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Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for August 11th to August 17th

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Mystereum TarotScope Allies for Your August 11th to 17th, 2013 Week

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ 7 of Pentacles

quiet watchfulness, pause, higher sight within an above

quiet watchfulness, pause, higher sight within an above

Leo, This week you may experience a feeling of seeing things from a higher perspective as if the depths of situations are seen and experienced from above.  There may be initial feelings of disconnect with your surroundings, though this may simply be due to this perspective being new and vastly different from your norm. If your norm is to see things from a vantage point of high sight, enjoy that being taken up an octave or two further.  This will be a great week to plan things and schedule setting them into motion as you have a very complete perspective right in front of your eyes. Use this week to get all your life-pieces set up on your playing board.  Re-setting things to re-start or launch them will serve you well in the coming weeks.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ 6 of Cups

adjustments, balanced feelings, sharing

adjustments, balanced feelings, sharing

Virgo, Have you been chalking up fulfilling cup after cup lately? Well, it’s time to celebrate a bit with the family and friends who fill your cup most. New things are afoot, so make sure to have plenty of chalk to chalk up more cups cup after cup as the come up over the coming weeks.  This is a great week to experience your own personal sense of organization so that all the things coming up in the coming weeks fill your tanks and don’t create clutter or impediments to drain your earnings. This week is kind of like having young kids. The toys needn;t always all make it back to the box, though find those few Legos in your situation that trip you up with a big OWWWW in the night. Simply be aware of things like that so your sense of autopilot doesn’t get tripped up this week. Keep chalking up those things that fill you up this week. They don’t seem like short-term winnings. This week note which new chalk-up gigs have real potential for you to recognize, receive, create, and develop opportunities regularly.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ 4 of Swords

fruition, communication in motion, though as a moving target

fruition, communication in motion, though as a moving target

Libra, This week has the go go go kind of communication energies all over it for you. Take care to take the time to complete each conversation to your standards without being hurried or rushed.  This week may feel like the Class 5 Rapids of Communication, though keep that back paddle down in the water so your speed and steering are present.  Don’t get carried away by sensationalism this week, and certainly don’t fall prey to too many things being up in the air.  It’s a great week to learn how to juggle as an active meditation that is also a metaphor for how smoothly you are graceful under multiple pressures. I would even to suggest to learn to juggle with 3 different size and color objects to even push the metaphor and meditation further so that you heighten your awareness of which one is in your hand and occupying your direct focus as they do.  Hold on and keep up this week.  Pay particular attention to staying hydrated this week so you can clearly feed your mind with all of the things going around in your mix.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ Knight of Wands

unfamiliar energies in action, awakening, incorporating energies on the move

unfamiliar energies in action, awakening, incorporating energies on the move

Scorpio, This week reinforces the beautiful qualities of use of things. Cracks. Wrinkles. Tarnish. Rather than hard-to-mend damage look at the quality of use of how things live and tell their story in their environment. Do you have a fave brass doorknob or handle that is all almost black except for the loving areas where it is used and gleams bright gold there?  This week find those things that have been in your life for the long haul.  Their stories may inform you even more of how the new things in your life are coming into their own qualities of use.  You’ve come a ling way, Baby.  Bathe in the nourishment of the energies of the stories in your life this week.  Call this week a week of Energetic Calgon, though rather than taking you away, this week may enhance how much more present you are and increase your clarity of how you open up when you come to the table.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 9 of Pentacles

overlaps, finery, naturalized, established dynamism

overlaps, finery, naturalized, established dynamism

Sagittarius, There’s a solid and established dynamism in the mix this week.  Your ability to juggle things almost as if they never leave your fingertips will be even more pronounced this week.  Keep your shortcuts and how you share and play with things in clear focus this week, though let it resonate from within as the secret dna in the structure of your actions and responses that it in fact is.  Open up and perform without worry this week.  You have an interplay present in the naturally solid identity of how YOU do things, and it is even more enhanced and evident this week.  Shine on crazy diamond.  This is your week to sparkle.  Plus, people like OOH SHINY things.  This week you are certainly OOH SHINY.  Use that. It’s not that you deserve it, it’s that your natural state just tends to be that way.  Allow yourself to know that one of your primary services is to allow people to back in the light.  You more than most are aware of how effectively people begin to engage in their life when they can juice up from being around playful experts. Do your thing this week and simply be thankful in general for the brightness of your interplay that inspires people.  Don’t wrestle with your ego this week or you may notice that your head is too big to get through the door, and don’t fret if you bump into things.  Simply find alternate entries and exits with bigger doors as you are going to be “walking bigger” this week as Native Americans say.  So, walk bigger.  Your established light will be quite a blessing to others this week.  Allow your ego to play its natural role this week… the role of the ego being your sentinel and adviser… and, mind heartily if it plays its vanity gig telling you to DUCK!  Your ego is an ally to keep you looking good and not get blind-sided. The ego is rarely about egomania.  Egomania is formed by a whole different ball of wax.  Experiment with viewing your ego as the flame on a candle. When functioning properly your ego can clearly display even the most subtle motions going on in your room / environment.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ I The Magician

