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Tarot. The First Circle Was Not A Circle At All

The First Circle Was Not A Circle At All…

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It was an uroburos, head bite-touching the origin of its tail 
for just an archetypal         
nano-split second until that quark of an archetype 
embedded itself within  
just as quickly to disappear to become...
a circle with no beginning and no end...
with mystery intact living within it.

Drawing a circle with a compass slowly is like... 
is like unfolding a watch's movements
gears stretching their stationary orbiting
to slow-slingshot outwards while still engaged
becoming time-telling fractalled facets
not infinite facets on a finite sphere
as they shift focus and redirect scale 
in a constantly continuous manner consistently
such as when drawing a perfect circle 
by hand without a compass
for to draw a perfect circle
one must be able to dancingly integrate
the circular branch nature 
of the relatedness of things
even if 
simply related by adjacency or infinity of non sequitur
so as not to distract the focus of the drawing
of a perfect circle
in one
continuous stroke
as a perfect circle
is composed of an infinite number
of mini-chord lengths
each just longer than a point 
while changing direction continuously.

That is the alleged difficulty of drawing a perfect circle 
by hand sans compass
being comfortable enough with planning to be able to be even more
comfortable with the forgetting for getting
within and about to orbit in a naturally moving not-knowing
conscious of the feeling
though again transcending 
the step-off-the-path-never-stepping-off-the-path
of the circular branch
simply having the circular branch integrated 
as dog-eared and well-worn experience

being comfortable enough with planning 
to be able to be even more comfortable with the forgetting 
for getting within and about to orbit 
in a naturally moving not-knowing
living right in the tip of the pencil
tough again transcending the steps of the circular branch
to dance continuously changing direction 
naturally always changing
direction naturally moving
The circle may have no beginning and no end 
once it is drawn 
or drafted
or delineated
or rendered.

While drawing it, though, 
whether with a compass or freehand
infinity naturally dwells 
in the feelingsense of the action
prefiguring the nano-split second uroburos archetype 
to quark in and then embed within the chthonic reaches of it
each and every time a circle is drawn.
Do it long enough 
and simply thinking about your compass will do it.

I can call the Self, Chthonic Numinosity.  
I can call it The Temple in (Wo)Man.
The Temple of (Wo)Man. Neverminding that pedant statement

The first circle was not a circle at all. 
It was an arced freehand line completing itself, 
a curved compass line touching its beginning 
to overlap with seamless segue
where no knowing was required, 
and the very act of lead passing over 
onto its own lead arced-line origins,
formed knowing as the head of the snake as it touch-bit its tail
becoming an archetypal figure
that disappeared just as fast within itself
as it moved inside the line as chthonic heartbeat
full and pure in the unconscious depths Shadow lands,
living as mystery within, a fitting resident for the darkness.

The first circle was not a circle at all
when the inner journey of The Hermit
opened his eyes to unfurl and sail on the mysteries
as he noticed his first steps
and fully engaged the big picture
by focusing so intensely on the detail that time dilated
to be so big and so there 
as to disappear and birth an archetype in the aftershock of the moment
of The Hermit
noticing his feet
meeting The Wheel.

And, another day the serpent within squirmed and twisted over.
The aftershocks of the inner movement twisted the circle,
twisted the circle into infinity,
and the lemniscate was formed.

And, you thought drawing with a compass 
was just going in circles. Ha!
It is why I like Grand Prix F1 over Indy.
I like to do more than turn left all day.
Oh, enjoy that factually fractally faceted circular branch.
And, draw a circle slowly a million times.  
At least take out your compass
and draw several circles slowly 
while fascinating your self with the curved arc
continuously changin direction and especially the place
where the lead touching the paper touches its beginning.

I guess that going to the office 
to draft my own plans for decades actually served a purpose.
I got a single blog out of it. I rather like that.
Hidden within that, though, is a blessing...
the blessing of drawing circles by hand 
and with a compass as a guide
for 3.1 decades. 
This thought was always in there.
This thought was always in there, 
and I was conscious of it every time.
It was in there both consciously and unconsciously 
rattling around in there rattling around 
as my temples flexed knowing something was there
and simply Hermit to Wheel experiencing it...
until today I hadn't written it down.
Strange how deadlines met are met 
yet still take idea-casualties.
Plus, when drawing a circle with a compass,
you don't punctuate the arc while doing so.
Breath does that for you. 
And, there's your rationale 
for me waiting to start punctuating this
until I made drew the circle.
When drawing a circle with a compass,
you don't punctuate the arc while doing so,
until you have, and then you do. It's called dimensioning.
Center location.
Radius dimension.
Angle of arc if not a full circle.
Try it. Be aware of your breath while scribing a circle with a compass. You might want to practice first, though, by patting your head while rubbing your tummy. Have a great one! Scribe ON!

The Circle was born when…

Circle was born for all time timelessly without beginning or end at that point in time hidden in the compass swinging the arc when the curved line touches and lead passes over its own Self lead origins…. at which point in time The Hermit, becoming aware of his steps and seeing his first steps and the familiar surroundings differently, meets The Wheel… at which point in time The Hermit meets The Wheel.

And Hermit to Wheel, 9 to 10, uroburically births an IDENTITY

9 Nines: XVIII Moon ~ IX Hermit

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That’s it for today.  Ciao for now.  Till next time.

Oh, Identity. The uroburos. Let identity be embedded, though don’t let it disappear. I really should come up with a relevant card for this uroburos and identity thingamabobbadoodle… OH!  Silly me.

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context


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Tarot Connecting

Hmm. . . Which card in the Tarot represents the symbolic meaning of the ouroburos?

