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FREE Tip-Of-The-Iceberg Actionable Imagination Taster Spoon For You!

NOTE: The information below is a tip-of-the-iceberg sample to introduce you to one of my one-week “Actionable Imagination” courses.  A one-week Actionable Imagination course will include:

~ 1-hour prestart orientation session — One on one or with the group you bring together. Group discounts available.

~ Actionable Imagination handouts for each day.

~ Touchstone conversation via phone or Skype ever other day.

~ 1-hour debriefing afterwards scheduled at your convenience.

~ 30-minute follow-up one week later scheduled at your convenience.


Actionable Imagination Courses cover a variety of topics, new ones being made as we speak. Custom Actionable Imagination Courses that are tailored in their entirety to you are available.  Contact Jordan to discuss these further.

The investment for a One-Week Actionable Imagination Course is $400, Custom Course investments prices on a case by case basis.

BUT, Mention this blog when you schedule your Actionable Imagination course to further enhance your imagination, and with your prepaid course you will receive an Introductory Special of $295 and IN ADDITION a signed copy of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum!. . . the original Mystereum Tarot deck and 192-page Imagination Primer set where each card speaks to you directly in its own voice!  Each card brings imagination gifts called . . .



Materials you will need for one of Jordan Hoggard’s Actionable Imagination Sessions:
~ You, your imagination, and your sense of humor.

~ a Tarot deck of your choice

~ Your journal and a writing utensil, or your digital recording device to record your responses.

6 Topics. One for Each Day of the Week + One-Day Wiggle Room for Yourself EVERY Week!

Note that this sample is of a starter variety. In a full Actionable Imagination Session each day will be expanded and tailored specifically to you.

Mystereum Once a Day to Jump-start Your Whole Day All Week Long!

In an Actionable Imagination Session we will dialogue about the questions several days before we start “Day One” to tailor your course to you to get you the fullest benefit out of each day.

For the purposes of this taster spoon, please pull a card for each question.  And, if you feel comfortable doing so, invite a friend to play the process together with you.  I suggest a glass of water, too.  Snacks optional.



DAY ONE: 15 minutes. Set the timer.

1. Where is my treasure in the storm brighter than simply an ability to endure, to weather?

~  How will I trust in my treasure daily!

~  What happens when emotions simply wash through like weather?


DAY TWO: 30 minutes. Set the timer.

2. Where is my preparation complete?

~  How will I use my inner joineries to make a warming fabric?

~  What do I do to nurture this vitality daily?

(Gaining momentum in your week, so Day 3 covers a great deal of ground)


DAY THREE: 45 minutes. Set the timer.

3. Where is the direction of my celestial groove in my daily actions at work?

~  Where is the direction of my celestial groove in my daily actions at play?

~  Where is the direction of my celestial groove in my daily actions at home?

~  Where is the direction of my celestial groove in my daily actions in my dreams?

~  How will I use my celestial groove to think and better let things consciously flow?

~  What do I do to hoonor my celestial groove?


DAY FOUR: 15 minutes. The week is warmed up and vroomy.  Let’s make it quick!  Set the timer.

4.  Where is the happiness that starts within myself that will fuel my success?

~  How will I use my natural actions to provide incredible worth to others daily?

~  What do I do to present the value of my work as a beneficial service to others?

~  Where is my most beneficial 2-way-street support system?

~  How will I best contribute to this 2-way-street support system?

~  What powerful limits of this 2-way-street support system will I simply recognize as its identity.


DAY FIVE: 30 minutes. Set the timer.

5. Where do I experience rough and turbulent times the most?
~  How will I use my daily treasure to shine away future rough and turbulent times?
~  Where is my support system during rough and turbulent times?
~  When I support myself how do I use this to give back to bring others forward, too?
DAY SIX: Do not set the timer. Take all the time you want.  As little or as much.

6.  Where is the best place to celebrate my discoveries?

~  How will I celebrate my discoveries?

~  What does my celebration do?

~  Do it! 😀 Finish your work on a high note!



7.  No Tarot.  No journaling.  No writing.  Simply do your thang and let your ideas and creativity and intuition run to let your imagination roam free, FREELY.  Don’t record them.  And, no cheating.  Seriously.  DO. . .NOT. . . .WRITE. . .ANYTHING. . .DOWN.   Exceptions: a grocery list or a letter.  NO IDEAS TO BE RECORDED TODAY.  Simply do YOUR thang.

Day Seven Suggestions: Friends. The park. Music. A book. Needlepoint. Gardening. Beading. Anything other than just sitting there. 😀

Hmmm. . . just a bunch of questions?  In Actionable Imagination courses I have special ways to really get your responses to work more effectively in your life. . . .


Turbo Tarot Reading (c) 2010.  What’s THAT?

You will also learn my Turbo Reading method. Turbo Reading is a way to understand a reading as quickly as you recognize a rose, and stop and . . .
~  to enhance the priorities you set to drive more effective goals.
~  to work your priorities at speed during your week to actively meet your goals.
~  to make healthy reflections afterwards and continue to better flow into beneficial future priorities.
~  to more fully emancipate your Tarot voice.  You may surprise yourself with your abilities.
Turbo Tarot Reading is a way cool way to free up and freshen your Tarot voice. Each day has a Turbo Reading exercise in the actual course. I bet that in a week. . .

What great’s behind YOUR card back?

Actionable Imagination!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great one!
Jupiter’s Blessings,
(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard

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