Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 8th to Sept 14th Week

08 Sep


It’s quite a Pentacle-filled week, so this week’s featured video to dance with that is the Mystereum Tarot Moments 10 of Pentacles!

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TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 8th to Sept 14th, 2013 Week

In general this week finish up things you already have going on on high notes.  You can of course start new things this week, though double and triple-check your need to so.  It is not advised to divert your active attention and energies from the solid things already present in your life. Relationships and priorities and projects already in play and underway are best to be the order of the day each day. Take note of the new gigs you want to bring in and get them solidly in the outer orbit of the back burner.  Let their rue simmer quietly in the background to acclimate to your ways.

This week pay special attention to how well details are focused in the big picture and keep your thumb on the pulse of how solid connections between things really are.  It may be a week for some routine maintenance on your schedule to tune it for the long-haul and to preclude setbacks that could have been planned away by regular, proactive means.  Does your mind need an oil change?  Get that spa session booked this week so your fluidity is solidly in place as an ally and asset.  This week you want to make especially sure that you are as fully present as the things in your mix are. Getting off on the right foot is always important.  Continually keeping the workflow and communications tuned at every step of the way on things you are engaged in then becomes more important after that. Stay tuned up and fluid and responsive this week so you keep putting your best foot forward at every step by step through the process along the way.  Oh!  And, slow down a bit this week.  There is certainly more than meets the eye with all of the Pentacles that came to this week’s TarotScope table.

And note, the Me As Oracle this week is in quite a mood.  Not personally.  It’s to flex up that body to the level of the solidity of all the Pentacles orbiting around.  Don’t get hit by them this week.  Land ’em.  Flex up your temples, smile, and flex up your body.  Playing with Pentacles can be like playing catch with a medicine ball.  Enter this week prepared by being your strongest most fluid self.  And don;t go in looking for trouble.  If that’s what you want, it’ll find you without any effort on your part.  The Pentacled Yoniverse this week feels to be enjoying a Divine-level game of whack-a-mole.  So long as you stay moving and don’t poke your head up in the wrong place….

Ok ok.  Just take this week seriously will Ya? without a bunch of fuss.  Put all that fuss energy into your focus.  This week it will help you play both pilot and air traffic control through and with and around all the Pentacles.  And, finding wormholes and hyperspace buttons (more effective methods than the obvious) this week may be a whole lot easier and safer than trying to fly through an asteroid field.  Whatever you do, though, the asteroids are moving.  Being a spectator at the outer edge… there’s not a glove in the world to catch fly balls coming out of that chaos-central gig.  Air traffic control awareness and piloting.  A little more of each, please.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ Page of Swords

curiosity, new developments, zeal, 3rd Eye comms

curiosity, new developments, zeal, 3rd Eye comms

Virgo, Feeling like your 3rd eye is the one doing the talking this week?  Feeling like sword of communication is just magnetized to hover-stick right off of your forehead?  This week be mindful that you don’t self-repel yourself with your non-verbal communications when your 3rd eye doing the talking reflects back on itself from the polished sword right in front of it.  This week do not ask questions and then answer them as if you are paddle-balling out of your 3rd eye to the sword and right back into your mind.  That’s rhetorical, and unless you’re a busker on the street…. No second-guessing this week.  This is a week to wait for responses to your queries and questions, and to respectfully wait as long as it takes for the other party to respond at their pace.  What’s really going on here is that your 3rd eye instincts are going to be blippity-blap FAST this week.  Turned ON!  Don’t allow your goes-to-11 pace to screw things up this week by putting words in peoples’ mouths otherwise you will start to wonder if everyone has an eyebrow-stuck-in-the-raised-position problem.  

