Be Fluid, Though Don’t Go With The Flow

19 Jun

Resistance Is Futile.  

Nah, Notta Chance!  Borgs Are Allergic to Water, Right?

Go with the flow without resistance?  Watch it.  Is that crowd control at work?  Seriously.

Yeah yeah it’s about not being so controlling, though even being comfortable with the not-knowing, how are you prepared for sudden pitfalls or waterfalls up ahead?  Will you blithely flow into danger?

Be fluid, though going with the flow for too long has a tendency to have you just along for the ride too much for your own good sometimes, huh?  You can get lulled into “Ahhh, everything’s so beautiful.”  Too much nice nice is like smoking hope, a narcotic for the brain.  I suggest to have a positive attitude and not look for the good or the bad in things.  Weigh the good and bad in contrast to one another just to get a tenor of the situation… while you are discerning and creating and looking for workability.  Workability is usually at the heart of the matter.  Workability tends to grow from within rather than from the edges.

Salmon to spawn.

Sperm to egg.

Turn upstream.

New life comes from when things…

turn upstream.

Experience makes for new life.  Turn upstream and take in and make new life!

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“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

Remember, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the portal.

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5 responses to “Be Fluid, Though Don’t Go With The Flow

  1. lisahuntart

    July 28, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    Well said, Jordan! I like the idea of going with the flow, but it is an overused phrase that has lost its punch over time and can be easily misused. “Workability” take a more pro-active approach to a given situation and sounds more empowering than the passivity of just going along with things. Thanks for the awesome post!

    • mystereum

      July 28, 2013 at 7:07 pm

      You’re welcome, Lisa! You’re right on the money. My perspective is that going with the flow has gone with wind, so I figured to juice it back up again albeit with a twist. I appreciate your rockin’ compliment!


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