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Both~And = Yes!

I have put duality away as I have seen the two worlds as one.


And, to speak to Nature, Inner Nature with Both~And. Feel Your Inner Binary Star System both light and dark in their dance… You, as only you can be…

One must have a chaos in the Heart to birth a Star.

My Friend Fred. Friedrich Nietzsche

High Octane Fuel Spread Result?

Without even positing the sanctuaries built the questions in this wonderful spread from the TCTC (Twin Cities Tarot Collective), it feels to simply express itself sovereign and balanced and accurate and resonant… to me.

Actionably on the move,

and look at the Major qualifiers of The Fool looking Inward.

Such resonances of YES!

The Heart of Healing Spread by TCLC (Twin Cities Tarot Collective, presented by Sam). Superimpose your cards over a Heart, yours, and Focus Inward on Self. Allow cards 2 and 5 to overlap and intersect with the Self-Valentine borders.


4 1 3


Position One ~ The Heart of Healing

Position Two ~ Awareness Tools to Work With Today

Position Three ~ Blocks. Work To Be Done

Position Four ~ Strengths and Lessons Learned

Position Five ~ Advice. Action To Be Taken and Future Direction

What are your thoughts on what the Tarot Voice of the card sequence says? What cards do you pull for yourself?

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