Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for July 7 to July 13

07 Jul

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Your Mystereum TarotScopes ~ for July 7 to July 13, 2013

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ Knight of Cups

valiant feeling, honest expressions, incorporating on the move

valiant feeling, honest expressions, incorporating on the move

Cancer, This week you are coming out of the forest of feeling to hold your head up high as you have incorporated your emotional scene in a brand new way. Take care to look about as you move forward. The new brightness you are moving with inside is lighting your way. Take care to notice how you are feeling things differently now. There is a lot you have been going through recently that has opened up to break some borders and give you access to new ground within and about you. Allow yourself to feel into your scene directly with this new outlook. Discovering some fulfilling new things that are very open and visible can drive your week. Pick them up, incorporate them, and take them forward as they will serve you well in enhancing upcoming ventures.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ Ace of Cups

trust intuition, nurture new feeling, fresh flow

trust intuition, nurture new feeling, fresh flow

Leo, There is a fresh new sense of brightness in this week for you. You may meet someone new in a brand new way. You may have an idea that rushes through you like a quenching drink. Be aware of how you pour yourself out in the way you express yourself. People are going to notice, so make your expressions count. No need to be concerned about being too strategic this week. It may be as if people are expecting something new from you. Do your natural best to simply express yourself. The idea that quenches you may as well nourish all those around you to liven up, too. Lead with actions that you feel are right and that jive with this new brightness.  This week is all yours for filling yourself up in ways that more directly activate your natural flow.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ 6 of Cups

adjustments, balanced feelings, sharing

adjustments, balanced feelings, sharing

Virgo, So much water under that bridge, huh? Well, it’s still there and flowing, though it’s still there to keep your scene clean. You may have recently chalked up a litany of feelings like the cups in the sky here. That’s where they are supposed to be as something new is joining you to play between what has been parched in your soul and what is fertile in your mind. You hold your own cup very directly this week. Extend it to the new feeling that is way closer than the horizon. In fact it is probably as close to you as being across the table. Say cheers!, and enjoy the newness that has fully arrived on your scene this week.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ 6 of Wands

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles so new energies cascade in

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles so new energies cascade in

Libra, You’ve been giving and giving and giving for so long now. Well, it was certainly not in vain. This week there will be new energies cascading into your scene that reciprocate the levels of your graciousness. All that you have given has built quite an ability to see just how strong your energies really are. As these new energies cascade in to your scene playfully feel the exchange as you receive. They may come right out of the blue, so be prepared to light up and extend a hand to welcome them in. In fact extend both hands. There may be more than you can comfortably hold in one hand this week. Ah, take that a little further. Receive with your whole Self. Your mindbodybeautiful totality will resonate this week with these new energies in ways you haven’t felt in ages. You deserve it. This week it is all about receiving. Don’t be concerned about being selfish or self-centered. Being self centered when you are not mean simply means that you have a center. Center up and thankfully square your shoulders. This week is all about receiving. You deserve it, so enjoy it and simply say, “Thank You.” without explanation. And, sometimes “Thank You” is just that rockin’ smile you have that lights up your eyes. It’ll definitely be noticed as plenty enough this week. This week for you is about resonantly receiving. The energies coming in for you this week are at a level that may need some time to establish themselves. You can reciprocate later once they have, and your response will be that more invigorated for the respectful pause.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 3 of Cups

satisfaction, heart's desire, expressions, celebration

satisfaction, heart’s desire, expressions, celebration

Scorpio, Your heart’s desire is nourishing you in a new way that you may have never felt before. Allow this to happen in the small ways it is so that your flow is cycling through you rather than being splashed about here and there. This week is all about smooth flow throughout everything you do and all the people you encounter. You might give a light smack to the side here and there, though let that gesture simply outline the coast on either side of your flow. It’s way ok to keep your flow interrupted, and this week is a wonderful doozy of a time to do so. Celebrate when you do, smile when you do, and know that feelings of concern or worry that may creep in can be like weather. This week, simply stand up and let the weather wash through. It’s not raining on your parade. It’ll highlight your smooth and even flow as it passes, and simply serve to remind you that the sun is still there even when behind the clouds.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ XVII The Star

