Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for July 28 to August 3

28 Jul

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Mystereum TarotScopes ~ Allies for Your July 28 to August 3, 2013 Week

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ XIII Death

transformation, Phoenix, renewal

transformation, Phoenix, renewal

Leo, This week is all about cutting back any suffocating overgrowth in your life to reveal your celestial groove more clearly. Once you see your glimmers peeking through the leaves this week, clear away excess so they shine the way only you can. The transformation in the air this week has everything to do with letting self-blame die. This week shed the unnecessary and kick your rut not your butt. And, if you are not in a rut, allow holding back to die into stepping up your game as you have less to carry this week.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ Knight of Pentacles

consistent, steady, diligent

consistent, steady, diligent

Virgo, This week you may be clipping along and come to what feels like an impasse. This week isn’t about slowing down for you. In fact it is quite the contrary to slowing down. If you come to what feels like an impasse, be creative about how you proceed. Sometimes it is because you need to hitch your horse so to speak or park your car and walk the rest of the way. Look at this week of being a time where you step out or off of vehicles you are accustomed to using to get you to a certain point and going the rest of the way happily on foot. This week will be much like a cowboy coming to a narrow trail that snakes through a mountain pass where he/she gets off the horse to walk single file so they fit. Simply adjust to the speed and scale that is fitting for each situation this week. Of course if the trail opens up, hop back on and giddy up!… until the next mountain pass intersection with yellow blinking lights. Don’t look too far ahead. Each speed and scale shift has a gift for you to notice this week.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ VII The Chariot

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side

Libra, This week isn’t really about choices for you. It seems you have already made some big choices recently. Don;t sit with them and over-think them. Close the hood of your choices, hop in, and giddy up GO! This week the energies are magnetically pulling you back in the game with the fuel of the recent, big choices you made. Find a familiar place of fun and entertainment to run some test laps so to speak with your friends to see how your new choice-fuel performs. Then, fully get back in there putting your new choices to work for you in action. This week is about warming up on the service road and then re-merging onto the highway of your life at speed. Bread and butter. Bread and butter. Be conscious of how you merge into traffic this week. Even the way you drive and what affects you this week  can be a great teacher.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ Page of Swords

curiosity, new mental developments, zeal

curiosity, new mental developments, zeal

Scorpio, You’ve been playing with ideas lately that tend to cut both ways. This week it is time to stop looking back and playing out your process. Your process will always be your process, so close the hood of your thoughts and express the ideas you have developed that really gig you inside. Like the card here where the Page balances the blade edge of the Sword on the 3rd eye. Your imagination is stronger than you are giving it credit for this week. Stop mindlessly promoting what others have done. You have evolved from going with the flow, and floating in it might actually be cutting into your ideas which not only dilutes their compression… it may in fact be pissing you off. Like George Jetson, “JANE! Get me off this crazy thing!” Your ideas need the new life birthed by swimming upstream a bit. Don’t worry, the crowd will still be chattering and bitching about everything when you rejoin them. You’ll just be more bitchin’ cool having reset your ways with some new life birthed upstream.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 4 of Swords

fruition, communication in motion

fruition, communication in motion

Sagittarius, It is all about communication in motion this week. You may even feel like you have 4 minds. Odds are it’s not MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) but 4 modes that are unique to you and wholly effective in your process. Be certain to fully shift gears to gig the right speed this week as you don’t want to grind out a gear or have drag where you need a more fluid flow and ability to accelerate. Don;t forget your brakes as you work the clutch. Shift and focus this week. Shift and focus. This week you are beginning to warm up on all cylinders. Keep it out of the redline again this week, though start to put your abilities through the paces. Make to to mind details so you don;t get ahead of yourself. Double-check your bag or satchel or briefcase before you leave the house or office to make sure everything you need is there. Attaching your keys to your wrist with a springy-bracelet might be advisable, too. You are focused and warming up in an expansive way this week. While you are, be mindful not to let details slip through the cracks, or worse, not be present to be able TO slip through the cracks because you left them somewhere. Contracts come to mind. After carefully attentive review, get ’em in play with plenty of time to spare. They’ll be giving you more road later to open up on.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ 4 of Wands

