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Review ~ ”The Cape Doctor” by E.J. Levy

Review ~ ”The Cape Doctor” by E.J. Levy

This book, The Cape Doctor by E.J. Levy, is a foundational piece of the enactment of LIVING the Divine Feminine in the world.

The living cadence Moira-internal-resonance of the rhythm of the words is purely from the Creative Wellspring. The feel is proetic, full-on poetic cadences and rhythm in prose. So viscerally easy to experience fully in its pain and love and sorrow and volcanic splendors of beauty. I found the overall story to be a poem of life barely veiled in prose which lives in support of a life-affirming spirituality for any gender. Resonating with innate value, I was touched to the core, the Eros of life itself full-on engaged viscerally in the experience.

The Cape Doctor lives at the level of the power of Rainer Maria Rilke’s The Panther. Important story? No, nope, and certainly not. It’s not important. It’s necessary for health like beauty. Reason indicates here that reasons of importance are unreasonable. Here… Here is a story that is full-on in support of the Creative Principle and personal evolution from the Divine Feminine and its importance in life.

Here, with The Cape Doctor we have a prescient presence in the insight of a life being lived fully, intentionally, and maybe even with more trouble, though that trouble is not wasted as diamonds are made from circumstances rather than from misfortunes.

I felt I was filled by this story directly from the Master Gardener of the Creative Wellspring, just a pure pour into my experiential vessel. This story wonderfully dances with the likes of The Secret Garden with a fluid fluency. Here, with E.J. Levy we have a master writer’s voice and robust story indelible to the psychological experience of life… It’s not that its words do not disappoint. It’s that its story tells life IN its living full-on Both~And rather than either/or.

Wholeness is present here in The Cape Doctor.

Wholeness is here.

I highly recommend The Cape Doctor with my highest, Alchemist’s 7-Star rating.

Get it here or saunter in to SOMOS in Taos, NM.

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ISIS Tarot de Marseille (via Bonnie Cehovet)

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ISIS Tarot de Marseille Artist: Tadahiro Onuma ISIS (The Institute of Study on Initiation and Symbolism) 2010 ISBN #978-4-88594-446-8 I want to thank Alec Satin for bringing this deck to my attention. I saw he scans on his blog, and “had to have it”! I purchased the deck directly from Mr. Onuma, with not a little trepidation, because I was not that sure how well Japan’s postal system had recovered from their recent devastating tsunami … Read More

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