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Tarot, 3 of Cups, and Laughter

The 3 of Cups in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum says…

satisfaction, heart's desire, expressions, celebration

satisfaction, heart’s desire, expressions, celebration

“Celebrate in your imagination.  Celebrate your imagination.  Celebrate with your imagination.  We find that it has a tendency to burst out in smiles and songs when we dance!”

And, if you’re REALLY down and none of those things work, gig your groove and kick your rut not your butt and try this…

Say a word like “elevator” a bunch of times until it no longer makes ssense.  Ahh, keep going, say it some more.  Soon you will start laughing as you will hear yourself like you are only making caveman noises. 😉  Them, revisit what you were doing before with laughingly fresh eyes.

Happy Monday from Mystereum!



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The Body Electric Tarot Spread. (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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Ok, here’s another sample.

The Breath As Prayer Tarot Spread. (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Original Tarot Spreads Bargain of the Century!

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Spreads included in your 78 Life Mapping eSpreads Collection


001 Personal Compass Spread Spread
002 Daily Mainstay Spread
003 What Rules Your Day Spread
004 The Face of the Rose Hip Spread
005 The Hermit’s Eye Spread
006 Heart Reach Spread
007 The Dive Rising Spread
008 Breath As Prayer Spread
009 Spiracle Miracle Spread
010 Water Of Grace Spread
011 Mercurial Ground Spread
012 Resonant Ancestors Spread
013 Royal Reciprocality Spread
014 Sacred Dance Crucible Spread
015 Inner Communion Spread
016 Roost Ruler Spread
017 Present State Spread
018 Sacred Adornment Spread
019 Expansive Life Spread
020 Clarity of Vision Spread
021 Personal Glyphing Spread
022 Your emaNation Spread
023 Inner Orbits Spread
024 Passion Flower Spread
025 Psychic Meteorology Spread
026 Native Glyph Spread
027 Your Nuclear Power Spread
028 Inner Art Spread
029 Whole Self In A Seed Spread
030 Magical Twilight Spread
031 Mode Of Being Spread
032 Improv(e) Grace Spread
033 TarOstara Twilight Bridge of the Psychic Synapse Spread
034 PsychOptics Spread
035 Inner Weatherperson Spread
036 Keystone Spread
037 Sacred Root Spread
038 Idea Enhancer Spread
039 Inner Astronaut Spread
040 Measure of Man Spread
041 Eschers Eye Spread
042 Inner Emerald Tablet Spread
043 Cosmic Butterfly Spread
044 Living Fires Spread
045 The Priestess’ Eye Spread
046 Idea Solar System Spread
047 Frankenstein Mechanic Spread
048 Kelping Body Spread
049 Powerful Limits Spread
050 Aerial Insight Spread
051 Under Pressure Spread
052 Constantin Brancusi Spread
053 Segue Synchromesh Spread
054 RootWing Spread
055 As Above So Below Spread
056 Engaging Ur Uraeus Spread
057 Mom n Pop Spread
058 Seed Of Potential Spread
059 Make A Splash Spread
060 Enhancing Established Spread
061 Cosmic Crater Spread
062 Sacred Document Spread
063 Outer Spacing Inner Spread
064 New Worlds Spread
065 Body Electric Spread
066 As The Gargoyles Sleep Spread
Life Elements Family of 4
067 Wands, Fire of Life Spread
068 Water of Life Spread
069 Swords, Air of Life Spread
070 Earth of Life Spread
Aces Four Potential Family of 4
071 Pentacles, Foundation Creation Spread
072 Cups, Cup of Life Spread
073 Wands, Sacred Staff Spread
074 Swords, Dream As Focus Spread
Twos To Pair Family of 4
075 Pentacles, The Atman Spread
076 Cups, Nourishing Thought Spread
077 Wands, Waving The Wand Spread
078 Swords, Vital Discipline Spread


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