at all.  Most people might even be closer to your spectators rather than participating in conversation.  Odds are they will be looking up to you for guidance and an example of just how things are really done well.  Respect that in yourself as you also forget that for getting more into your natural leadership grove. Being self-conscious is not a good use of your energies this week.  Everyone typically gets nervous before going on stage or delivering speeches.  Let those nerves be preparation for activity this week.  Allow their F.E.A.R. to simply be a way you warm up as preparation for activity.  This week your F.E.A.R. can be deftly used as Feeling Energized And Ready. This week is a time for you to shine at whatever volume you feel is just right for any situation. Keep it out of the redline as Kings tend not to react.  They respond.  Be prepared, and come across as being prepared.  The way you carry yourself this week is almost even more important than anything you express.  Your influence this week will go far beyond your spoken words.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ XII The Hanged Man

I give you a place of your own to clearly float fully supported in your mind activating your crown chakra. Chrysalis, fully afloat in supportive clarity.

I give you a place of your own to clearly float fully supported in your mind activating your crown chakra. Chrysalis, fully afloat in supportive clarity.

Sagittarius, You know oh so well how you can stand and deliver from just about any position. This week that position will be one of you being naturally afloat in clarity.  Take care not to disturb your own water with outbursts or blunt statements or reactionary actions.  It will be a week where your ability to respond as naturally as water responds to influences by rippling.  Play some air traffic control early in the week so interference patterns and conflicts later in the week have simply been planned away.  Feel into the resonance you feel personally, and allow that to flow into every situation.  The state of your waters is contagious this week, so make sure to infuse your situations with your best efforts rather than infect them with contaminants. Subtlety rules your week, and great things can be set into motion when you subtly build subtlety upon subtlety. Small steps this week, Sag.  Small steps.  You have some big things in play already, and your mantra this week may best be to breathe and take care.  Breathe and take care.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ XX Judgment

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

Capricorn, Do you feel unseen seeds cracking open underground?  Do you have a sense that things are changing for you in upcoming ways?  That’s what your week is all about.  Things are on the move in the right directions.  They simply haven’t come to light.  Be patient as you respect the renewal resurrecting itself in your life this week.  As things come to light be the quiet watcher.  Be more of an Underseer this week than an Overseer. You might want to schedule some play this week to get you out of any ruts that have gotten you stuck in places.  By playing you will be more able to kick your ruts not your butt.  You are in a time where self-judgment needs to be transformed more into being discerning about yourself.  Simply discern things and note them.  The time to act on them will come soon enough.  This week plan some play.  There are things in your mix that need some more time.  Be an ally to yourself and orchestrate that additional time for them. You may be tired of being patient this week, though use that impatient energy to stir things up elsewhere.  Maybe get in the kitchen after you come home from playing and stir up some things so you can feel more into creating things by mixing them rather than upsetting them by continually stirring the pot so to speak.  Making stew might be a good exercise for you so your impatience can be transformed into patience.  Stew might laugh at you if you told it to hurry, so get into that gig.  Work that long-form stew vibe this week.  And, not stewing about stuff.  Get those things out into the open and into the stew pot this week.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 8 of Swords 

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

Aquarius, There are no empty echoes on the plateau of communications you are on this week. If you feel some things are just echoes, get quiet enough to hear them.  This week echoes are nods to things that have a resonance in repeating.  Let this repeating energy cascade doppler-style across your scene.  Make sure to chillax and give people and things and ideas and comms the space they need to express themselves echoes and all.  This week learn how to adjust your space by adjusting your pace.  The simple extensions of extra time and space to things will serve to make you a more powerful witness in your expansive surroundings.  And, being a powerful witness this week will inform you how to more effectively plan with the more natural paces required by each thing in your midst.  It’s really a standard transmission week for you. Remember that you are in forward gears more than reverse, and that each gear will be best used with a different level of rev depending on each situation. Look at your week as driving.  Driving in a parking lot.  Driving through a school zone.  Driving the back roads.  Driving the open road.  Use your feet to play with your pace.  Take the lead with your words and the intensity of their revs this week.  Just the sound of your voice will inform you of the things in play this week and how they are in play.  Listening in earnest to the sound of your voice like it is the engine in a car will serve to lead you where you need to be this week. Note the power of your voice this week, and shift gears accordingly.  No neutral down hills.  This week is a week to be fully engaged. And, when you rest, be full engaged in relaxation.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ Knight of Swords

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating

Pisces, This week you will be incorporating your communications on the move.  Keep a bottle of water and some snacks handy as you might get few breaks across each day as one, single next next next kind of meeting or session. This will be rather a marathon of a week as the things you have been putting in play are all now requiring attention.  Make sure you are conscious to breathe so you don’t get flustered by all the activity on the scene.  Odds are you put most of it in play, and most of the other things were put in play to enhance and complement those things.  Make sure to not waste a single second taking responsibility for things you shouldn’t this week.  Be on the ball to delegate those things right out.  And, no paddle-ball delegation where the directives you make get dumped right back in your lap.  Cut the strings when you delegate and simply note to revisit to check on progress later.  You have plenty on your own plate that needs your direct attention this week.  Do not allow the unfocused background of things you’ve delegated to creep into the primary objectives that require your direct attention.  You may need to feed out some more rope to those around you.  One, it will give you some distance which is in support of your unfettered focus.  And two, it will be their responsibility not to rein themselves back to the table until they have substantial completions.  It’ll be their choice ho they use the newly granted authority this week just as much as it will be your choice to make sure you delegate enough things out so you have enough breathing room yourself to perform at your peak.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ Page of Swords 

curiosity, new mental developments, zeal, note his sword of comms held by his 3rd eye

curiosity, new mental developments, zeal, note his sword of comms held by his 3rd eye