joy, surprises, thrills out of the blue, new energies established

joy, surprises, thrills out of the blue, new energies established

Capricorn, Your established energies this week are being visited by an almost impish and fun new figure in your life like the woman in the card nourishingly and energetically peeking in like the weather with a “HeLLO. Hi! We have some new winds and weather washing through for you to spruce up your energetic picket fence.”  What? It’s not a picket fence? This week you may notice a pattern you have established that has worked to your advantage in your past even if only because you were comfortable with it… though this week be clear about a pattern of yours that even YOU feel has become a bit stodgy. No need to nuke the pattern. Simply spruce it up with the weather of paying attention to it so it works more effectively for you. Good fences don;t make good neighbors. Neighbors that aren’t assholes make good neighbors.  Tend your fences this week. In the coming weeks preparing them to be more asshole-proof will be to advantage.  Remember to look for the good in everyone… and some people are just really good at being dicks.  So what. This week work your fences so you can delegate dealing with that more to them.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ XVIII The Moon

vision, genius, poetry, reflections from beyond, light from an unseen source, tides of life

vision, genius, poetry, reflections from beyond, light from an unseen source, tides of life

Aquarius, This week is all about opening up to what makes you laugh without reason. It is said that the person who can laugh without reason has either found their path to enlightenment or has gone completely mad. This week may feel like both at the same time to you. Step up more to what you like and own it and make time for it this week. It is not so much that laughter is magnetic.  Lately, you may have been neglecting what your inner poetry and genius and madness needs.  This week is a great time to see what really gives you that big and expansive drawing-down-the-moon stretch that fills up your kick-in-your-step tanks. Be open and honest with yourself. Are you not really crazier than you know, but crazier than you’ve been admitting? What secretly magnetizes you? How can you enhance your life by opening up more to that?  Remember, inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses and addictions… maybe even more so as they are quiet and easily go unnoticed.  What are you ignoring in yourself so it goes unnoticed? How can you juice up your magnetism by activating more in ways that are healthy for you in particular?

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ 10 of Pentacles

solid completion at hand, prosperity, close relationships, ability to share

solid completion at hand, prosperity, close relationships, ability to share

Pisces, This week is about the solid repertoire of experience and talents that you have developed and put in place to strongly build your placement. Give thanks to yourself this week by consciously taking role, by inner-smilingly taking stock of the evident features that you have solidly brought into your life by yourself and teamed up with others. You have certainly provided the groundwork and put it in place. This week, survey your lands so to speak so you can engage each component more directly in the coming weeks much like providing different kinds of care for differing perennials in a garden. Take stock this week as you keep doing what you’re doing. You feel to be building something, and Phase 1 of the foundation is in place. Make sure it cures properly before you brace against it to launch into the next phase. This is not to suggest to be tentative. Just be aware not to step in wet and uncured concrete… unless of course you are marking some you are putting in place at home.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ IV The Emperor

his horse nestles in becoming his tree. Look at the horse-legroots . . . overseer, place-maker, methodically moving step by step

his horse nestles in becoming his tree. Look at the horse-legroots . . . overseer, place-maker, methodically moving step by step

Aries, What both conceals and supports you this week? What both transforms and keeps its personality intact for you this week? What subtlety are you tuning into this week? How do you engage your interests to stay informed without interfering this week? There are a lot of things in play for you this week, so play The Emperor Game… gong methodically, step by step and being aware of the weather and the tenor of your established surroundings… when you turn, you can realign the pace of the whole system… in a single step. Take care with your power and strength this week. This is not a week to stir the pot but to mindfully enhance your awareness of the things that live in your situation from their perspectives. Tinker at length with the affects of actions you are planning on taking prior to engaging them. This is a week about discerning best practices, so you can inform how you lead your life more directly like a sponge moving through your surroundings. Take it all in, though let it all settle within prior to taking action so your inner landscape harmonizes and resonates with the allies in your surroundings.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ 8 of Pentacles

exquisite work, a completion point like the top of bottom of the breath of an action, magical twilight space between

exquisite work, a completion point like the top of bottom of the breath of an action, magical twilight space between

