Tarot Full Moon By Candlelight

09 Jan

Mapping Mystereum: The Moon

There are 21 appearances of the moon in The Land of Mystereum, and for this full moon in Cancer, I will begin my TarotVerse (c) series with The Moon.  TarotVerse will start out as writing 4 lines of verse catalyzed by The Moon related to each card it appears in throughout The Land of Mystereum.  A 4-line stanza for each of its appearances will compose poetry that I call TarotVerse.  TarotVerse for Your Universe.  Enjoy!  The Land of Mystereum is about enhancing your life, you inner inheritances, your way.  Here’s to a full moon and Your Life, Your Way.

Mapping The Moon in the Land of Mystereum (21 appearances)

===> Major card presence (9): Moon, Fool (viewing earth FROM the moon after a little jump), Magician, High Priestess, Hermit, Wheel, Death, Temperance, Tower.

===> Minor card presence (12): Wands: Ace, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Page, Knight.  Queen of Swords.  9 of Pentacles (Howling at), Page of Pentacles.

===> link to 9’s Birth Card blog:

===> link to 9 of Pentacles video about a natural folding over, much as the moon reflects the sun.  Reflection and flipping perspective as moon and sun, Moon and Sun: 




Full Moon By Candlelight

21 TarotVerses: The Moon in The Land of Mystereum


The Fool lights the candle of twilight, of magical twilight,

the twilight dusk, the space between day and night, twilight dawn between night and day.

The Fool twinkle-finger-toe crabwalks on the Fabric of day, gazing, emanating, pulsing, within and about,

slowly terraforming the unseen night to rise up and support each new step.


The Magician, shoots a star across the black crucible of an unseen night-sky,

shoots an unseen star 1st-sparking, creating the dusk to further itself towards night.

Focusing his not-knowing, forming the unseen night-sky in his shooting star inception,

The Magician, unbagging for The Fool, incepts . . . unfolds the formlessness of the night from dusk.


The High Priestess, taking care with Mag-inception, conceives,

gifts form to the formless, outs together from unseen formlessness, makes form.

Giving The Moon,

The High Priestess gifts the mysteries of the moon to draw down, to fly the night.


The Hermit stands in flowing robes, stands to pulse-jump scale.

Eyes resonating into the unconscious like glowing fish from the deep, he pulse-jumps the Universe flowing like robes into full darkness,

a mystery of feelingsense of Priestess-made moonlight behind him, Priestess made moonlight now a small lantern.

Momentum is re-orchestrated.  His inner infinity emanating, a simple lantern lit has his back, microcosms his entirety.


The Wheel cycles the moon across the night between the days.

Magically marking its laps in twilight, twilight dusk and twilight dawn,

The Wheel flows mountain snow down to run the river,

an hourglass, a Yoniverse of time


to Die every moment into the next, transforming, transforming the perpetual present into,

into prescient remembrance, prescient remembrance of what has been has always been,

what is has always been, and what will be has always been.

The perpetual present as prescient remembrance, each birth is brilliant in its age,


as Temperance magically mixes fully resonant moonlight with deep night,

ecstatic magic in a simple Temperance pour dancing so far into the dark as to become light,

so far into the light as to become dark. 2 magical twilight cups, 2 bridges

A cup of dawn, a cup of dusk, Temperance living in the magic of the twilight of both.


The Tower blasts open the remembrance of day in glowing night eyes,

blasts open rigidity, blasts open you, to become new staring at the full moon.

You, in darkness, Tower-ed,

moving to a new dance in moonlight.


An Ace of Wands star catches your eye, cracks open the black crucible of night,

cracks open a now-not-silver-sliver, now a full-born silver full moon.

The Hermit’s mysteries now energize new places to emanate.  A staff is placed.

Feeling the mystery, the not-knowing focused, a staff is emphatically placed . . .


where a simple savante stumbles up as the 2 of Wands stumble-falling,

stumblefalling drunk on ambivalence in this new place with no reference,

as the fading, though resonant, remembrance of the staff speaks, speaks . . .

“Do not be confused by seeing many little things as one, big thing. Look up from this new place this night!”


The full moon exchanges the ambivalence, 6 of Wands cascading, drawing down new energies,

new energies unseen in the night,

new energies cascade an exchange from the black crucible of the night sky.

The cup of psyche opens bright eyes to fill with the full moon.


Ideas light up regardless of odds with the 7 of Wands.

Going in to the moon headlong energetically, headlong with sharp Magician aim,

able to see out of the darkness with accuracy,

zeal begins to focus details as . . .


the 8 of Wands moonbeams shine down filling your drawing-the-moon-down hands,

shining down from the full moon Fool unbagged moon always filling,

always filling the open cup of psyche as a plateau filling space to inspire expansion, infinite inner lingering,

a high mountain park of the dark with no false summits, only one horizon as cup’s edge hydrating dreams.


Dynamic energies settled, and lantern-lit preparations complete,

The 9 of Wands sets itself with the moon to light up the space of its lantern-lit place.

Is this the place the Ace staffed? The familiar place the Hermit presciently remembered revisiting differently?

There is a pause, a smile at the preparations.


And, the relfectively energetic full moon 10-of-Wands completes the scene to Hermit-look,

lit by experience, to Hermit-see and open the court,

to open the door to the court

of this lantern -lit place of psyche as moonbeamed room


for the Page of Wands to enter by full moon light and bring the news,

to arrive with news of new things under the sun,

bring the news to refresh the Higher Court of this room, saying,

“My name is Marco Polo.  Aware, we open the hold!” . . .


As the Knight of Wands wave-wafts his hands UP

and conducts them INTO the Higher Court,

no longer held, these opened treasures behold the court,

and hold the court as refreshing awakenings from their journey.


Queen of Swords raises her chin.


Says . . .

says nothing.  Her temples flex an eye-smile,


as the howling wolf within the Court begins,

the 9 of Pentacles solidly folds these moonlit treasures into the Court like prayer,

evenly distributing them as easily as two hands pinky-touched,

as easily as two hands pinky-touched to fold over in prayer,


as the Page of Pentacles fully sees his own not-knowing bright in the night sky,

he solidly introduces The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Chariot from his own sky to the Court.

And, AS them all, as one, the Page gifts out his voice with raised hands in full moon blessing,

“May your magical, down-to-earth spirit that is ever on the move ever and always shine light on your mysteries.”


Full Moon in Cancer Blessings,

Jordan and The Land of Mystereum Moon


9’s Birth Card blog:

9 of Pentacles video:


(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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