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30 Jul
I know Who I am. Who Am I to you? Not necessarily superficial persona, how my substance comes across. Let’s see how the poll shakes out. Ex-Ci-TING! This’ll be fun

The Run-off Poll Results Are


Clair Amara Foncé

with 6 votes, 54.55%


Clair Foncé

with 4 votes, 36.36%



with 1 vote, 9.09%


Clair Amara Foncé

Provisional WINNER!


Clair Amara Foncé!!!!

A winner chosen where all entries actually won. Karen Sealey of The Pure and Blessed Way submitted Amara. Timothy Price of Off Center & Not Even submitted Clair Foncé. Oz behind the curtain doing a little name matchmaking alchemy behind the curtain made Clair Amara Foncé. So, the WINNER is really both Karen and Timothy for bringing together two magnets that created a binary star system of a name! Hey, they gave the me the recipe. I just put it together and shoved it in the oven. VoiLA! VoiCI! can’t take credit for that, though it’s delicious! LOVE that name!

Should The Name Be Provisional?

WTF Jordan, PROVISIONAL NAME NOW?!! This poll has been a total PITA. You’ve asked us to come back multiple times! The 1st was legit for the tie, though what was it 2? 3 times on this one due to technical difficulties. It was supposed to be cool and halved that vested anticipation… and it kinda got buzz killed, huh? Sorry about all the tech issues that came up. Why are you thinking it should be a Provisional Name? Another poll? Best 2 out of 3? What drives that?

Thank you for asking, and even more thanks for blasting your volcano at the beginning. That was full-on and honest intensity. Some people might run through and try to buzzkill that and call it a trigger, though I’ll back you up. Sometimes a cigar is a cigar, and a lot of times reasons can be unreasonable.You know, like that kind of relationship where it is in a constant lost loop of where are we? relationship talk? Instead of having a relationship. It sounds like trips as a kid: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Experience the relationship not the worry. Experience the road trip not the destination.

So, I a, I digress. I appreciate you opening up with intensity. That’s a great storm, dials in to the weather of the conversation and whether I need Shorts and a T-shirt, an umbrella, a coat… or a Kevlar Blast Jacket Or The Bomb Squad. Hey, it is what it is when it is, isn’t it? All of those are fine. Nature does those intense things, too, and washes up on its shore after. I’m just seeing a correspondence here to the Civil Rights movement. Not that my blog will inform the ACLU or the movement — that by the way should not have to be a movement if people would stop being dicks.

Though, the technical difficulties shut down the poll automatically from a time zone setting that was not at default… or vice versa… no matter on that. VOTERS WERE TURNED AWAY. That doesn’t sit well with me.

So, Here’s What I’m Going To Do

I am going to set up another poll, and leave it open. At some point in the future… we’ll take a look and see. I do apologize to all who came to play in the fun sandbox of the What’s Her Name? poll yesterday and the day before when I was not aware it automatically shut down. I guess that’s why they have volunteers at the polls. I didn’t realize I needed to helicopter it.

I do sincerely apologize for wasting your valuable time yesterday and the day before with the poll doors not being open.

For Now, Though

Clair Amara Foncé will sit as the Crown of her Name.

May I Introduce

Clair Amara Foncé

Clair Amara Foncé

Thank you for Visiting!


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