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An Ode to Readers Studio 10

Hi All,

As I cannot attend RS11 this year, I thought I would rediscover a vital Readers Studio 10 remembrance of Donnaleigh’s Breakfast Roundtable presentation.  Donnaleigh made such a wonderful presentation including a spread that inspired me to naturally drop my standard issue note-taking style —  note that if I am not inspired this is RARE!,  and work in my more intense and native, visual language as I do in architectural meetings to pack so much in. 

Enjoy her post!  I can simply say that my drawing that she so graciously included is but a  facet of the wonderfully effective presentation and spread she put together, and for those of you new to RS11 provides a taste of what you can expect . . . though of course each year there is more and better.  And, she did this in the morning, predicated on not much coffee or tea.  😀  Check out her post as my gift to you from my RS10 experience to my absence at RS11.  Click on “her post.”   Enjoy! 

This image now comes to mind as a nugget expressive of the power of bridging Donnaleigh presented:

The Original Mystereum Tarot Fool

Enjoy this post for all it is worth, and that is a great deal! 

Jupiter’s Blessings,



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