Your pace is yours this week more so than normal in its amplified hummingbird bear way, and the pace of the people you are in contact with is theirs.  Period.  Use your quickness this week to keep up with your new contacts as they are the ones who need some nurturing so they’ll come to the table more by getting to know you better.  Too much of a gatlin gun from your rapid-fire abilities this week may just make you 3rd-eye-blind.  It’s like being snow blinded by sun glare, but inside and also by potentially putting people off. Don’t perceive silence or slowness as passive-aggressive behavior this week.  People may be just as much in their own rapid-fire realm as you.  Odds are they aren’t ignoring you and have just as much intensity to rein in and wield as you do.  Simply get your delivery spinning so everyone gets responded to, and all like Goldilocks…just right. Not too much.  Not too little.  Just right this week.  Just right. Mind to not be born with a silver foot in your mouth. 🙂

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ 5 of Cups

hidden treasure in emotional weather, pensively hanging back, inner turbulence

hidden treasure in emotional weather, pensively hanging back, inner turbulence

Libra, This is a week to dial your patience up and forget about it.  Don’t spend any time staying patient.  Simply decide to be and float above the tumultuous emotional weather.  Stay present and relaxed as you float like a seagull above the wind off of the waves, and by all means stay off the high road.  These days it’s just filled with passive-aggressive wimps and inspirational quote robots.  Better to be present at a near distance to be able to respond than the communicative statue of being self-righteous.  Be patient this week.  Once you dial up your patience and set it, divert that patience energy towards your awareness.  Being close enough to experience the emotional weather this week without getting swept away in it may give you just the different perspective you need to see the treasure in your situations that no-one else has even gotten wind of.  

Patience this week, dear Libra.  There’s treasure in the mix that might have been stirred up by the tumult.  Don’t waste trouble.  Work the problem quietly with all your senses.  Heck, you might even find a cool throw or pillow this week that is more important than the Charlie Brown’s Teacher Talk going on around you.  You’re no easy mark this week when you are a bit distant though in no way distracted.  Your perspective is yours this week.  Don’t let your hand be forced by your environment this week.  Only bring in the treasure you discovered when the weather has cleared.  The treasure you discover this week won’t solve the emotional storms.  It will be a product of them.  Don’t let anything tax your perceptiveness.  You may want to close down some inner apps so you have more RAM to brighten your eyes.  Let go of some things. Odds are they’ll come back, and you won’t lose a part of yourself holding on too tight when they rip away.  Treasure this week.  Discover that treasure only you can see that has come to the surface.  Magical starfish in the card that’s come up from the bottom, anyone?

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 2 of Pentacles

solid and crucial connections, dna of a situation, full interplay of details

solid and crucial connections, dna of a situation, full interplay of details

Scorpio, This is going to be a potentially difficult week for you.  Your natural mode is to be able to fit everything that is in a broad brush stroke into the tiniest of statements.  Don’t expect to be heard this week as people need a rest from trying to read your non-verbals… aka play the mind reader game.  Sound harsh?  Neh.  People really really know you are there now, so dial it down a bit and use explore the world of whole worlds in the most crucial and often delicate connections between people and ideas and things.  Engage your bigger picture more in total by fully focusing on the portals of your big picture’s house… the portals of your big picture’s house that are the details.  I repeated that twice as it feels you have been cruising at Mach 3 with your hair on fire and need some solid landing wires to skid-bounce-bounce-stop your fast moving plane and get back on deck.

You’re probably going to still feel really out there this week like landing at sea, though allow your out-there-ness to be what grounds you.  Things may consequently feel a bit flipped around, though roll with it.  Don’t you really need some rest?  Surreal may be your mantra for the overall quality of things in your mix this week like all your night dreams weave their way into the daylight.  Don’t try to understand it.  Remember, like Mark Twain expressed, “Truth is certainly stranger than fiction.  Fiction has to make sense.”  Hone in on those things that make no sense.  Be comfortable with and engage your not-knowing.  I bet that without even a word the things that make no sense to you this week will be your best dance partners.  Be aware enough to sense your Shadow this week, though astute enough like Pallas-Athena to dance with it.  Pallas-Athena is chess to Mars checkers.  And, this week you’re acute strategies born of your life-acumen may even bring you to rightfully announce “King Me!” in a game of chess.  

