Tarot Thought ~ Karma vs … Neh, It’s Probably Not Karma

27 Jun

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A Tarot Thought ~ Karma vs … Neh, It’s Probably Not Karma

The Page of Wands can be about a rush of excitement, an adventure, or a risk.  It can also be about playful new energies coming in at a higher octave.  And, with play and things bouncing back and forth, there is also a need for rest.  So, the Page of Wands sparked a Tarot thought that:

A Page of Wands Tarot Thought

If you are blowing things off and they keep coming back to bite you, I’d bet you are not really blowing things off.  You are probably stuffing them.  Mind the pillows you create for your head and your body and your spirit and your soul. Inflammation doesn’t make a very good pillow, and good pillows don’t bite.  Mind omission versus ignoring something.  There’s a difference.  Play with the energies like this Page of Wands might.  You might just paddle-ball them away rather than packing them in.

Notice the Hierophant cameo-ing at the unconscious left of the Page’s Wand, and Strength cameo-ing at the conscious right.  Is this the Page’s down-to-earth spirit generating his natural voice to use with expert skill in play?  What the heck is expert skill in play?, you say.  Think about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  You don’t hear them banter-beating out 1 2 3 4 cha cha.  Thy flow like notes from a (tuned) Steinway.  That’s expert skill in play.  The steps transcend structure when the structure is so natural as to be hidden.  Keep the irritants out of your structure, and you might catch yourself moving just a little more fluidly.  No really.  The Page said so!

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“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

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