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The Bicameral Mind of Facebook

The Bicameral Mind of Facebook

The Bicameral Mind of Facebook and Social Media

I left Facebook yesterday. As soon as I clicked to confirm to deactivate my account, an idea came to me. Facebook and social sites in general are like an externalized mind. An unconscious, bicamerally actualized set of sensory stimuli . . . like a not-yet-conscious, ancient Egyptian might be in their hearing voices both internal and external in lieu of differentiating the audibles of these “voices” as thoughts or ideas that one has when internal, as communications when external. And, POOF, I saw the whole of Facebook as one, giant schizophrenic composite of the multiplicity of its mostly non-schizophrenic people making their messages in voice and image . . . with inspirational quotes and squee and cat pictures as the predominant societal glue-nucleus . . . or glucleus to neologically coin a word.

Like the body itself,

like the whole of Facebook, like the ringed temp-fence at Burning Man there is a concretized reference to the alchemical vessel being container and contained at one and the same time. It seems, then, that when consciousness originates within these contexts . . . social media doesn’t do a damn thing for marketing. Social media just creates more social media, and an inbox groaning from the weight. The consciousness directing oneself within it almost has to be both highly aware of and immune to flocking behavior at the same time to . . . awwww, that’s another topic for another swirling bait ball of a day.

Julian Jaynes wrote

The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. I now see Facebook as being able to be perceived as a modern case study with itself AS a bicameral mind on the whole of Facebook. Interesting, I now see a visual diagram of the bicameral mind represented in the Tarot in the Land of Mystereum missing center expressed in the 5 of Swords, and an expression of consciousness reified in the young one in the 5 of Wands who sees what no-one else does putting down the Wand to raise up and birth a colorful rainbow of consciousness missed by the 4 bicameral others there. And, the medulla oblongata flower sneaking in to integrate with the bicameral mind of the 5 of Pentacles . . . and the allusion with the magical starfish in the 5 of Cups. The Hierophant V is both in front of and within the Pyramid Mountain with the little alien ship hovering above.

I wonder

I wonder how I will further develop this area of thought over time.

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