Serendipity Itinerary 06132020

14 Jun

Serendipity Itinerary for 06132020

Reflections (c) 2009 Jordan Hoggard

Buckle up

Brahma Bull Shamanically on the Way

Serendipity Intineraries is a post series is about sharing my weekly blog field trips, my eExperiences, so that maybe you find some new people who you resonate with, to enjoy and/or follow, and/or simply have a mini-library of places to visit to expand your experience. Heck, it’s also to build some epic spirals of healthy giving and receiving in community. I noticed that on the blogs I resonate with, I often also resonate with who they resonate with. So, to strike more resonant chords in this world along that same vein… Welcome to this week’s Serendipity Itinerary where…

I share the stacked stone cairn trailheads, links to others’ blogs, of paths I’ve experienced over the past week. There are people I follow, new people and places I’ve found, and sometimes something or someone featured in the roster just because a topic or person came to mind. Reasons are unreasonable here, just the way I like it. The Now comes from our whole life up to this point… and, to revise Ricky, Lucy, there’s no ‘splainin‘ to do. Enjoy this week’s experiential menu.

If you have a blog or video or something you’ve produced that you feel to share in this community-building serendipity sandbox, you have my express permission to link to it in the comments. Please do, and by all means self-promote. Add more to the Serendipity Itinerary for people to visit and experience!

This Week

First off, it was an intense week. Just turning the music down to take calls or to go into readings or meetings was actually an Admin thing this week, was an actual thing taking time. The more intense it gets for me most often translates directly into the volume level on the Sonos — sometimes… too bad the neighbors are home. It’s ok, though, when I can’t hear them knocking. 🙂 I wonder what this week was like for you?

So, please buckle up. May not be a wild ride, though it’s intended to reflect the rockin’ intensity of the week. Hopefully, I got the word and image and music balance right to tune into to attune the energies to balance and align and sync up with this week’s intensity. This week certainly deserves at least that. It felt like The Chariot upgraded to a bigger engine.

SI Will Be a Little Diff This Week

Playing and working in and dancing with the intensity of this past week, I’m going to engage something different this week. I’m going to utilize a Came to Mind Reading technique (non-related link, serendipity) with each person’s listing below. I’ll place 2 cards and/or images that came to mind for the feel of their blog and messaging — or, their Tarot Birth Cards if I know them.

The 1st card image is intended to be the Primary aspect of the feel. The 2nd card is intended to be an Accentuator to color the tenor of the 1st Primary card/image. Pardon any psychic dyslexia on my part if I reversed your feel, or general inaccuracy if I’m full-on just off base. OFLs — Opportunities For Learning.

What do you feel?

What do you feel about the cards that came to mind for your rockin’ blog?

Call the cards a Sun Primary card with an orbiting Moon card. Only the Blog Owner and you can discern if I missed the boat, and instead got a good swim in the water below.

Of Course

Of course it’s Your Life, Your Way. Your Blog, Your Rules. If you would rather I input your Tarot Birth Cards, I certainly will. Click for the Tarot Birth Card Calculator at The Tarot School in NYC, Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone’s splended, online, Tarot home. Alternately, if you’d rather not be included here at all, certainly let me know in the comments. DO let me know. You won’t be callin yourself out to be excluded in the comments. Instead, you’ll be Sovereign and straight-up owning honesty YOUR way for your best sake. I’ll promptly take you off, as again, Your Blog, Your Rules. Reasons are unreasonable. You are Sovereign in your life and on your blog, your way. Let me know, and as soon as I can get to it, consider it done — will edit this one as well.

Respect is foundational. You’ve most likely spent a wonderful amount of time on your marketing and messaging. I’ll be the last one to dial interference patterns into the splendor of what you’ve built If your presence here feels like it does.

To Be

To be transparent, my Tarot Birth Cards are The Hanged Man~The Empress. Interestingly enough, according to Wald Amberstone, The Hanged Man is The Empress’ son. I not only buy that, it also resonates with the way I build back in and nourish my creative process like a Master Gardener, like in the Reflections image above.

Gardening Reciprocates

Gardening reciprocates, naturally. Great for all involved. My BITCh method creative process was gifted and is ingrained in my texture from my Mom, and is unfortunately the extent of my current gardening. Mamma’s boy?Pardon, while I contain my laughter. We’re now resonant peers. My apple didn’t fall far from the tree, though it’s a great apple. And, I gather she Is able to add some more choice words about how we are each our own. I’m nodding glad that my apple doesn’t have a worm. Nodding glad is mo’ betta than fighting mad. It’s just an apple. That in itself rocks!