Taurus, Keep your head down this week. Be aware of air traffic control, though not too concerned about piloting. This week is a great time for those wonderfully reflective pauses of clarity between slow and disciplined actions. This week look at each of your actions as a breath. Some are inhales, masculine and taking life in. Some are exhales, feminine where your shoulders lightly drop and relax emanating your life into the world. There are two things in common with them, though: the top of your breath; the bottom of your breath. Visualize the top of your breath and bottom of your breath as set-changers in Kabuki Theater imperceptibly moving, though moving nonetheless. Visualize the top and bottom of your breath as the magical twilight of dawn and dusk that bridges day to night and night to day. In this way feel into the full and whole and complete life cycle present in the cycle of breathing… a whole life cycle’s dna in a single breath.  Did I distract you enough, yet, so you stay on track? Keeping your head down this week is more about full focus on your actions. Stay aware of your surroundings, though as you work begin to perceive how your whole life’s cycle is informatively playing out in the dna of the smallest of your actions. Engage your big picture this week by focusing in on the world present in a single detail… and then the next… and next, and so on. Engage your big picture this week by focusing in on the detail. 

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ Queen of Pentacles

practical, down to earth, nourishing, exquisite environment

practical, down to earth, nourishing, exquisite environment

Gemini, This week is all about being conscious of what the most exquisite things present in your life are. Also, what exquisite things do you want in your life? Take some time each day to daydream in your garden or on your porch or somewhere out in Nature that resonates with you. It’s coming time to bring this Nature more fully into your house, your home, so that when you walk through the door you light up more in both relaxing and invigorating ways.  This is a week about looking far and wide within and about yourself. Take note of what lights you up and bring more of that home. Little by little this week you can allow exquisiteness to enliven your whole scene. This week would be a good time to re-arrange some furniture, too. Make sure there is good ventilation and music on while you do.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 4 of Cups

life bursts forth, successes, inner treasures of the earth

life bursts forth, successes, inner treasures of the earth

Cancer, This week is about a new treasure of the earth coming into play in your life. Jewels? Copper? Crystals coughed up from a volcano? Something is new on your scene, and arriving to function like THAT missing piece in your wits… to complete an emotional skill set and give you a new baseline of fulfillment. Be mindful to make sure people are introduced properly this week as the “missing piece” might be a person coming in out of the blue rather than a thing. Keep your senses perked this week in a way to notice marked and subtle differences. Remember the introductions. This week is not about attacking with “HELLO!” Be quiet enough to hear difference in your scene, and just as naturally, engage the difference or the different person with gentle strength. Be direct and engaging this week, though engage in a way where the stronger you are the gentler you are able to be.

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today… ’cause the past was once the future, and today will be too!

And, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.


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  1. pureblessedtarot

    July 28, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    I love seeing the Kn of P… I will never forget the first time he appeared for me… I ended up in the hands of a professional make up artist getting a free make over… I emerged with Kn of P hair and eyes covered in gold and turquoise glitter… My little Tarot heart was filled with glee 😀

  2. twopynts

    July 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Great entry, very interesting stuff. It is good to be an Aquarius! 🙂

  3. Aaron Lozano

    July 28, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Wonderful Tarot-scope for Capricorn. You remind me of a great astrologer that writes for the VC Reporter here in Ventura. He is always in tune with the energy and really makes you think about what you are reading. Great job Jordan!

    • mystereum

      July 28, 2013 at 10:21 pm

      Thanks much, Aaron! Much appreciated!


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