first spark, intense focus, inception, shooting stars of the psyche

first spark, intense focus, inception, shooting stars of the psyche

Capricorn, This week your ability to intensely focus is going to start paying off in magical ways.  You’ve probably been a bit frustrated as of late with the return on your investment of your time, though this week you may well realize that someone has been treating themselves to watching you to make sure you’re the real deal.  Keep up your focus this week and make sure to complete several things that you can launch in relatively rapid succession… relatively rapid may be one each day over the course of several days. Let the things you put out there resonate without making undue interference patterns by grouping things too close together.  Allow your influence to make a wider reach before you plop the next thing in your rockin’ pond of ideas and activities. This week make time to consciously get out and about and spend time with others. Hoarding your magic at home is no way to respect the gravitas of the things you are doing. Allow play to enliven your work this week.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ VI The Lovers

vitality, reciprocation, powerful witness, mindbodybeautiful exchange, relating intensities

vitality, reciprocation, powerful witness, mindbodybeautiful exchange, relating intensities

Aquarius, This week is a great one for coming together with vibrant people and things that reciprocally resonate through and through.  Be attuned to the vibrant vitality embedded in the joinery between things this week. It is more about how you come together rather than if and when. Being attuned to how you come together with things this week will serve to reinforce and strengthen your connection with them.  Make sure that listening isn’t waiting to talk this week.  Fully and wholly mindbodybeautifully listen this week wherever you are.  Your responses will be best formed AFTER listening segues into a pause where the ball is back over the net to you.  No matter how thick the scene, be quiet enough within so that you can hear. You may surprise yourself and others with how strongly you are able to reach out and listen and clearly engage this week. Mind your surprise like opening presents… usually a great thing.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ Queen of Cups

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

Pisces, This week expand out of your cup.  Expand beyond the limitations of what makes you feel full and content.  This week there is a grand opportunity to give quite a nod to your emotional clothes.  Make sure your emotional clothes fit and complement your actions.  In fact I would suggest to fully come out of your shell so a new one can form that is more integrated with the new you that has been molting over quite a long time.  Take care of yourself to the point of pampering yourself so that being exposed isn’t a feeling that comes into the mix.  Know your strengths and trust them to the degree of them allowing your to be gentle, and safe doing so.  Visualize yourself as a tiger cutely napping with that oh-so-rubbable belly… though of course be smart enough not to reach in.  If you can be this tiger this week, odds are that others will also mind not to intrude where they are not welcome.  This week you may even find that your boundaries are so naturally in place that the cup-armor that has shaped your fulfillment has actually been integrated in your life as health.  Tigers don’t wear armor.  This week be strong enough to be gentle.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ Page of Pentacles

Magician in his thoughts or sky top left along with The Hierophant and Chariot, magical spirit solidly on the move, grounded enthusiasm

Magician in his thoughts or sky top left along with The Hierophant and Chariot, magical spirit solidly on the move, grounded enthusiasm