Don’t work the rules this week or even bend them.  Use them as a welcome mat and wipe your feet on them.  Your focus should have nothing to do with others’ expectations this weel.  Something tells me that you won’t have much of a problem with that… and maybe that you never have.  Open the doors wide this week.  Open the doors of being the King-Queen you are wide.  There’s no ‘splainin’ to do.  Your imp has just entered the building. OH, that’s YOU!  Work it like you are in a sandbox this week. Things might be serious enough that you need to know you can play with them.  Elvis has left the building, so there’s plenty of room for you to have a wide berth.  Rumor has it that he might actually even be dead.  That means you have the whole place to yourself.  Work it.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 9 of Pentacles

Note the wormhole as an homage reference to The World in the distance like a view from inside an obelisk looking up

Note the wormhole as an homage reference to The World in the distance like a view from inside an obelisk looking up

Sagittarius, This week you have your hands full.  FINALLY, huh?  Be flexible about how you connect with people and how you connect things this week.  There is a dynamism present in something you have built that you owe yourself to explore directly through action.  No hanging back this week.  Make it a total immersion experience  Give it all you’ve got, and keep refueled along the way.  Stay up late.  Get up early. Either or and/or both/and.  Long overdue for the rubber to meet the road is in the cards for you this week.  Eyes forward. Hands on the wheel.  Explore your schedule effectiveness as much as your abilities  Play yourself through your paces this week.  Work smart rather than quickly, though quickly find the cruise control of your intensity.  Your story will be all the marketing and branding you need this week.

Also, don;t judge the book by its cover of how long things take this week.  Odds are whether they are short or long in duration they will be just right to a T where, “That feels like a wrap” will come up more often than not.  You’ll know as you’ll step right up at the proper pause points when you feel it.  I’ll bet those who you are working with will appreciate that everything is open-ended until it’s done, and then when it’s a wrap, it is.  Pleasant partings without multiple goodbyes will be very much in play this week.  Then, on to the next!  Eyes on the road, Sag.  Eyes on the road.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ Ace of Pentacles

Treasure of Inner Booty is discovered, new assets and seeds

Treasure of Inner Booty is discovered, new assets and seeds

Capricorn, Are there are assets that come natural to you that you aren’t really bringing to the table?  Oh cummon.  Are you holding things back until some semblance of success is seen until you play those cards?  Good is the enemy of the great this week for you.  You may be running the risk of having those natural assets already sprouted, too many of them to boot, and getting yourself overgrown inside.  Pop open the sun roof or dance to the music.  The water your garden needs this week is for you to water the world with your natural assets.  Heck, pee on a tree.  Scratch something and claim it.  The Yoniverse isn’t going to tolerate any one person passive-aggressive.  In fact the Yoniverse respects that you must know something it doesn’t with you keeping all those natural assets bottled up inside. What it knows is a Queen of Wands un-interfering respect of your process.  This week, though, get your guff out there and get some interference patterns going.  I dare say you may have come to a sort of inner peace about things, though mind that your c’est la vie brand of patience doesn;t turn you to stone.  If you are doing that, the Yoniverse will step in and start the natural erosion process on you.  And, this week don’t be those two headless trunks of stone from Ozzymandius.  Dammit!  Sometimes to make waves you need to rock your own boat. Practice after me. One hand on each side while sitting and lean lean lean.  Do it again.  Lean lean lean.

If you find your boat is too heavy to even rock, drop some stuff overboard.  You can always learn scuba later if you really need them.  Though, right now I bet your Now doesn’t need them.  So, drop some stuff over, drop drop drop.  Try the above again.  Lean lean lean.  Hmmm.  Ok, drop some more.  Lean lean lean.  Tune the weight of what you carry so you are moving around with no more weight than the potential of a couple of magic beans in a small pouch.  Heck, one would be enough.  This week is all about being OUTSIDE DOING THINGS.  You’ve been inside indoors and inside yourself for quite long enough.  Your dreams may be becoming smoke, and I hear it’ll be windy this week. So, do you really want those dreams?  Well then, lean lean lean.  Go pee on a tree, though I am indemnified from any recourse if you don’t do it properly.  And, properly indicates to pee on the right tree at the right time for the right amount of time.  Heck, for you, just orchestrating where you are going to fekkin pee and on what tree and when might eclipse War and Peace. So, don’t do that.  It’s ok not to have a reason.  Your reason this week needs to be two-hands-stable lean lean lean. Lean lean lean.  Get out there and do it!  Oh, and send that thing off that’s sitting in your Drafts folder collecting eSmokingHopeDust. Send it and it might just have collected Fae Dust.  Lean lean lean.  Lean lean lean.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ Queen of Pentacles

