Tarot Turbo Reading with Mystereum’s Hierophant

03 Aug

Hierophant as not simply one card . . .

Major Arcana cards make cameo appearances in other cards throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  They appear throughout Mystereum in multiple cards, both other Majors and in Minors.  This is to add to, to inform Tarot character development through visual story and allusion.  I also felt that this multiple-cards-in-a-card visual story technique furthers the deck so The Minors . . . are not minimized.

They don’t start doing this after you learn them. They start doing this after you meet them, notice them in a “what’s that?” way, can pick their “face” out of a crowd so to speak.  Takes a little doing of course, yet play it like a movie . . . “Who’s that? What is THAT thing or person doing here?”

So, let’s see how many cards are in the Mystereum Hierophant

5 cards! including V The Hierophant

The 5 Mystereum Hierophant appearances are, and I will snippet a thought about each card relating to The Hierophant:

  • The Hierophant ~ an established down-to-earth spirit AS tradition.
  • The Page of Wands ~ Hierophant giving spiritually infused place to the base of the Page’s wand as he enters his Pentacle-y Court.
  • The Page of Pentacles ~ Hierophant centering up with on-high magic and fluid motion (that’s The Mag n Chariot flanking Hierodood)which adds The Magician and The Chariot cards which could make 7 cards to read for this one Hierophant card, though I’m sticking to the 5 directly related to The Hierophant for this one.
  • The Ace of Cups ~ Hierophant stretch-stands up and lends his inner and outer portrait to form the Ace’s Cup.
  • The Wheel ~ look at that UFO thingee kind of activity in the sky. And, the Libra symbol and the Om symbol.  Do those make a pun?  Why YES, they do!  The Libra symbol is also the electrical engineer’s symbol for the electrical unit called an “ohm.” Gonna stop there on this one for today.  Om Libra Ohm eclipsed Sun Aries Aquarius.

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Turbo Read it?

Yup, put these 5 in a sentence or simple phrase using the above or whatever comes to you from your Tarot and life perspective.  One simple sentence is best, though a compound sentence can work, too.

I’ll chime in with:

Hierophant ~ Page of Wands ~ Page of Pentacles ~ Ace of Cups ~ The Wheel

Establish your own sense of place ~ and your energetic signature ~ will be grounded ~ and continually fulfilling ~ throughout time.

Your own signature sense of place continually energetically grounds and fulfills you.

Hmmmm, turn up the heat on the crucible with basil and rosemary and lemon pepper and oil . . .

and PESTO presto! I get from

Your own signature sense of place continually energetically grounds and fulfills you.


Like your home, love your life!

Take this as far

Take this as far as you want like kneading bread.  Run up and down through your note-taking like improvising across musical scales, a note here, several of those notes there.  It’s only cooked to serve warm when you light up and resonate with one of your iterations.  Heck, if you change your mind, POOF it’s Par Baked bread.  Re-season it and stick it back in the oven.  Have fun Turbo Reading.  It’s a great technique to drum the tenor and set the overall tone for a reading.  Then, go back in and flesh it out on topic, the new topic you’ve come up with in the Turbo Reading that resonates with you.

2 Fives, huh?  V and 5 cards.

That’s plenty, right?  Here’s a little extra, though.  You may want to go look at the 5’s Birth Cards, too.  Best to the Temperance~Hierophant Tarot Birth Card Pair providing some things to chew on that resonate tastily for you.

Till next time!

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