Connective Tissue & The 2 of Pentacles

05 Jun

2 of Pentacles

~ Natural balance at the smallest scale.                 ~ The most crucial connective tissue.
~ Basic, solid equality nourishing equanimity.
~ The responsibility of taking on only what you can handle while you size up the trailheads of choice paths.

Enter the 2 of Pentacles

we love the stable balance present in how you team up
with your ideas as important assets.
The Chariot comes to our home to rest and relax.
He acts much like we do.
He is simply larger and much faster.
We dig that we are in similar lines of life.
~ A FREE sample Imagination Tool from The Two of Pentacles:
We gift you a direct line of polarity from your feet to your imagination.
Let yourself feel your own two feet clearly.
Feel subtle things with your feet cascade through your imagination as you experience them.
Polarity. Unseen connections? Insta, non-local cascades!
Imagination Tools?  An Imagination Primer?
Get yours when you get your Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Enjoy Your Way!
Jupiter’s Blessings,
Jordan & The Land of Mystereum
(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard
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