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Tarot Turning My Infinity Into Eight

Tarot Turning My Infinity Into 8

Welcome from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Soul blog to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop dance of “How can I be the best candle?”!

Starting “Tarot Turning My Infinity Into Eight” I corralled myself to stand and deliver for this blog by drawing two cards, and having a video come to mind . . . all of which of course will probably not cascade into this blog LOL.  LOL? Why is that funny?  ‘Cause, like in theatre, the warm-up is often not a part of the performance! And, it’s often a fun part of the dance that I didn’t want you to miss out on.  Sometimes, it is more important to simply GET started than express the reason why you did.  Reasons can be unreasonable, often a kind of looking back.  And, in fact reasons can seriously and specifically get in the way.  If you look at ’em too much you may bump into stuff rather than dancing forward.  Minding that reasons are unreasonable, I mind that form follows priority, and as well there are things that come to mind that simply do.  Like the 10 of Swords, Strength, and a video!

10 of Swords ~ Release!!  Rock bottom is a dang strong place to stand, stomp your feet, dance-stomp your feet, and step up to smile in and continue the TarotBlogHop dance!

Strength ~ VIII or XI depending on how you bust a move n shake it!  ~ Working the power of your natural (inner animal [totem]) voice. What’s yours?!!

Video in the warm-up here. 😉

And, things tend to work in sequence, huh?

Tarot Turning My Infinity Into Eight

How can I be the best candle?  I can be the best candle by providing a voice of making nebulous things more clear in effective ways for people.  Is it simply my 10th House Neptune and Mercury conjunct, Neptunian boundaryless concepts that I down-to-the-earth ground (ground as a verb)?  Maybe it is not that at all.  Maybe it is only that?  Maybe that is simply one of my many Path-Candlelarios in the dark, or bag-alarios as I call ‘em here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA that silver-night-line-the-path of the psychic paper-bags-with-unseen-candle lights that naturally support me in my teaching?  And, astrologically, what does THAT mean?!! Neptune and Mercury conjunct? Whatsa conjunct mean?!! Makes like conjunction junction what’s your function?  In my case, it means . . . two things that taste great together .  . that you might not have thought of putting together.

My brand of best-candle conjunction?

Hookin’ up boundaryless concepts to specific and actionable things, and then making effective actions out of things that were initially formless.

Tarot Turning My Infinity Into Eight

I can be the best candle by . . .

I see with cat’s ears.  What does that mean? Like a cat focused on you that hears something else, they simply turn an ear, and they literally see a whole world behind them with that ear without ever turning their focus away from you. And then, they still have another eye of an ear left if they need. I experience the world that way.  I see with cat’s ears. My 6th sense, my psychic abilities, my personal brand of psychic abilities . . . my 5 senses seamlessly synchromesh into a 6th sense that informs me. That is simply my way. And, my quality of seeing with cat’s ears comes with a wonderful affect. It gives me the gift of a personal candle lit not only to be able to see things in the dark . . . to also see things differently in the dark.

Seeing with cat’s ears gives me a gift to be able to see differently into the dark?  Why is this a gift? If Seeing-With-Cat’s-Ears gifts me the ability to also find unlit candles in the dark, it also gifts me the ability to see unlit candles for both myself and for others. Personally, I find this to be DISCOVERY on steroids, and also quite useful.  I find it to be quite normal. And, in my experience the things I find quite normal are usually far from that. My candle is lit to bring others to allow them to find their own, unlit candles in their own dark. My candle is lit to help discover others’ unlit candles in the dark as their own, unseen gifts, to find their own, inner strengths. And, your inner strengths can be trained once you light them up, and/or simply find them in the dark as available for later.

Seeing with cat’s ears . . . I help to discover others’ unlit candles in the dark. I can be a better candle by making my “normal” experience of the boundarylessness of inifinity into an eight. What does that mean?

I can be the best candle by making ithe infinity I cat’s-ear-see specific.

I can be the best candle by helping others to focus in to discover their personal, nebulous things.  To work with daydreaming or those things they are naturally drawn to yet then turn away from as they might feel they are a waste time . . . as, I bet in a lot of cases . . . they are “normally” and naturally turning themselves towards something.  And, maybe they turn off of them when  . . . uh hem . . . .  allegedly nothing gets done. . . and make these “naturally turned towards things” into . . . something specific and usable and  effective for them that . . . well . . . naturally resonates with them with ease.  Then, there is also rest and relief, from one thing and another in the creative process.  What do YOU hear?  What actually makes the cut after the curtain goes up?  We can go into that another time.

I can be a better candle by taking the elevator Muzak of Nothingness to show people how to apply that quality in effective ways in their lives.

I can be a better candle by providing my gift of making unseen things real, to help others find their nascent gifts, the ones that are asleep or unseen, and that found, allow them to brightly wake themselves up further on their path.

I can be the best candle by helping others find their unlit candles in the dark, and to show them how to light them!

In closing I can be a better candle and my best candle by consciously directing my teaching and Tarot readings to help others learn and teach themselves by more directly focusing on their defocused times . . . and find the gifts that hide in plain and silent sight for them to continually discover and utilize effectively.  Things hiding in plain sight, unlit candles in the dark can be ROCKIN’!!  And, a video musica seque towards the end for you that  . . . I EVEN have no words other than  YES! . . . and Koan-Ciding . . . Go to Kareena’s blog, and come back and watch this for a get-ya-going dancefloor sound experience for you!

On to the next TarotBlogHop!  May these all be similar, may they each be unique, and may each of them open your eyes and allow you to better find your unlit candles in the dark. Unlit candles in the dark.  Discover.  Light.  . . . May your unlit candles, found and lit, further inspire your life!

Blessings, Jordan

And, in the progressive TarotBlogHop dance, Head on over to Kareena’s blog for your next TarotBlogHop! 

p.s. if you would like to come back n groove some more, here is Terry Bozzio playing percussion as piano.  His candle is seriously lit! 🙂



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