Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

24 Mar
Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

I will use that + As a message to the hackers who took down my laptop. Thanks for waking up a friend of mine who…

Dedicated to Our Lost Children

There forever

they shall reside

under a small lake,

immeasurably deep,

lying high up in the mountains,

where is brewed the thunder,

and in fair weather the dragon sleeps.

Ours is not a lot to be feared.

The dragon is a necessary beast.


Knock Knock Motherfuckers

There’s more than one way to skin a cat… except a cat is now not the focus… Sooooooo nice to meet you. I don’t negotiate with terrorists, especially like those who prey on the little guy like me. Hmmm, I wonder how big I am? Thanks for the exploratory exercise in not wasting trouble. Maybe I’ll find out. Get the jewel box ready.


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6 responses to “Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

  1. Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

    March 24, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    How annoying! I’m sorry to hear this!

    • Jordan Hoggard

      March 25, 2021 at 1:04 am

      Thank you! Yes, annoying is certainly a word for it. Then again…it happened. I am one to be TOO careful with what arrives on my ‘puters. Goes to show…why worry about s=throwing caution to the wind. The wind is going to come, anyway/ 😀 And yes, this one blew me away. Oh well… we’ll see how this shakes out. I have a friend who owns a cyber security firm on it. I smile that even as owner and Founder, he has never changed his title. Ethical Hacker.

      We’ll see what happens, though me as Architect has already begun to build the new Temple on the foundations of the previous, regardless.

      Maybe I was just skiing and caught some air. We’ll see where this lands…

      I WILL say again… Thank you for, “annoying.” You can capitalize the 1st letter or the whole word at will, and I will nod. Again, thank you!

      • Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

        March 25, 2021 at 2:19 pm

        SO good to have an expert you can call upon when needed! I was going to say “frustrated” but so many things have been annoying lately on a personal and global scale that it seems to be my word of choice to describe certain situations and people. I hope you get it all figured out, glad to hear you were skiing, I’m so jealous.

        • Jordan Hoggard

          March 26, 2021 at 10:54 am

          🙂 Thank you. Smiling, the “maybe I was just skiing and caught some air” was more an inside joke with myself. I haven’t been skiing in forever. It’s a feeling I get sometimes when I get thrown of the horse so to speak like when catching air skiing and you relax your tuck so that standing in mid-air causes you to feel waaayyyyy off balance… rather than holding the tuck until just before landing and SLAP, down go the feet on the snow to land well. Basically, I felt like I was flying through the air with the greatest of ease, though no trapeze to catch. The other thing that comes to mind is if your car has a governor at 150 mph and you fly up and through that speed and UH OHHHH the fuel injectors cut out and you basically have a 4-cylinder turbo with no turbo and no fuel injection and no power… feels like floating, though pretty much on the eyes wide terrifying side the 1st time… OFF the gas, wait for the drop, slowwwwly get into the brakes just a bit until back down to 120 and then get into the brakes to 90 and realize BREATHE DOOD as I was holding my breath the whole time.

          I’m glad you thought I was skiing. It brought up a wonderful set up images and motion/balance sensations and feelings. Excellent stuffstance. Thanks much.


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