Aries, This week you may feel yourself to be quite the magical, down-to-earth spirit on the move.  Let it course through your veins.  Allow it to tattoo the heart of your motions.  This week expect quite a lively set of things to solidly permeate your days, and don’t be the least bit surprised if you have quite a wild set of big dreams when you sleep.  This week allow things to play out before you jump in and interpret and judge and discern.  This week is not about one-hit wonders.  The album of your life feels tracking and playing out track by track right before your eyes as YOU lay down the tracks.  Pay special mind to only respond to things that enhance you this week.  Keep in mind that if you stop to address every barking dog along the way, you’ll forget where you were even going, or watch those whooshing sounds of deadlines passing you right by.  You’re up and on stage this week and you have quite a cosmic, support crew.  Allow that support to course through your veins and infuse your every action with your own, personal brand of zeal this week.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ Queen of Pentacles

practical, down to earth nourishing, exquisitely natural environment

practical, down to earth nourishing, exquisitely natural environment

Taurus, This week mind that only exquisite things are added to your mix, and make sure to freshen up the existing exquisite things you keep around.  It is all about how your environment affects you this week, so make sure to take care to remove things that don’t belong so you do your part to affect the influences that are going to affect you.  You certainly won’t be in a vacuum this week, and things that don’t fit will be noted and highlighted and dealt with accordingly.  So, it’s really in your hands to do your part to preclude anything you’d rather not have happen happening.  Survey your surroundings with the care of a Master Gardener, and promptly remove and dispense with anything large or small that doesn’t belong this week.  This week is all about everything being just so and in its proper place, or looking grand where ever it temporarily is or is placed.  The curtain has been drawn up and your warm-up is no longer part of your performance.  Be the naturally regal you that you are this week.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 6 of Pentacles

exchange in an epic spiral of giving and receiving, mutual exchange, circular branch or wreath of influence

exchange in an epic spiral of giving and receiving, mutual exchange, circular branch or wreath of influence

Gemini, Epic spirals of giving and receiving are in the air for you this week.  Relish and bathe and bask in all the blessings you feel welcome to give and graciously receive.  You might want to keep a list as next week may be filled up with more Thank You Notes than you can imagine.  I’ll leave you with that little bit of enthusiastic suspense as a blessing for your week.  Thanks for being there, and you’re welcome to receive more than you can even imagine this week.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ XX Judgment

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

Cancer, The fun and hard work of what feels like a whole era or epoch has cycled through to a close, and you are off into exploring and looking to discover the new sprouts of volunteer perennials resurrecting themselves Phoenix-style into your life to expand and naturalize like Aspen Trees do after a Doug Fir and Spruce population has been decimated.  Keep an eye to how new your forest can be this week.  Take care too not trample on new starters and volunteers and sprouts.  Your whole mix has ripened to birth itself anew.  Watch for the signs this week of things that spontaneously come up that you may have never seen before… like those little purple flowers that grow after long periods of dormancy when their is trauma to the soil.  New things are being stirred up in your pot this week.  Enjoy the variety as you transition into what may even be a new way of life.  And, I’d bet that you may have already cleared life-customs and be standing right in it.

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today… ’cause the past was once the future, and today will be too!

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The 9-Part Birth-Placing Identity with Tarot Series

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1  XIX Sun ~ X Wheel ~ I Magician

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2  XX Judgment ~ XI Justice ~ II High Priestess

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3  XXI World ~ III Empress ~ XII Hanged Man

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4  XIII Death ~ IV Emperor

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5  XIV Temperance ~ V Hierophant

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6  XV Devil ~ VI Lovers

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7  XVI Tower ~ VII Chariot

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8  XVII Star ~ VIII Strength

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9  XVIII Moon ~ IX Hermit

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The Tarot School has a Birth Card Calculator where you can enter your birth date to determine your Tarot Birth Cards.

Having fun calculating your Birth Cards yourself:

Or, have fun adding your birth month + birthday + birth year until they reduce to a number that is 21 or less (21 Major Arcana cards + the 22nd as The Fool not included)
Example: December 4, 1967 = 12 + 4 + 1967 = Add 12 and 4 to equal 16, and then add 16 to 1967 = 1983. Then make 1983 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21. 21 is XXI The World card.  And, then 21 = 2 + 1 = 3 which equals III The Empress.  So, the Birth Cards for this date are World ~ Empress.


12 + 4 = 16 and 16 = 1 + 6 = 7, and 1967 = 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 =23, and 2 + 3 = 5 added back to the 7 .from 16… 5 + 7 = 12 = XII The Hanged Man, so the Birth Cards = Hanged Man ~ Empress.
Note: XXI or 21 The World. 2 + 1 = 3.  XII or 12 The Hanged Man. 1 + 2 = 3.  And, III or 3 The Empress = 3.
World ~ Empress Birth Card combo.  Hanged Man ~ Empress Birth Card combo


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