Mystereum Thursday Tarot Themes: Swords’ Stealthy Shadow Hand

16 Aug
Mystereum Thursday Tarot Themes: Swords’ Stealthy Shadow Hand

These Tarot Themes will go into a different kind of depth in the coordination and living order that heartbeats through The Land of Mystereum.  The Mystereum Presence Of series which you may be familiar with explores how Major Arcana characters make cameos, guest appearances throughout the deck bringing their presence to the lineage in the worlds of many Minor Arcana.

Mystereum Thursday Tarot Themes will explore the features and symbols and the way things cascade through the deck in multiple places to echo-resonate-locate further layers of visual story and meaning in the cards

Today’s Thursday Tarot Theme Is The Swords’ Stealthy Shadow Hand

Let me start by saying that several reviewers have dismissed Tarot in the Land of Mystereum‘s Swords as being a bunch of random, geometric compositions of swords with no divination merit whatsoever.  I never respond to those kinds of comments on the review, would much rather the hidden position of silent teacher, and I’m thankful they took the time, even if it means their rubber never touched the road. If they open space to see for themselves, cool, if they don’t . . . hey, there’s no accounting for taste.

And, with that, we begin The Sword’s Stealthy Shadow Hand.  Do you know of anything so big and so there you cannot see it?  God? The Divine?  Nature? Those are Major Arcana thoughts.  A fire ninja might be able to provide us a Minor Arcana version of this same feelingsense thoughtform.  They are, “In battle they are everywhere to be seen, and nowhere to be found.”

And, it sounds like those reviewers were

playing presenteeism and “I need to write this many words in this amount of time.”  Deadlines are great, urgency has a way of forcing people to make decisions and get things done.  Gotta be mindful of the addenda that’ll bite you in the Tarot Reviewers’ ass, too, though.  Better to take the right amount of discovery time, and in the case of Mystereum’s Swords to discover the things hiding in plain sight when you make such statements as “Mystereum’s Swords can all be but dismissed as they are all just random compositions of swords Ace through 10. The Courts in the Mystereum Swords have characters, though.  They seem fully developed. The rest of the cards seem neglected”  LAUGHING MY FUGGIN ARSE OFF WHEN I FIRST READ THAT.

Snake     Arse     Bit    Swoosh!

It’s not my job to inform people that they wouldn’t know a snake if it bit them in the arse. I neglected to develop characters?  YES!  I MUST HAVE FORGOT TO DO THAT!  AS AN ARCHITECT I FEAR COORDINATION BETWEEN THE TRADES.  LOLLLLLL  Consultant Coordination and coordination of a host of many other kinds is not recommended.  It is required.  It is a datum or base.   YES, something was neglected.  The reviewer neglected to mention they have no eye for subtlety, or they were asked to take a shot at the deck.  LOL on that.  It’s armed.  Snake. Arse.  Bit.  Oops.

Sorry Dood.  Yeah, the reviewer was male.  I thanked him for his time and attention as someone else may have made some ignorable snide comments in the in-between posts between mine and his about aesthetics or lack thereof.  I don’t remember as I don’t scuba dive at the sewage treatment plant.  I dig Ya, Reviewer-Man as a person.  Just be aware of what is so big and so there you miss in your potential guilt-by-association-arena that you are Tarot Pals with. That’s your business and not mine.  Oh, and did I misquote you?  Guess I didn’t look closely enough, huh?  When in Rome.  Nothing wrong with character acting for a sec.  It is important to be aware of the level of care of someone you are dealing with, and how effectively or whether they will even respond.  With care?  Attention?  Humor?

So, enough of my charming chumming stoking the sword-making fire

the water with misdirection, another stealth gig from The Game Of The Stones exercise which is another story from another place for another time.  Let’s go see what was hiding in the Swords shall we?  Let’s go see what was NOT concealed in bushes so to speak.  This is a character as a true ninja as a scene changer in kabuki theatre who change scenes right in front of you DURING a scene and you are never the wiser.  This is HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT AND EVEN WHEN YOU LOOK AT THEM YOU MISS THEM. Smell and hearing might help, and, are tarot cards really silent? Hmmmm.  Listen . . . . Open your eyes and see . . . . See with your cat’s ears the whole worlds behind you without even moving your eyes.

Swords’ Stealthy Shadow Hand Emerging And Hiding In Plain Sight

This swordplay of The Shadow Hand theme will only be pictures.  Only you can see the way you were born to in your way.  This Swords series provides an exercise in awareness, though, perceptual awareness, and as well . . .

Maybe if you don’t find

the 7 Swords Shadow Hands and also the 7th Sword, then maybe they’re not really there.  I could only smile at that.  Then again, a leaf through wind sounds different than surprise steel swoosh-swiping through same.  If you don’t find the theme, here’s your consolation prize.  Go stand in a grove of aspen trees on a breezy day.  Listen to the leaves as their rustling sounds like running water.  As you enjoy these leaves’ water music, acclimate, expand into your surroundings.  Above the almost-fills-your-ears sound, listen for birdsong first. Then simply listen.  Map your scene with your ears.  Map your scene to the music.  Cats do.  Bats do.  I do. What does the mental, intellect, communication suit of the Swords communicate to you in a grove of aspen trees?

The visually seamless synchromesh of The King of Swords into and AS his whole scene, The Master Communicator not a chameleon, The Master Communicator beCOMING his scene, his presence even in silence going beyond his spoken words may provide you a larger scale clue to the Shadow Hand.  Use your ears as eyes and your eyes as strobes as you become fully aware of subtle changes in a scene . . .

How’s Your Vision Communicating With, Informing You?

In closing I once bought a yellow car

and there were no yellow cars on the way to the dealership.  None.  I drove off the lot and straight home to take some people for a drive.  I must have seen over 100 yellow cars in that 20-minute trip to pick some people up. ???  Message here?  Unpattern your awareness to keep both it and you fresh.  Expectations can create big ole blind spots.  Once you’ve seen something, you are capable of seeing it.  You see your dreams.  How do they communicate with you?

What is so big and / or SO there in your life that you are missing it? How does it subtly support you?

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present to support and further inform coordination in your journey throughout The Land of Mystereum and throughout your life

No metaphor here.  Ninja visual stealth.  Hiding in plain sight. Literally embodying and expressing the unseen and unmoved mover.  Become your Natural Nature and many surprising things happen.

Explore What Surprising Inner Inheritances You Have With Mystereum’s Swords as one tells you its very own creation story.  All the elements hide in plain sight in the Swords . . . as it takes all the elements to make one. . . . even if the blood and sweat and tears are nowhere to be found.


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    Jordan –

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    See with your cat’s ears the whole worlds behind you without even moving your eyes. – Now that, I especially like 😀

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