The World from Land of Mystereum

From my perspective many cards in many ways represent the ouroburos. For now I will go with The World as a verge point of the “that which eats its tail.”  I see the eating of the tail as a “so to speak” gesture present in real-time, change as ongoing as breath, like a tadpole absorbing its tail, leading vestigial qualities to continually be and refresh inherent structural, personal components.  Primitive and instinctual features?, and then the cycle of The World card presents a larger, new world being entered.  Similar for the great white shark of the insect world, the dragonfly.  It goes from being an underwater swimming and voraciously carnivorous larva in a chthonic underworld (so to speak) TO numinous flight above.  Brings in “as above, so below” to be symmetrical as to placement but not relative to its form.  I call it educated symmetry. . . things of different identities placed identically or similarly across an axis though they are different identities, different forms. similarly placed across an axis.  Focusing on the ouroburos (uroburos)’ head-tail connection would be related to this “axis of educated symmetry”. On either side is the same body, but of different form. . .body behind head, body in front of head.  The point where they touch is that cascading-throughout milestone/landmark place where transformation occurs.  The cracking of the once-caterpillar’s-now-but​terfly’s chrysalis is as well this point/place.  And, back to the dragonfly.  It’s whole world began under water. It, then, moves above water, to fly!  “Dragonfly.  Break illusions.  Make change.” is an great totem statement.  It also expresses phases and cycles.  How would one express these on a day to day basis without making an overly-intrusive learning curve?  “Breath is prayer” might work.  I believe Alan Watts expressed that a great deal.  Thx, Alan.

So, all that said, I’ll stick with The World as the card I feel for the Uroburos for now, yet any two cards in sequence can as well can represent the place of the connection of the tail being eaten when seen in light of them both being The Fool becoming the next Fool experience.  Every place, every scale you experience . . . there is a whole world there.  Shifting focus, and redirecting scale . . . Card one the mouth, Card 2 the tail.  How do they continually interact on a deep and presently actionable and ongoing level.  Level.  Singular.  All those roads as components of one.  Mitochondia comes to mind.  Mitochondraical sounds like memory sickness, existential, cellular biology alzheimers in the making.  So, I will stick with mitochondria as a non-sequitur that popped up to squiggly-looking structure express connections.  Like . . . think cell nucleus.  The center is rarely in the middle.

Hmmm, so now I say The World as one card is representative of the ouroburos, and also the space or place between two cards is a whole world as well . . .hmmm, any two cards in a reading to be representative of the transformation.  That sounds a bit nebulous, huh?  Think of a stairway.  Think of the stairs AS a place.  Stairs are themselves a place like the space between.  Stairs are the space between spaces, the place between places.  Stairs themselves, when you are on them, are your place.

And, thinking of that I just thought my way through this to see the little squiggly thing I draw when indicating card relationships to switch up and cascade forth and become the ouroburos.  Heck, I’ve used the Leo-looking squiggly since I was 14.  Squiggling a stroke in, and lasso-ing around back to connect places.  Visualize this.  Nice to refresh it.  My diagramming just transformed a little.   Looking forward to that cascading throughout.  What new world will come of this detail? . . . this place where the snake bites its tail?  What new world comes into play when you transform a crucial detail behind/within your head to become a nourishing place before you?  The ouroburos is in a the-present-is-perpetual state continually taking in a new perspective of itself, its tail end, the ouroburos as a metaphor for bringing the tail-end, the horizon between, seen and unseen, right up for close view.  The snake not seeing its tail, curls to tail-touch-bite.  The snake, tail-biting . . .  its shedded skin not missed.

What new world comes into play when a time similar to after The Tower happens for you where “You, only new” occurs?. . . occurs for you when skins are shedded naturally and not missed, you still you are there, only new?!  Is the shedded skin the nourishment of reinvigoration?  Is the newly discovered and experienced world the nourishment of refreshed places?  Both?  Neither?  Both and more?  The Fool can be the whole ouroburos, and as well the micro-place where the mouth meets the tail.  Foot on the Ma?  Not so much.  The World is your oyster when shedding skins.  The next first touch can be just that grain of sand . . . that irritates . . . OR . . . over time you form a pearl with it.  I would say the choice is yours.  I would rather say that you probably deal with things your way.  Are you an irritation hound, or a pearl maker?

So, where is your center on the move?  How does memory influence and fuel your decisions.  Is not the Uroburos a symbolic reflection on how connections are continually made?  And, further, how they are continually made in real time, at speed, on an ongoing basis?

Which card or experience in your life resonates with the connection of the snake biting/grasping/connecting with the tail of its instinct?

Whichever card or whatever experience, best to your best being present in your way.  Simply said.  What drives you?  Not, what is your foundation, but what drives you?  What is the foundational placement that is always refreshed and refreshing when you connect with it.  Personally, I like chocolate with things like rasberries and chocolate in it.  Break it, and see the colorful constellations of a whole universe that you can taste . . . like your tail . . . only useful for YEAH! kinda continuing with breathe as prayer.

Which card in the Tarot represents the ouroburos to you?  Or, which experiential gig plays this part?

Joy in the Mystery continually solved to You . . . for further breaths.  None of us are getting out alive, so isn’t your play expressive of the higher octave expertise of your everything?  Be your expert.  Play as you do.  Maybe there is a tail awareness there.  Maybe.  Maybe I am simply having a hard time cadence-melodying the language of this blog to finale.  C’est finis.  How’s that?

What is your place of a whole world in a single connection?  What is the World really small?  I’d say the 2 of Pentacles, the most crucial connective tissue, the kernel-shell nucleus of integrated opposites that births the onset of antinomy.

Land of Mystereum 2 of Pentacles

What distinguishes your World from a really small and detail perspective?  What is your place of a whole world in a single connection?

Enjoy connecting the two dots!


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