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eGift Cards Now Available from SandboxPsyche!

eGift Cards Now Available from SandboxPsyche!

Give meaningful gifts this holiday with Tarot readings to friends and family via an eGift digital card. A gift reading delights because it is personal and brings surprises and insights. What better gift than to learn more about oneself? Readings can be done at your location in Taos, by zoom, or at my John Dunn Plaza table weather permitting.

Buy SandboxPsyche eGift Cards! 

Great for Tarot or Astrology sessions with Jordan Hoggard,

Founder, The Architecture of Well Being. Internationally known Tarot Professional and Astrologer.

Author of

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

Also, good for his PDF eBook offerings at the SandboxPsyche shop.

Downloadable PDF eBooks are all less than $10 USD each for the holidays! Great for eStocking Stuffers.

Always complete, never finished, lifelong.

Give Some Fresh Insight to Friends and Family with eGift Cards!



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(C) 2022 The Architecture of Well Being

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