Aries,  Your communications will be most effective this week when you are playful with them.  Playing this week will enhance how you develop the way you come across.  Look at the Page in the card image.  It’s as if his 3rd eye is holding up the sword, maybe even magnetizing it to his forehead.  That’s quite a feat when holding a spoon to your nose is difficult enough. Did that get a chuckle?  Turn that chuckle on to full-boat laughter trying… a kitchen spoon!  Seriously, play with your comms this week. Doing so may even get you to slip something out unconsciously that gives you a good, old-fashioned wide-eyed smile. It’s a week to surprise yourself.  And, surprising yourself isn’t usually done by planning to do so… unless of course you plan to play with your comms, your language, how you come across.  Then, you’ll be playing at speed.  Things can pop up or pop out more naturally.  Relax into bobbing your head yes.  Relax into the fun in situations. This week is a time for as much laughter as possible.  I hope you don’t break any ribs laughing this week.  One, that’s not funny.  And two, it’ll stump your laughter levels.  People may think you are fully insane by the end of the week… until of course next week it catches on and they all want to have you over for laughs with a drink chaser.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ XIV Temperance 

magical mixing, integrated balance, vibrant duet

magical mixing, integrated balance, vibrant duet

Taurus, Feeling like a serious time for you right now?  Well, that’s because you are so astute.  The things magically mixing in your scene are at very large scales.  Mind your motions this week so that you can assure the mixtures are kept at their highest octaves of effectiveness.  Tune and tailor the business ingredients of your week far in advance.  Running right up to deadline this week can have disastrous consequences when all the components aren’t double and triple-checked before being presented.  Potentially mixing the wrong amounts of things this week will be a constant concern.  Plan ahead to allot the extra time needed for cross-checking things this week.  You may feel like you are presenting the day before yesterday’s news, though you’ll know that they just received your day before that’s news yesterday.  Keep abreast and informed and run and test your scenarios and proposals ahead of time.  Doing so will keep you ahead of the game this week. And, something about this week says that the only way to stay in the game is to stay abreast and informed and ahead of it.  This week you are like a scout that reports back in in the flesh regularly… though, just maybe you don’t report what you just discovered.  Distill your findings this week before you present them.  This week more than most it is important that your communications are received in their most effective form. You’re the Alchemist this week.  Magically mix it up so you come across in the clearest manner possible.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 4 of Wands

joy, surprises, thrills out of the blue, new energies infusing and refreshing established ones

joy, surprises, thrills out of the blue, new energies infusing and refreshing established ones

Gemini,  This is another week of energies coming in to keep what you’ve built fresh. Is there a new addition in your home that is magnetizing more rockin’ness in?  Do you have feelings that you can only describe with smiles and sparkly eyes.  Cool E O!  You’ve been the Ultimate Communicator for so many over the years.  This week your ebb will receive their flow.  Expect awesome surprises this week.  Expect planned spontaneity, the kind where someone calls when they are in the area to see if they can stop by for a short chat. This week is going to be like Febreze for your soul, like windows wide open on a beautiful and lightly breezy day. Keep up with the things you need to do this week, though also take the time to receive the refreshing energies coming into your mix. Take it all in stride. Someone with OCD might call this a week of schedule slippage.  Though, someone who prefers frisbee and getting things done more than OCD might refer to this week as … well, this week.  Play with your control tendencies.  Heck, you can spin OCD on the frisbee and rename it Designer’s Syndrome.  Play with placement this week so you don’t get overly concerned about deadlines with things that just simply need to get done. Anchor those things into your schedule that are time sensitive.  The rest?  Just another part of the rockin’ breezes freshening up your scene this week.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ Ace of Cups

trust intuition, nurture new feeling, fresh flow

trust intuition, nurture new feeling, fresh flow

Cancer, Doth your cup overfloweth this week?  Are you starting to release yourself into things you have wanted to do for who knows how long?  Let it all rock into that flow this week.  You’re never one to not get your work done, though this week the spaces between your work are probably getting highlighted for fun to the nth degree. Roll with it.  Pour yourself into your fun as much as your work.  Though you probably already do, your fun it going to amp itself up over your work this week where your work will simply be the “eat your vegetables” part.  Yep, you probably like those vegetables already, though this week keep the vegetables of your work in the mix, but make a cool bookmark for when you decide to up and spontaneously go for a helping of serendipity. Spontaneously going for a helping of serendipity?  Ok, I’ll clarify.  Go for two.  This week more is better.  Your fun tanks need to be filled.  And, like the always-prepared and opportunistic crab that you are, fill that spare 100-gallon tank to make sure you don’t run out of juice this week even if you lose track of time.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ 9 of Cups

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

Leo, This week is about feeling into that one of your “nine” or many fruits on the tree of your creativity.  This week pay more attention to just one of them to give it the healthy burst of focused attention it needs to get off the ground and into your air traffic control with the rest. It’s not a week to piddle.  Maybe even act like you are on deadline with this newcomer idea.  It will be like Miracle-Gro, and help get the energy to the roots it needs for a proper start.  Maybe pay attention to the other ideas a bit by promoting them so they are out of the loop and in others’ hands for the week.  Highlighting and selecting a new project on your block can serve to shift your gears in a fresh new way that will attune you more to just the kind of attention it will need. It can all of course also be a metaphor for yourself as well.  I wouldn’t be too attuned to that, though.  Allow it to play out naturally through the project.  Since you are the one affecting the actions, it can naturally come into play and infuse passion into your actions in a natural new way simply by the way you play them out. Don’t get hung up on epiphanies of personal growth this week.  Direct those energies into passionate action. You’ll still grow whether you are self-conscious of it or not.  Allow this week to more about growing your work.  Put your work through its paces this week.  It might refresh you more than you’d imagine.

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

And remember, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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