Enjoy My Coffee Currency Shop

14 Dec
Enjoy My Coffee Currency Shop

First, I do the coffee. Then, I do the things. ~ unknown

What’s This? My Coffee Currency Shop? Yes!

Yes, pay in coffee For the downloadable eBook PDFs I offer. No Kindle required.* Heck, pay one coffee or several or 5, and also maybe even periodically tip Your server in coffee when you get some goody out of them. Like, Hey, I was using your work and this great thing happened! Thank You. Here’s a coffee!

1 coffee. 3 coffees. 5 coffees. I appreciate that. You can never have enough coffee in the cupboard.

My eBooks are straight up PDFs. No Kindle required. All 6 PDF eBook downloads are available for coffee. And, more are on the way.

My Coffee Currency Shop

How does it work? Simple. Just click the BuyMeACoffee link which will open another tab. Pay me some coffee. Pay me with 1 coffee. Pay 5 coffees. You decide the value in how many coffees you feel to pay. It’s your choice. Pay with however many coffees you feel to pay, and download your fill. It’s completely your call.

Or, heck! It IS an honor system. You can also just spread the word. That has value for WOMM, Word Of Mouth Marketing. Share my Coffee Currency Shop, or mention it to a friend to mention it to another. Then, download your fill. If you like, please pay in coffee AND share to spread the word. You can also set up a BuyMeACoffee page for your own site to do this same thing if you think it cool and valuable, For you! Excellent stuffstance all.

Once you have, download any or as many PDF eBooks below as you want. Need eStocking Stuffers or ZOOM Party Gifts or marketing collateral giveaways? Done. Pay me some coffee. Set up your ZOOM meeting or webinar or conference to share these.

Buy Me A Coffee

There You Go. My Coffee Currency Shop,

Because Coffee Has Value to me!

Pay some coffee, then download your fill.

Paid with coffee or shared? Thank You!

Here you go! Download your fill of the current titles. Like coffee, more to come.

Enjoy Coffee Currency Ideas for Your Work

Are You sending out a newsletter?

Here’s an idea. Attach a PDF eBook as a Thank You.

Do you need giveaways for that conference?

Need giveaways as a Thank You for 40 people coming to your webinar and are on a tight budget? I have you covered. Pay or tip me in coffee, download and give them each an eBook. 4. 40. 400. Scale it to you. Also, let me know if you want to team up to customize any of the eBooks to become value-added marketing collateral for your webinars, lectures, promos, presentations, conferences. Contact me by commenting here. I’ll get in touch to arrange to add your links and logo for a creative and collaborative marketing handout. Or, we’ll discuss what you have in mind. Good for you. Good for me. Good for community. What else is there? Oh right. Coffee. Can’t forget that.

Use My eBooks As Marketing Giveaways In Your Collateral

Give my eBooks as an affordable marketing giveaway. Have 40 people on an upcoming ZOOM call? Excellent. Pay me some coffee. Download what you need and set up how and when you distribute to your people. Send my eBooks to your group as a Thank You for coming to your presentation. DONE. It’s good for both of us. You have a creative giveaways that complement your offering without competing. I have coffee, so I make more. Call it AFM — Allied Fields Marketing. Provide value-added giveaways to enhance your offering’s value!

Sure, there’s a big honor system here. What’s the harm in that? Sure, someone can pay me one coffee, $3, and then hand out my work as a marketing gimme promo to many many potential clients over and over. I don’t see the problem. I know the drill. You start a business. You have a budget. You don’t even have P & L yet, maybe don’t even know what that is — Profit & Loss. But, there you are. You’ve started a business, STILL have to make a profit, and you learn as you go. You have a limited budget. Regardless, you STILL need a robust and full presentation package to promote and present your services at the quality level of their value. Nevermind that you are heading into your 1st webinar on your own and haven’t had a sale yet. Is that you? Well, take one more step. Make your offering more robust. Get yourself some giveaways with substance for the price of coffee. Pay some coffee and download these eBooks to complement and enhance your presentation.

Pens Are Passé in the Pandemic

Have a new business and need promo material while you get started? Cool. Pens are passé in the pandemic. Skip the passé. Give your clients and potential clients my PDF eBooks around the holidays as a Thank You for being your client, for attending your presentation. In person? ZOOM? I imagine you have electronic registration. Even if the meeting or webinar or conference is in person, you can use these eBook PDFs as a Thank You. Or, share over your webinar. Your call.

You get great eBooks + marketing collateral. I get coffee. I can support that.

We Both Win!

Happy Sag Season & into 2021 We Go!

~ Jordan, Inner Gold Emanations

* Note: Tarot in the Land of Mystereum at Amazon and The Library of Esoterica at Taschen are purchased there, are not included in this. Astro Art Charts, Tarot Readings, Coursework also not included. Those prices remain what they are In the Shop ImaginAction.

Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

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