The Solar System DNA Trail

28 Jun
The Solar System DNA Trail

The Solar System DNA Trail as We Move Through the Milky Way

Searching through Draft files yesterday for projects I have in my queue, I found this wonderful GIF that AT Mann sent me in advance of his appearance as a guest on my and Isaac Bradfield’s Inner State Highways TV show on PEN back in 2013 or so. Such a vibrant and wonderful and robustly creative person and guest! He stands as one of my favorite people on the planet.

Enjoy the wingtip vortices trailers coming from each planet and tail vortice from the Sun as our solar system home moves Around the Sun as all move together along our 230 million year orbit around the Milky Way leaving a trail like giant, multi-helix DNA! Bet I’ve never factored that timing into a Chart in an Astro reading. Long term dreams and goals, anyone?

Such a SaWEET visual ephemeris that says, Time? Nah, don’t care much for it. I’m already there. May mean Moira’s running the show with Saturn (Chronos/Kronos) so Chiron can make his own way in the world on his own time..


Solar System & DNA

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!


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