To Dial In, I’ll Share This

So, to start off this week’s gig… hmmm what vid of mine will I share?… Cool, Ok, I’ll go with that thought: simple numbers Adding up much like Birth Cards are generated. It’s 06132020 = 6 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 14 = 1 + 4 = a 5 day. So, I’ll abduce a 5. Sometimes 5s present a problem card for people. I don’t feel there are any bad cards, though, and that’s robustly understandable that Nature of the 5 gets under some peoples’ skin. Depends on how you take it? Depends on how your perspective responds? WHat do you think about the 5s, or 5 in general?

Also, notice the use of abduce above rather than abduction. (Period not italicized, or is it?). No abduction here. Abduction is a bully level of petty controlling behavior based on being afraid rather than fear. There’s plenty of abduce-ing to be experienced here, plenty drawn out and to draw out.

What do you abduce?

How do you draw your creative ideas out?

Or, do they just arrive?

I See 5s as…

I see 5s not as chaos, but as a number of Nature. In fact, THE number of Nature. 9 is the Nin or 9th kanji of Ninjutsu mediation where the concept is Tao, and the color is White and you view through your thumbs-index fingers raised up as a digit-ized circle to focus the Moon in the night sky. Interestingly enough, if you count the segments along the path of your thumb and index finger, 7 each hand, that’s 14 = 1 + 4 = 5, so the 9 of the Nin kanji brings YOUR Nature to form the seamless segue segmented circle of YOU as you swim in the Moon.

3 is the number of the 1st group, the 1st self-supporting structure, and the impetus and/or onset of perceived beauty reified as an externalized gig. Call 3 Beauty-DNA. 7? Oh yeah. 7 is where the shit potentially hits the fan. At 7, you are far enough away from base camp origins in the process so to speak so as to not be able to safely turn back, though you also have not yet reached the false summit of the plateau of 8 where you can safely rest. 7s can rock you. Best to forget endurance and will with the 7s, the snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed much like chaff falling off from wheat in the wind kinda thing and just keep on keepin’ on. You’re not off the mountain until you are. You’re not at a safe pause point until you are. Keep going. Breathe. Drink water if you have it. You’ll get there.

Nothing Ever

Nothing may ever be resolved with a 5. Though, with the perspective that 5 is THE number of Nature and the weather simply is what it is… there’s Justice and straight up owned honesty that, without even the concept of honesty or integrity anywhere. Nature doesn’t need that stuff as it doesn’t lie. Of course it doesn’t tell the truth, either. What is, simply is. What’s the weather like? What’s your Inner Weather like?

And, Nature is… uh hem… so natural, right?! In Nature the concept of facts is also ridiculously ludicrous — though, not to mean discernment and response aren’t warranted. I ask, with Nature, why would there even NEED to be resolution? Instead, there is dynamic experience that yes, has plenty of intereference patterns, though no more than all the earth, trees, flowers, animals and wind on a windy day. Each experience is what you make of it. Is it a crazy-making static-generating wind, or just a good clearing out to freshen the air? I feel 5 is weather incarnate. 5 is honest without fail and without intent, just like Nature. Nature doesn’t have emotions. Nature has weather. Whether you weather your Inner Weather or do something with it or about it, that’s of course your call. What do you feel about 5?

2 Questions

Are you your best Self when naturally aware of your internal weather?

Does that inform you how to be more wise in time in the moment? To continue to build rather than bring you to hit the inner beep beep beep of reverse gear to back up and apologize?

5 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Some people say

Don’t toot your own horn. Seriously?!, shaking my head. Guess they’ve never been on stage or in a band or been on point with their life on the line? Maybe that’s wonderful for them, though that’s as close to alien to me as I know. Again, though, excellent for them as they certainly have a different mode of being and experience to live out. SaWEET! All similar, each unique. Everyone is different, like everyone else.

It’s been an intense week,

and I see that now in how

I’m handling this post. GEEZUS, get on with it, Dood. You just FINALLY got to the beginning! 🙂

so… without further adieu…

Don’t toot your own horn?

DAYum, somebody’s gotta start the band.