cosmic grooves, eternal hope, inspiration

cosmic grooves, eternal hope, inspiration

Sagittarius, Well, haven’t YOU found your celestial groove. Whatever it is you’ve been doing, don;t stop now. There is still some lingering wait time for this ship of yours to come in, though now more than ever it’s time to embrace what you are doing. Something secret in your process you’ve kept as a faraway light. Get in there and see the eternal hope in the celestial groove of the star right up close in a candle. Don’t worry about your endurance. You’re the kind of person who decides and that’s that, even if you change your mind… then the new thing’s that. Keep that center and fluidity you’ve worked so hard for. Dare I say you are actually happy? Don;t lose that. This week is a segue week for you, so keep busy. Saturn’s probably watching, so while Jupiter’s busy putting the finishing touches on the ship coming in for you, set a regular schedule this week and keep your chops fresh. You’ll need to be waaayyyy on point really soon in that way you love to be. So, don’t get sloppy about it now. In fact use this week like a dress rehearsal. Don’t step on it just yet, though certainly play with your pull this week. And, don’t go getting all excited and get that transmission slippage where you fool yourself that you found a new gear. This week is about finding that sync you haven’t had the opportunity to work from in quite a while. Play with your gearing and warm it up this week, though keep it out of the redline will ya? Oh, and if you have something going on this week, get prepared by Tuesday. The end of the week’s going to fly by. You want to make sure sure are prepared. Remember, and I laugh that I have to tell you this twice, keep it out of the redline will ya?

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ Ace of Pentacles

assets, seeds, your natal chart as personal pentacle

assets, seeds, your natal chart as personal pentacle

Capricorn, And, it finally came, huh? That time when a treasure chest pops open underground and that one sprout of one of your chief ideas begins its way up from the depths and up into the light. It’s time, Cap. Look around and make some room and clean up your work space. Organize it like only you can do centered around a welcoming empty spot ’cause here it comes to save the day. You’ve been working and tilling and rototilling and this and that and more than that almost to what seems to no avail? Well, it’s not. This week is all about noticing this new sprout and recognizing a potential old, oak tree in the delicate and soft new detail coming onto your scene. Beauty is going to be found in the detail this week, and your pivotal and important new idea may not be the first thing you notice. Get accustomed to working into a whole world from the smaller scale of a detail. You have plenty of natural structure, maybe even too much at times, though that’s you, so cool E O to that! Feel into the sprout before you see it. Notice it when it pops up. Take care to take care to make space for you to explore worlds from its teentsy tiny view. This new perspective may clear off more of your desk to the archive than you would expect. Make sure to water yourself, too, this week. You need to be as fresh and new as the little sprout to welcome it properly. Forget all that hoopy about your mistakes. Your bad decision-making may have just populated your experience with the tools to work this upcoming, new idea to your and its best benefit. Detail this week, Cap. Detail. Soon enough you may just have a whole new family of ideas in your garden. The first certainly won;t be the only one, just the scout to see if you’ll notice before the rest come in to reserve your time.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ Page of Wands

rush of excitement, adventure, risk

rush of excitement, adventure, risk

Aquarius, Have you been hiding behind something big and bright, lately? Is your down-to-earth spirit energizing your natural voice and is ready to step around and in front? Play leapfrog with whatever bright gig you have been holding back from eclipsing. I’d say it wants you to play. Hop over. It’ll jump back ahead. Hop back over. It’ll do it again. Get your playful competitiveness cycling and warm it up this week. The energy you have been holding back is ripe to direct into serious matters in expertly playful ways. Juice up the main project or thing you have been working on this week. This week it is your job, almost duty, to step up and hop forward. Hold on and swing up and right around into the forefront. You don;t have to stay there long. Simply cycle in and out, back and forth. Getting going with very serious matters in this tag team relay race handing the baton way serves to re-energize something you’ve had in the background or on the back burner this week. If there was ever a Fred-Astaire-Ginger-Rogers-expert-skill-in-play week for you, this is it. And, it won’t be the last one. Far from it. So, get up and tag-team play yourself forward this week. Your effectiveness and productivity’ll probably be thanking you very much.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ XIII Death