Aquarius, Well well.  In all of this solid seriousness orbiting around this week, you receive the Queen of Pentacles you may well be the nucleus around which all orbits.  The Judgment card is in your gallery, and you’ll see why just a little later.  Mystereum has this animated family gig where some cards support other cards’ roles. The limelight of being the nucleus, that which all revolves around, may make you a bit uncomfortable, so just take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.  And, try not to amplify any awkward feelings by saying, “I’ll get back to you on that.”  Step up this week to solidly discuss things with people right off the bat so that you’re takeaway is less work on your part, and more-so simply the decision to be made by you that you want to sleep on.

It’s an exquisite week that can potentially just plop in your lap this week.  Use more of your good taste than your judgment this week.  Your judgment doesn’t need much work I bet.  Neither does your sense of taste.  Though, for things to solidly stick around and be welcomed into your naturalized Secret Garden, they have to look DAYum good.  This doesn’t mean attractive in some magazine cover crap PhotoShop way.  Quite the contrary. New things you encounter to really work for you are going to have that exquisite fit such that by themselves they may look like a Carney sideshow act.  But, get them on the stage of your Secret Garden with the rest of the things you’ve naturalized and sit back and enjoy the seamless show.  Sometimes it’s important to look good more than feel good.  And, the real problem with that statement is that once YOU start to look good, odds are it gets harder and harder to hide the fact that you start to feel good, too.  Extend that courtesy to the new things in your mix this week.  They can thank you tons, though what is really in store is that self-smile forming when you are SO glad you made the effort.  Do that this week.  Make the effort with things that fit like a Queen of Pentacles on her throne made of furled Judgment wings.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ Knight of Swords

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating

Pisces, This week really work things on the move. Especially incorporate your communications on the move in real time discussing things at length AS they come up.  This is a rel week to be wise in time rather than what I call stairwell jokes… those times when 5 or so minutes after a meeting a get-together you think, “It would have been really funny or smart if I would have said or done x y or z.”  Keep things in play and certainly don;t be cagey this week.  The time is ripe for you to be heard in more regal ways, in ways you will fully resonate with and remember and use in the coming weeks.  There won’t be a lot of one hit wonders this week.  Most things that come up will be well deserving of your attention.  Probably mostly due to the things that come up are things you’ve put out there in the past that are now more fully formed and being brought back to you to develop further.

It’s a big week to incorporate your comms on all fronts public and private in ways that are very present.  Certainly think before you speak, though realize that your horse so to speak, the vehicles you drive and carry your work in and with, will continue trotting forward.  It will be better for you not to address every barking dog along the way.  Stay focused and aware of the direction you are moving and how you are being moved.  That may well be the big point of your week: how you are being moved.  How are you being moved?  What are you riding so to speak, and also, what moves you?  What really turns you on?  Definitely stay hydrated this week as though you may not be sprinting along, you will certainly have a week of continuous progress. This in fact may be THE week of your year.  So, stay hydrated, stay in the saddle, and keep on standing and delivering. Your may begin to see your reach expanding to extend a great deal beyond where is has before this week.  Take time to expand upon your priorities and how you implement them this week.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ XV The Devil

ambition, pleasure, intensity, addiction, inhibition

ambition, pleasure, intensity, addiction, inhibition

Aries,  Vroom Vroom this week, Aries!  Vroom Vroom!  It will be important this week to open up to your earthly desires more than normal and really flesh them out for yourself in action. Intensities and how you work with them will certainly be in play for you all week long. Nevermind worry about addictions or the sneaky and secret addictions that are inhibitions.  In fact ferret out inhibitions you have at least into a concrete awareness of them.  Take even the grunt work, the tasks you feel to be drudgery, and enjoy those, too.  Maybe simply get into a groove with them like you are a metronome clicking along and they’ll be done in no time.  They’ll probably also give you a solid base to work from in your efforts this week.