Uh 1 a 2 a 1 2 3…

Serendipity Itinerary for June 13th

Wander the Lines ~ Step into my reading life. Looking for a new book to read? Stop in here for a treat.

RoadtirementTraveling and retired. This couple and their experiences and travels and family… just make me smile. Real and robust for being themselves. Plus, they’re gardeners. What ever could go wrong? Seriously, do you want genuine and authentic where those two words can meaningfully come up, though somewhere there’s no need? Like Nature? Yep, me, too. Travel here to travel with them. That they are here makes the world a better place.

Delusional Bubble ~ Life is a bubble, Make it as delusional as possible. Travel the world. I feel Rick Steves is cool, and he’s also not the only game in town.

Joanne Sprott ~ Cosmic Whispers. Let’s Walk the Spiral Path Together. Poetry, depthful thought, and generally all things Joanne = things that matter and have substance and are important and/or are simply interesting.

Bonnie Cehovet ~ Flash Fiction. Author. Tarot. Consummate Reviewer. Want a solid story? Bonnie’ll get your there.

Croque-Melpomene ~ Author of Within Paravent Walls. Pentalingual Idealist. Writer of psycho-corporeal Poetry. Creator of Croque-Melpomene & Les Femmes de la Décadence.

Saania2086 ~ Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun! If P, then Q. If you want good sense, then go here to see what dynamic mind dish is being served up today.

Bonnie Hubly ~ Watercolors on Pinterest. Full. Robust. Full of feeling and Robustly fluid fluency and flow. Majestic. Gorgeous watercolors. Hi Mom! She loved 1st bill last week, though suggested that things that stay in one spot stagnate, and to keep the placement organic, more artful. Love it, Mom. Love, Jordan

cocinaitaly ~ Elganspo, comida italiana. Hungry? Hungry for edible beauty, aesthetic eats? Exquisite is a word. Edibly exquisite is two words. Grab a friend, and go experience this. What will your words be?

Jane Lurie Photography ~ powerful, evocative freeze-frames of architectural images that are definitely not secretly active. These images live out loud! They are refined. And they are as natural as they are refined, like an exquisitely cut emerald or sapphire or ruby kind of refined. There’s nothing hidden in the rough here. These beauties have some pipes in their visual voice.

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog ~ Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way. Mary matters. Professionally. As a person. As an author. Mary matters. Sweet and direct and courageous and inventive and FUN. Oh, she was a wicked cool sense of humor. Many deep wells feed Mary’s work. Warning: Immersion here may lead to ablution.

Theresa, Soul Gatherings ~ Spiritual Moments in the Human Experience

Charlotte Heather ~ Soprano. Charlotte and her partner are doing weekly balcony concerts in the UK!

Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud ~ Beguiling pearls of wit, wisdom, and whimsy-with attitude. I’m not going to add ore words to that. If that doesn’t grab you… Note: some people make trite and puerile attributions to Princess. Inspect your expectations? Remember, a Princess is simply a Queen not yet sitting. You might find her in the garden with the succulents. Sometimes rolls that way… intensely.

Christina Schmidt, MA ~ Sassy Scorpion Tarot. Yes, the name says it all. And, it’s all true. Intense. On, not off. Sassy, Scorpionic depths to immerse yourself like in a Tarot hot spring. Go for the spring, stay for the spring in your step after. Also, Christina has Armed With Coffee. Variety is the spice of life? There’s definitely some spice here with consistency and structure, and not limited by either.

Dr. Eric Perry ~ Psychology to Motivate | Inspire | Uplift. Wonderfully full and relevant and engaged Psychology articles with clarity of voice. I full-on dig when things are as robust as they are clear, especially when directly dealing with intensities. This site, is certainly that.

Holly Troy ~ Cosmic Holly. Perennial Gemini in bloom. Naturalized. Excellent garden with music, too! Creative voice in multiple formats. Polymath? Go see.

Timothy Price ~ Off Center & Not Even. Is variety the spice of life? Go here and see!

The Dihedral ~ More than just climbing. A lot more. And, climbing is a lot in itself. Read a new route today at The Dihedral.

Trini Lind ~ Paths of the Spirit. Create a path of Light with your Life

Charlescearl’s Weblog ~ Musings on fascinating things. Important and fascinating things well said.

