The Final Holiday Promotion in the Shop ends December 13th at midnight EST!

10 Dec
The Final Holiday Promotion in the Shop ends December 13th at midnight EST!

eStuffstance Super Stocking for LESS

All 6 Downloads in the Shop for $15, a $49.32 value. And, don’t forget. You get to download 3 copies of each one. 1 for you and 2 for gifts? Heck, Order 2, and You’ll have 6 copies. 123 and you’ve filled 5 stockings. Heck, order 3 at these prices and 8 stockings are wonderfully graced with smiles.

With the eSuper Stocking you’ll receive all 6 downloads below!

  • ImaginAction PDF multi-page
  • ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions PDF multi-page
  • The Treasure of the Stones Reading Method PDF multi-page
  • Learn Turbo Tarot Reading PDF multi-page
  • The “Constructing the Center Night & Day Series” monograph PDF multi-page
  • The “Prescient Remembrance: Dialogue of a Vampire” poetry collection PDF multi-page

Home Together? Around the ZOOMTree?

Place Your Art Your Chart orders on or before Sunday, December 13th for guaranteed completion and delivery prior to December 22nd! See below for your links… Santa’s Art Your Chart Workshop is filling fast. Several spots left before we close up shop and Holiday ourselves. 🙂 Get yours today!

********* ********* ********* *********

The Holiday fun begins!

Load up your cart at the Shop with eProducts, complete your order, and then have fun shopping for just the right color thumb drive. Drag and drop the eAstro Art Chart(s) and other eProducts onto it, and smile as you slip it into Holiday stockings. Your thumb drive is the wrapping, and then color and life in the Art Chart And other cool PDF gifts opens right up on your/their device of choice.

Or, No thumb drive required. Try this! Set up draft Santa emails with your eGifts attached, sit around the tree, and point and shoot to each person, Ok, who’s next? Send it to them by email right on the spot from the same room or on ZOOM. All can watch and share in the joy as each person’s eyes light up with colorful feasts of music for the eyes and imagination to spark dialing into inspiration are served up. Great gifts here that last long beyond the holidays!

Which Holiday eProducts do your friends and family receive this year?

My Newest Offering

Astro Art Charts

I now offer an Astro Art Chart service where I meditate with your Chart and/or the person‘s Astro Art Chart you commission and Art your Chart to make a visual reading. A gift that may very well keep on giving. Your Chart becomes an Astrology Reading with no words, a visual story told to you by you from your Chart full of messages for you to explore and discover and unpack.

Music for your eyes. ~ Karen Sealey

Here Are Some Examples:

What You Will Receive

A one of a kind, original, high res PDF image By email of the Chart or Charts you commission Then, More fun begins. Have fun shopping for just the right color thumb drive, drag and drop the Astro Art Chart(s) onto it, and smile as you slip it in the stocking. Your thumb drive is the wrapping, and then color and life in the Chart opens right up on your/their device of choice. Or, Santa Set up draft emails, then sit around the tree and point and shoot to each person, Ok, who’s next? and send it to them by email right on the spot from the same room so all can share in the joy as eyes light up and colorful music for the eyes begins to play into their world. Gift Certificates also available. Email me at to set up your custom amount.

Maybe you want an Astro Art Chart and Astro Art Focus Chart Focus Art together for deeper exploration and discovery?

What’s an Astro Focus Art Chart?

An Astro Focus Art Chart is when you indicate a particular part of your Chart you would like to focus in on. For example: I wanted to open up and unpack more of the messages in my 10th House Scorpio Mercury~Neptune conjunction. And, it turned into quite the Site Plan (top view) of what I saw as a Temple Complex like the Akropolis. Here are 2 of my Astro Focus Art Charts to visually give you a further description. The 1st is the Focus Chart for my 10th House Scorpio Mercurius~Neptune conjunction, and the second is a current Age Harmonic Focus Chart:

When you place your order for Art Your Chart, include:

  • your name or the gift recipient’s name
  • birthday
  • birth time. I’ll use Noon if you do not have a specific birth time
  • birth place

If your browser does not show the text block to fill in the above, not to worry. I’ll email you when I receive your order and you can provide the info then.

Santa’s Astro Art Workshop is Open!

Part of my process is to sit with your Chart and steep in it to full immersion as I feel it fill my art tools to flow back out on the page to create an intensely personal gift With Art Your Chart. They each take care and attention and time. They are each one of a kind, delivered right to your email in high res PDFs Please plan ahead and order now as there is a 3 to 5-day process to complete them once started. These super full and robust creations are filling my Santa’s workshop, though I have room for several more.

Astro Art Charts are also a solid way to periodically check in and explore your Chart in a fresh way. Get yours for yourself, too!

Add Music for the Eyes to Your Chart

with Art Your Chart

Great eStocking stuffers!

There Are Also

There are also my eBooks in PDF format available to purchase and download. No Kindle required. You get to download 3 copies of each eBook PDF you purchase. One copy for yourself, and two to give as gifts for special times or simply when the serendipity of an encounter moves you? Have 6 people to gift, simply buy 2 eStocking stuffers, and you’re covered! Light up your loved one’s phone. Light up their phone AS their stocking this year!

Which eStocking Stuffers Do You Give This Year?

Load Up Those Thumb Drives and Around-The-Tree-Emails This Holiday Season with These eStocking Stuffers

  • ImaginAction 103-page PDF with 78 full color visual ablution pools. Holiday Special includes ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions. You get both for $10.00. A $24 value.
  • ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Divination Sessions. 98-page PDF with 78 full color visual ablution pools. ($12.00 value. INCLUDED for the Holidays through 2020 with ImaginAction purchase above.
  • The Prescient Remembrance ~ Dialogue of a Vampire poetry collection told across 28 poems. PDF $3.33 (see the Intro above). HOLIDAY PRICE $2.00!!! 28 poems to take you on an adventure for a BUCK! Only $2.00 while the spoke Ian lasts.
  • The Treasure of the Stones Reading Method. PDF $6.00. Holiday special BOGO. You’ll also receive Learn Turbo Tarot Reading for FREE ($6 value) with your Treasure of the Stones purchase. Buy One Get One FREE
  • The Constructing the Center Day & Night Series Watercolor Monograph with Introduction. PDF of my 66-piece watercolor series as a study in contrast and the marriage of the opposite in the Self. PDF $9.99. HOLIDAY SPECIAL PRICING $5.00

Also, I’m Pleased to Announce 2 New Offerings In Advance of the Holidays

Tarot Readings ~ 2-hour session ~ $120

Inner Gold Tarot Readings. regularly $120 per 2-hour session. What will you receive? A 1h 15m Tarot reading by Zoom + 45 minutes of ImaginAction goals and dreams work to outline a plan in alignment with your life goals. Place your order and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your reading. I look forward to reading for you.

New 4-Week Mini-Course Offering price slashed. Now half-price at $150

Last But Not Least

Last but not least, there’s the old standby of Tips and Donations. I make this FUN! How? You get to tip in the currency of COFFEE. Please accept my thanks in advance when you tip your server and buy me a coffee or 2 or 3. Thank you! Will you Buy me a coffee?

Thanks for being here!

Have fun as my Shop help you get set up for the Holidays in fun and exciting ways!

Jordan’s Shop Supports This Blog. Check out the great eStocking Stuffers to add that special flourish of visual music for the eyes and the soul to complement your gifting.


Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

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