Vroom Vroom! You may in fact have to step up the pace of how your are working. Don’t overdo anything, yet certainly don’t come anywhere near close to under-doing anything this week.  Your intensities are not on the rise.  Your intensities are warmed up and buttered up and ready to go into action this week.  Play your best game in the things you do this week.  The zeal that is the heartbeat of each and every action will make for memorable efforts that will not go unnoticed.  Step up and be yourself as only you can be this week.  Zeal can be contagious, so be prepared to not go anything alone.  Take care of your cosmic dance partners this week be they people and / or guides, and they will certainly reciprocate and take care of you right back.  In fact rather than a fulfilling tennis rally, you may feel a much closer connection with your allies this week. Open up to what you really want in the physical realm this week without fear.  It’s not so much that you deserve it.  Realize your physical needs like a car needs gas, and allow them to juice you up. Doing this will soulfully rub off on your spirit. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, just eat some chocolate and feel into how it makes you feel.  This week you may begin to feel that mmmmm-chocolate feeling in your activities through and through.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~  VII The Chariot

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side

Taurus, Giddy up and go go go this week!  You are on the move in solid ways where opposites and contrasting thoughts and efforts can serve to amplify your primary priorities and actions.  Be on the move in very stable ways at speed.  If you are feeling inertia about starting something, the only wrong thing you can do is to do nothing.  Note that stationary chariots are unstable.  They weeble wobble see-saw back and forth over their single axle.  Hook up those horses and get up to speed, though, and they become a very agile vehicle able to sync up with and engage things seamlessly from the side.  Use that as a mantra for your week, Taurus.  Empathy is a great word, though empathy in force and at play while working effectively is way mo betta.

This week be very aware of both the figure and the ground.  What’s the primary focus?  What grounds that focus by giving it something to brace against.  This is not necessarily an up and down gig.  Think about how the horses balance out a chariot at speed.  There’s very definitely a lead-follow gig going on with the chariot following the lead of the horses, but there’s something else.  A chariot being drawn by horses is chaos-central at any given time where the smallest thing can spin the whole system out of control.  Don’t fear that, though do note that.  And, what’s that something else?  Well, the chaos-central really alludes to the need to do air traffic control at all times this week. BUT!  WHILE doing air traffic control, also be the pilot.  This week just like a great radio personality keep abreast of guiding the show with effective air traffic control to keep things interesting while at the same time being in the pilot’s seat really jetting the show forward.  Basically, really get a scholarship for your surroundings and your intense tendencies and preferences so that the concept of seamless synchromesh comes in.  People might not even notice how you direct things this week when you fully engage your personality to keep things alive and interesting.  Play your life like a show this week.  You’re the star, and don’t go it alone being so. They say it’s lonely at the top, so chop off a bit of your peaks to make room for two this week.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ IX The Hermit

Memory illuminating forward, inner light, perspective from experience, silent awareness

Memory illuminating forward, inner light, perspective from experience, silent awareness

Gemini,  Get some good rest in between all the wondrous new things you have solidly going on in your life this week.  Your vision will thank you, and some enigmatic mysteries may begin to unfold when you stay in there though fully rest in between the things you are doing.  It’s not the kind of week for a lot of naps, though daydreaming out the window or out across from a majestic vista or both will serve your sense to the utmost.  You may feel a clarity you haven’t felt in a while where even your Shadow steps up to wondrously nestle a candle in the darkness.  Bubble baths or long soaks in a mountain spring are highly recommended as they will serve to refresh you and keep you on point when you are on the go.  