transformation, Phoenix, renewal

transformation, Phoenix, renewal

Pisces, You really have a handle on where you’ve been and where you are going this week. Allow that awareness to filter through everything you do this week. It’s going to be one of those helluva weeks, so make sure to have a respite-point where you can relax to come back strong. Be as aware when you are relaxing of where you’ve been and where you are going as in previous times. Remember your best spa experience, or that speaker who inspired you, and let that cascade through you and enhance your relaxation. Open up your perspective this week as it feels you have really put a lot of things to rest by integrating them. No need to open up the hood and do soul-searching. That’ll just be a bad habit this week, and potentially drag you down. This week it is time to utilize all the gifts and skills you have developed at speed and in motion in real time. Keep sight of how much you really do have a handle on your life, and give yourself credit for all you’ve been through. But, that’s it. No more than credit, and back at it looking forward.  This week is a grand time for you to steer in ways you’ve never done before. Death to the old, and in with the new. The old stuff is now playing its nourishing-your-soil compost part. The new you feels to be starting to fully flourish this week.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ XXI The World

complete cycles, expansive, infinite

complete cycles, expansive, infinite

Aries, Take the bull by the horns this week? Sure!  And, that means you. This week grab yourself by the horns and get a move on. You have a lot of ground to cover and almost not enough time to do it. Though, of course you do have enough time as you have that wonderful habit of stepping up the pace at the right times to get things done. Add a little more care and attention to being realistic in your planning this week. Don’t be overly optimistic. And, rather than under-commit so you can over-perform, simply keep this in mind for your scheduling purposes: The first 95% of a project take the first 95% of the time. And, the last 5%? Well, it takes the OTHER 95% of the time. Juice up and expand those deadline periods back into the pre-deadline periods so you make your deadlines, though not in an 11th hour frenzy as you will be wanting to plan the next gigs during that time to keep your docket filled up and give the pace a place to be. Give the pace a place to be. That’s good stuff. Your planning this week has the potential to enliven your success if you give the proper amounts of time to each end-game of completion in your projects. You know from experience what happens at the TIME’S UP time. Use that. This week is all about evening your keel by evening out the whole process by perfectly tuning each time period to its most natural scale. Like editing is methodical and slow-going. Like finishing is a sprint. Assign a pace-value to each component of what you are working on and treat it like a speed limit. Don’t go faster than each component’s pace-value allows. And, certainly don’t go slower, either. This week is about getting a handle on your scheduling across the board. You are being seen in a wider way now. Take care to step up to the position this week.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ XVIII The Moon

vision, genius, madness, poetry

vision, genius, madness, poetry

Taurus, You and your Major Arcana cards over the last several weeks, huh? Yep, it is certainly an important time in your life, and one not to be taken lightly. This week play your natural reflection qualities more into your mix so that you can bring in light and presence to what you are working on from unseen sources or from faraway places. It may be about spin this week, and simply how you present things. Do you play the 1/4 moon and suggest or hint or lay out rockin’ teasers? Do you give a full-frontal only half-seen presentation of your work to magnetize further support?  Look at what in your life needs to be relished and respected in a fuller way. What is that?  Keep sight of it as it’s probably spinning like a top. Plan your presentations and appearances and appointments, and even your queries or touchstone meetings, when you know you will be full of light and can brightly put your best foot forward. This week is all about spin for you. Make sure you as the spinner is as wonderfully spun as the things you spin this week. No hanging things out there tentatively to test the water. You are the tide this week. Award-winningly surf those projects right in to shore this week.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ XV The Devil

ambition, pleasure, intensity, addiction, inhibition

ambition, pleasure, intensity, addiction, inhibition

Gemini, Well, it’s finally come to this, huh? Time for you to fully enjoy your intensity in rewarding ways! Your earthly desires have become the sacred in the mundane. No longer do you need to give spiritual leanings all the credit. Heck, the way you take the paper off of a straw this week might get noticed from across the room. This week for you Gemini, is S.E.X.Y. Any fear you have should become F.E.A.R., Feeling Energized And Ready, ’cause you are, aren’t you?  No more back-burnering that thing you’ve been wanting to do again or try for the first time. This week inhibitions will enslave you almost more than excesses if you allow them to do so. So, just don’t do that. Pull on that bit. Tug yourself up to speed. If you eat out, then do so. Make sure you get a table outdoors. It’s all about right here right now in the perpetual present for you. Face value just goes places for you this week. Your earthly desires and mundane tasks are going to be wickedly cool all week long.  Brushing your teeth may laughingly fascinate you and put you in a great mood just watching all that foam and weird-talk. Hode onasek. Ahm buwushing ma tweeth. Don’t waste your energies with the big picture this week, Gemini… this week, that’s you!  You ARE the big picture. Work it. Own it. Work it. Work it. 

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today… ’cause the past was once the future!

And, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.


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