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Sunday Services: How Am I World-Altaring the World-Altering Tower World Experience?

Sunday Services: How Am I World-Altaring the World-Altering Tower World Experience?

Well, I’m

Well, I’m tuning my compass and pencil which were my Sword and my Wand before for Kintsukuroi of Self, had been since I was 14. Wow, I’d ask where 38 years went, though I’ve lived and experienced and embraced them. No need to get all Hierophant on a bad day. Heck, wouldn’t that mean Santa won’t come this year?

Transforming the way I utilize my primary tools… Excellent stuff. Some stuff doesn’t chaff off in adaptation like a snake its skin shedded, a snake its skin not missed… for, look at all the pretty refreshed colors.

Transforming how I use the magical tools on my table. Best to your adaptation as well.

What Tools of Yours?

What Tools of yours do you keep and adapt, and VIGOROUSLY transform in almost vigilante style?! Not really vigilante, though, is it when you Frank Sinatra them and shift accordingly to adapt your tools your way is it? Can you drive a stick? If not, I suggest an internet foray to kneel at The Google Oracle, and at least get the concept of gearing in. Advanced people who like dialing in to the BAM of the clicking into the Audi R8 transmission gears of life? Oh yeah, go Google The Isle of Man, my fave race on earth. You may get some Irish Dancing of the mind coupled with Digital Daggers to juice your insta-dial of the throttle. Then again, Silence has to stick around, Tom huh? I find that a good thing. I have to say it.

There will be no new normal.

Can you stop waiting? Where’s your VROOM in your adaptation? Can you re-start now so your later will thank you?

Do You

Do you adapt for the NOW? With all this future in front of us, what will you do with all of the future in front of you… Now?! How do your current tools steep in transformation to continue to provide self-support differently post-adaptation?

Can You Reset Your Magical Table?

Where does your shrimp fork go? Where do YOU go?

Close Your Two Eyes to Open the 3rd… so, You’re Still Intensely Here…

KintsuKuroi of Self Readings


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