Tarot Appearance vs. Reality in The Fool #2

12 Jul

The Land of Mystereum.

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Tarot’s Fool

As with appearance vs reality in literature,

Is The Fool about to jump off of a cliff or fall in a chasm?

I would venture to say no.

Taking a leap of faith? Definitely!

Maybe though, . . . rather than about to jump off a cliff foolishly,

The Fool’s trust of Fool-way-fulfilling-footsteps brings . . .

the ground under each and every footstep to terra-form and support each step.

Trusting your way, all similar, each unique,

Leap faithfully YOUR WAY!

And, may new ground form under your every step

where the simple ground you walk on is as inspritational as the stars in your sky.

Leaps of faith sometimes do not require one to leave the ground.

What hidden supports are in your world?

May your faithful steps leap-lead your way

as new worlds form under your every step!

Best to You,


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