Look at this week as a series of events.  The relationship between them may simply be that they are adjacent to one another or in line in their sequence.  Mind to rest in between things.  Fully mind this rest in fact.  You may want to schedule non-meetings between your appointments so you play the one for them, one for me game to its fullest affect.  It will both serve to reduce your workload and at the same time intensify the work that you do when you are doing it.  Visualize this week as On Off-On.  On. Off-On. Actions. Rest.  Actions. Rest.  The times between your activities and appointments and duties this week may begin to open up a magical twilight of the space between things for you.  Maybe call your rest The Psychic Synapse, that place that energetically lives AS things are connecting TO connect them.  The Psychic Synapse.  Best to all of the magical twilights between the things you do this week.  The places between can gift you beautiful invisi-bridges making your productivity seem effortless where you can always come to the table refreshed.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ XX Judgment

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, sensing perennial nature

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, sensing perennial nature

Cancer, This week is all about those impending things that will come back into your life like perennials resurrecting in your garden.  Be both acutely and astutely aware of the things going on in the background this week.  There are things about to come into your mix, that if you are aware of them, won’t scuttle-butt your effectiveness.  Take time all by yourself to feel into what is coming to the fore rather than what is primary.  Don;t lose sight of what is primary, though See With Cat’s Ears so just as much as you do not get easily distracted, you as well firmly feel into the things going on in the background.  Remember that the background also refers to unseen things such as seeds that have cracked open underground and are on their way up into the sun to flourish.

This week take stock just as much as you take action.  The unseen things are the gig this week.  Maybe you can predict them like seasonal business amps?  Maybe you can feel a new kind of marketing push coming on?  Maybe, just maybe, this week will serve up a plate of wonderful perspective for you to iron out how batons are handed off between the things you are engaged in.  Maybe just maybe, you are going to have a week where kinks are alleged scuttle-butts as you can be prepared with the smile of, “That’s no accident.”  Keep abreast of being prepared for what is impending this week as much as what you already have going on.  I bet by the end of the week you may even be promoted beyond your Master if the Universe title in you own mind and others.  This is a week to be inclusive.  Nevermind tenors of egomania.  Simply realize perceiving egomania as one of the functions of seeing the good in everyone.  And, when you see the good in everyone, you resonate and steep in your own confidence.  That kind of confidence wonderfully enhances your environment and the environment itself.  And, doing this, plussing, seeing the good in everything, you tend to start seeing that some people are just really good at being dicks.  No matter, either.  Knowing that can give you the smiling, structural ability to steer clear of them as orange cones on the highway of your life.  Plus things.  Explore and experience the concept of plussing this week.  I bet it will enhance your wits in a higher octave way.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ Queen of Wands

attracting wants, fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed

attracting wants, fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed

Leo, Wow, Wow, and WOW!  The energetic clarity of the Queen of Wands meets up with your naturally bright and shining identity.  This week use your polish, your fit and finish, in regal ways to amplify the undertakings you have set in motion.  Maybe it is as mundane as having a get-together.  Maybe it is as over the top as host or hostessing a Ball.  It’s really you call in total this week as there will be a recognizable, energetic clarity supporting your brightness.  Look your best to respect this time in your life. Heck, you might even explore the no-make-up or shaving gig to simply play the core essence of your magnetic attraction.

Whatever the most magnetic and attractive natural YOU is, this is the week to feature yourself that way in the forefront.  You could be the CEO in sweats at the board meeting as the meeting is interfering with more pressing matters of keeping yourself sane.  Take time to nuance your day by not being so present with being concerned with how you look.  If there was ever a week where appearances had flown out the window, this is certainly the one.  Take care not to interrupt your progress by going over the top with your whims, though definitely play your cards as you see them.  Your presence alone is what people will be buying into.  A little fit, finish, and polish even with your most casual modes will serve you well.  Believability is off the maps for you this week.  So long as YOU resonate with your presence in all of its wonderfully fluid and flexible varieties… Openly take issue with “The sky’s the limit” kind of thinking this week.  The sky is right there.  See beyond it and act upon what you see.  You may want to prepare several quotes to use throughout your day each day.  I bet, though, that those prepared quotes will evolve into different sayings right from the horse’s mouth… Yours!  Open the can, though mix it up with your brilliant and regal light.  The shadow you cast this week might just eclipse Fred and Ginger’s dancing.  Go You this week!  There’ll be little if no tilt in your full this week.

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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