Cristian Mihai ~ Professional Blogger. Sense & Sensibility meets the info age? He’s not afraid to say it, say whatever he says. No walking on eggshells here, well, unless he starts making compost for the garden.

Susi Bocks ~ I Write Her. My words for Susi’s writing go something like this. You talk a good game, Dood, but can you box? Yes, Susi Bocks. Concision has never had so much consistent depth.

Karen Sealey ~ The Pure & Blessed Tarot. The Discarded Oracle is coming to life! And, other ramblings and musings with no pulled punches, and lots of exquisite surprises along the way.

The Alchemist’s Studio ~ Raku, vessels, Alchemy in action. Pottery with heart and soul PLUS some PUNitive humor to boot. Don’t miss the Hens!

Laleh Chini ~ A Voice From Iran. Check and inspect your expectations at the door. The storytelling, short stories, fables, and folk tales will… well, you’ll see.

So, Music This Week?!!

Disturbed. The Sound of Silence

Alejandro Aranda. Audition? More like Debs for Doods. Oh Yah!

Phantogram. When I’m Small

Where’s Reznor Now? — no, not the ceiling heater unit

Q: Not what you expect from Trent? A:Artist;’s Art. Experience…

Nine Inch Nails. Letting Go While Holding On

Different than what you expect from Trent? It’s not Head Like A Hole, though just as good… It’s Trent. Need I say more? Different than you’d expect? Why? It’s Trent! He’s an artiste! Follow his process, don’t expect to stay comfortable. 🙂


Meg Myers ~ Desire. NSFW, full-on YES!

And, just because (Some Metric next week?)

Silversun Pickups: Circadian Rhythm

Judas Priest. Painkiller

So, Disturbed’s cover of The Sound of Silence CERTAINLY played the BUILD TO A CRESCENDO and resonated into its finale and ROCKED IT, though… …. …. And, the award for best BUILD in a song this week goes to…

Bullet For My Valentine ~ Your Betrayal

Grog say! ::: JORDAN, a Video from 2004?!! Did they even have internet in our caves back then?? How did they shoot the video? Hmmmm. Grog See. Hmmmm. Still no know how still relevant. Hmmm. Is!. Wise AND Grog SAY Hilarious. Grog keep from last week. No questions! Grog say COOL.. Grog go now hunt for dinner! Grog say, can I borrow your phone to call for delivery?


DAYUM. Grog’s getting it!

Underwear Goes Inside the Pants

Texas-Born Waking Up

Beware: Poignant video below, magnanimous splendor of a system.

The Texas Boy vigilante in Me is waking back up. Am I becoming a Prison Abolitionist? Thank you for the name for it, Charles C Earl!

That part of me waking back up from a 17-year Cicada Sleep, I see something in our culture. What is it I see? I see people using shaming behavior systemically under the petty guise of education of what’s right right and (sic) moral.

Dafuq? Lambasting someone for mistakes does not make them work harder to do better to not make them. It drives them to hide their mistakes. How the hell is someone going to be Sovereign with themselves when they have been taught to pay their dues before themself instead of with their work, and have it implied to be slippery-stealthy with their Self even to themselves? Mistakes? Nope, there aren’t any. It’s about experience and OFLs — Opportunities For Learning. Can you powerfully witness someone this week with no words? Just let them go on until they are finished to really feel what they are saying? Just a question if you’d like to give it a run. I’d be curious to see what happens. Disconnection? Connection? Deepening in a more simple and natural and intensely natural way?

I reject the bullshit pause behind the curtains of moral and right puritanical and guilt-based statements. There are not fetishes. There is simply no accounting for taste, and how anyone else and oneself included plays out their life as resolved now. Your whole life brought you right here to now. I’m honored your whole life brought you to this point in my blog. 😉

Heck, isn’t guilt just an upper octave (read in: bottom-feeder, low grade rob-power-from teachers kind of people) form of digested shame that people allow themselves to be influenced by in the 1st place?

Our teachers don’t need to be yoked by having to buy their own supplies. Free them up such the contrary-to-popular-belief-God’s-last-name-isn’t-dammit educational system listens to the teacher rather than the other way around. Similar in medicine versus/with insurance companies? Similar in lots of areas in … pervasive is a word. Enough is enough. This video brought cascades of ablution tingLes and tears when I 1st saw it. Still does as well now, though it is now simply a gardener watering my constitution and resolve. May it resonate and influence you in ways that are important to you as well.

