Trick or Treat Tarot Treasure!

31 Oct

Receive one of my signature 4-card Treasure of the Stones eReadings with any purchase!

You got that right!  ANY purchase!  Order your $20 2-card Treasure of the Stones eReading.  Receive an additional 4-card eReading.  Receive an 4-card Treasure of the Stones eReading with any purchase! Order a deck+book set. Get your eReading bonus! Order, and receive!

Offer valid through Tuesday November 6th

Trick or Treat Tarot Treasure that’s GREAT FOR HOLIDAY GIFTING

Mystereum described as, “The cards are alive! The book is phenomenal!

I’ve used Mystereum daily for 6 months.  Its effects were immediate.  Put a kick in my Tarot step and opened up my reading flow!

“Surprisingly great for men and Shadow Work. What a combo. It was all fun and games I thought. . . just all bright and bold and happy dappy with cards telling stories until . . . WOW, this deck really means business! Higher octave Yang doesn’t cover it.  Plus, just cherrypicking off the Imagination Tools from the book gives my clients homework they are finding invaluable.  This deck isn’t hard, it just means business.  I gladly keep coming back.  This deck really means business.”

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Get your signed set and see!

Make your PayPal payment to , and we’ll package it right up and get it on its way to you     That’s a j + jordan + tarot +

~ Continental US orders $47 USD ($35 set + $12 ship/hand).  $47 USD by PayPal to

~ Outside Continental US $57 USD ($35 set + $22 ship/hand).  $57 USD by PayPal to

Get your set and see!

CONTENTS: Deck + book set is approximately 3 pounds when packaged for shipping.

CAUTION: Mystereum is not microwave or dishwasher safe, though fully Mom-Approved!

In-Person & Phone Readings:

~ $100 USD per 1-hour session. Email Jordan at to schedule yours at a convenient time.

Jordan’s original Treasure of the Stones eReadings:

~~ 24 to 48 hour turnaround time or purchase your gift certificate for a special day coming up ~~

$60 USD ~ 6 cards for your 3 questions. PayPal to

$40 USD ~ 4 cards for your 2 questions. PayPal to

$20 USD ~ 2 cards for your 1 question.   PayPal to


All images (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Groc the videos at

Get e Free sample reading with Mystereum at 


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2 responses to “Trick or Treat Tarot Treasure!

  1. Bonnie Cehovet

    October 31, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Incredible promo! 🙂

    • mystereum

      November 2, 2012 at 8:10 pm

      Thanks! Hope people will take advantage of it! Great double-gifts for the holidays if they are shopping and don’t use them right away. 😀


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