Death Perennial, Death Natural

28 Mar

 perennial blessings, as you continually naturalize

Death… the Great Mother of Memory made, the continual fertilizer of dreams created.

Notice The Hermit

Notice The Hermit, the harbinger of cyclical completions, reaching back to memories made, looking forward to dreams created, both present as The Hermit cameo-ing in Death’s double banner.  And, is not the Ace of Wands and the Hermit a 2 of Pentacles’ sort of DNA in the Phoenix-actions connecting memory and dream in the Death card?

Death as the Master Gardener… or would that be the Mater Gardener?  Enjoy the 13-card Death As Master Gardener 13-card spread provided in a free Powerpoint file.


v5 published cover jpeg

Prescient Remembrance, Vol.5, The One Night Stand

Prescient Remembrance, Infinite Moments, Love Beyond Death is a 10-volume story series by Jordan Hoggard told in poetry. A vampire. In Volume 5, “The One Night Stand,” our seeker begins to open sparks of consciousness in his sleep. Awakening this new awareness his slumbering eyes begin to thaw as he is found by…

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Prescient Remembrance: vol.5, The One Night Night.

Bite the Night, and . . . Pass it on.

Stay Tuned.

Vol. 6, The Vampire’s Offspring  + .mp3 audio narrations for your iPod

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