Step Into the Circle

Pheww!! What a great week! Great week to get some amped up and vigorous rockin’ ‘tude In the mix. Love this community I’m discovering and I’m lovin’ it just doin’ it! Love it… 5 words for 2 copyright violations in those last 5 words. Good poets borrow. Great poets steal ~ Jordan Hoggard. Ok, not really. ~ T.S. Eliot. 🙂

What meaningful thing can you abduce, draw out of yourself, this week? Not abduction. Abduce. Be kind to yourself. Things inside might just start to surprise you even more.

Have a Wonderful Week!


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19 responses to “Serendipity Itinerary 06132020

  1. Timothy Price

    June 14, 2020 at 1:06 am

    Blasting the music can be a good way to deal with stress. Some great songs in your line up.

  2. Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

    June 14, 2020 at 2:14 am

    Thank you for including me in your roster! If some think “Princess” and or ME puerile, well, then I’ve successfully deceived everyone. If only I could share the other side on my blog; sadly, I cannot. At least not yet. The very fact that I’m able to string a few words together is a testament to the truth of a rising phoenix. Or princess.

    • Jordan Hoggard

      June 14, 2020 at 7:01 am

      You’re welcome! And, :). You’re certainly not puerile. As I expressed, a Princess is simply a Queen not yet sitting — I think a good many toss around the word princess as some kind of weakling, which is greatly in err. Add “Rosebud” and there’s no doubt of strength. Roots, thorns if need be, and blooms with rose hips after. Great stuff!

    • Jordan Hoggard

      June 14, 2020 at 7:02 am

      Plus, one read of your blog and puerile might just get erased from the dictionary. One of the reasons I dig it.

    • Jordan Hoggard

      June 14, 2020 at 7:05 am

      And, kudos to Phoenixing! The enchanted strength shows. Accolades to you for doing whatever you did to then be able to rise from the ashes.

      • Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

        June 14, 2020 at 11:19 am

        Thank you! In a nutshell, it involves Wetiko, a malignant Dark Triad narcissist, a Jezebel spirit, and rebirth that started when I had a Shamanic experience and then met the Dalai Lama. Maybe one day I’ll start a new blog to be able to share my journey.

        • Jordan Hoggard

          June 14, 2020 at 11:37 am

          Interesting, after owning my stuff through Brainspotting to honor myself with the 3rd, the 1st two begin to describe my ex. 🙂

          Invite me to that blog when it is born. Sounds like a powerful experience of sacred process.

          • Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

            June 14, 2020 at 12:41 pm

            Parts of it can be seen if you look up keywords on my current blog. Sadly, my research has revealed a lot of it going around. I’m sorry about your experience.

            • Jordan Hoggard

              June 14, 2020 at 1:08 pm

              Thank you very much.

              I’m actually not sorry for my experience. It stood me up like a surprise uppercut, caught me off guard in a psychological blind spot as Narcissim and sociopathy, especially when combined in one person will… where then the pounding lasted 2+ years. It got me to look into it once I came to in it…like I was somehow knocked out on my feet. I found Brainspotting Parts Therapy for 3+ years after I removed myself from that vampire danger, and here I am today. My whole life up to this point, all my experiences brought me to right here right now.

              And again, I do thank you for your sentiment for the pain. Much appreciated. That’s good for a heart tingles cascade. Thank you.

            • Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

              June 14, 2020 at 1:28 pm

              Wow. SAME.

            • Jordan Hoggard

              June 14, 2020 at 1:10 pm

              I will concur that there’s a lot of it going around, and amplify that to I feel there’s always for all time been a lot of that going around lineage after lineage like a fuq’d up perennial, succubus rather than succulent.

  3. Bonnie Hubly

    June 14, 2020 at 10:40 am

    Thanks for what you’re doing. You find sites I’d never know about otherwise.

    • Jordan Hoggard

      June 14, 2020 at 11:40 am

      You’re welcome. I like using serendipity as fuel. SO long as there is Nature, those tanks stay full with potential. 🙂

  4. Pure & Blessed

    June 15, 2020 at 8:59 am

    Thanks for the Birth/Bitc(h) cards! 🙂

  5. MichaelStephenWills

    June 21, 2020 at 7:04 am

    Thanks for following my blog. Your support is appreciated.


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